Not So Good Food @ Food Pavilion 好食城 Clementi Central on 22May2016

spicy dumplings 红油抄手 - this was bad! skin stiff, hard

spicy dumplings 红油抄手 – this was bad! skin stiff, hard

youngest daughter wanted to have lunch after her church, suggested going to food pavilion 好食城 clementi central on 22.5.2016. ^^

good outing with daughter.

but food was poor la…

i had some great xiaolongbao 小笼包here previously, like a year ago.

but they no longer sells xiaolongbao 小笼包, so we ordered spicy dumplings 红油抄手 S$3.50. this was bad! skin stiff, hard….nothing like the spicy dumplings 红油抄手 in crystal jade lamian xioalongbao!

tantan noodles 担担面

tantan noodles 担担面 – S$4 nothing like crystal jade lamian xioalongbao

the tantan noodles 担担面 – S$4 was passable, but nothing like crystal jade lamian xioalongbao.

1/2 roast duck - S$19

1/2 roast duck – S$19

the 1/2 roast duck was still flavourful.

1/2 roast duck - S$19

1/2 roast duck – S$19

but it was also a bit dry, & like not so fatty, moist & juicy. not sure why?

colour-wise & texture also, it was quite different the very nice ones here the last time..

luckily it still tasted pretty good with the sauce & also the chilli.

don’t think i come back here again for a long while la…

c.h.e.f andy


443 Clementi Avenue 3
Singapore 120443
12:00am – 12:00am
This place does not have a land line

OPS Primary School Classmates Makan and Chill Evening on 21May2016

better than eat out or catered - no question

better than eat out or catered – no question

my primary school friends organised a makan & chill evening on 21.5.2106. ^^

we were doing potluck.

(as i was doing some heavy cooking the day before for the RI FGS (For Goodness Sake Charity Dinner, i asked to be excused, and ordered a patissier double chocolate praline cake instead).

little did we know what our friends were capable of.

the food were absolutely better than eat out or catered – no question la!^^

wai mun brought siu yoke - my no1 dish maybe co no.1 with kok hong's pork rib

siu yoke – my no.1 dish maybe co no.1 with pork rib

the siu yoke was very good, very flavourful. the friend who brought thought the skin not crispy enuf when he did the knife scrapping test. actually it was alright la…

this has to be my no.1 or co no.1 dish for the evening i had 3 pieces…

kok hong brought a braised pork ribs...very yap mei 入味 & fork tender exceptionally good i think, like a good japanese braise no2 or maybe no1???

braised pork ribs very yap mei 入味 & fork tender-my no2 or maybe no1???

the braised pork ribs very yap mei 入味 & fork tender.. exceptionally good i think, like a good japanese braise pork dish…my no.2 or maybe co no1….

think i will try cooking this next time.^^

better than eat out or catered - no question2

better than eat out or catered – no question

so much talent in the group.

anyway apart from the food, we had so much laughter or fun the whole evening the hostess later whatsapp that-

“Tks for the company, bonding, jokes, laughter & all the good food & cakes. My stomach is bloated, how to sleep?

& later-

“it’s my pleasure to hv u crazy ppl to make this evening so relaxed, at least so me. i laughed so much”.

nice framing - wai mun got some talent...

nice framing – someone got talent…

a nicely framed photo to proof…

wau mun broyght siu yoke 2- my no1 dish maybe co no.1 with kok hong's pork rib


this dish from the friend who brought the siu yoke…open secret it’s done by his wifee la…

or maybe helper??

wai mun kongbakpao


it was good. though the last time i had it at his pace during cny it seemed even better..

couldn’t really tell, there were lots more food this evening as well…

chin huat's curry chicken

curry chicken

this curry chicken just looked marvelous, the first that caught my eye when i arrived. 🙂

chin huat's curry chicken2

curry chicken

chicken was kampung chicken, and tender.

somehow taste-wise the curry last time we had it during cny was better, more “pang”.

crab tanhoon

crab tanhoon

this crab tanhoon, a friend had to go 3 markets to finally get the crabs.

the crab was sweet. tanhoon had good crab taste & flavoured with coriander. not sure whether got belly pork slices. for myself i like just a little more salty (like fish sauce) to bring out the taste more..

fong mui's fried oyster sauce prawns..all finished too..i had one...nice big prawns

fried oyster sauce prawns

one friend did her “usual” fried oyster sauce prawns.

& this dish very popular, all finished too..i had one nice big prawn.

fong mui's lor han jai 罗汉斋

lor han jai 罗汉斋

she also made lor han jai 罗汉斋. boleh da!

this friend made 3 dishes, including the konyaku jelly, so she was the clear winner this evening…

my teriyaki fish fillet

my teriyaki fish fillet

i wasn’t going to cook at first. but anyhow got to cook a quick simple teriyaki sutchi fillet which i had in the fridge + experimented on one piece with mala chilli…quite like the mala taste.. will do that next time..

i think dish was quite ok though sutchi not a favorite fish..not the most popular ones…

mr Ma brought his ma ma tei chives prawn ? a fu pei quin from 和记 the gu chai 韭菜 green dumplings were good

fu pei quin 腐皮卷from 和记 so-so..the gu chai 韭菜 dumplings were good

a friend brought chives prawn? fu pei quin 腐皮卷from 和记. tasted so-so leh….the gu chai 韭菜 dumplings were good though.. i took a second cut piece. 🙂

fried greens

fried greens

forgot to ask who made this vegetable dish.


water melon, papaya, grapes, longans

the host provided some nice fruits. watermelon, grapes & organic longans were sweet…

Fong Mui did a konyaku jelly as well - so 4 items la..

konnyaku mango jelly

i quite like the konnyaku jelly with mangoes…took 3 pieces..

PK's sup sup soi 40k egg tarts

tong heng’s egg tarts

a friend brought egg tarts from tong heng. it was ok. i also tried the one with coconut. ok too. different. not something i would be partial to.

patissier double chocolate praline cake

patissier double chocolate praline cake

may is also the birthday month of 3 of our classmates. ^^

i brought a patissier double chocolate praline cake, ordered a week ago & went to collect in the morning. 🙂

chocolate mousse tart

chocolate mousse tart

a friend brought a chocolate mousse tart made by his daughter.

it was really nice. the mousse so smooth like ice cream. the ganache very nice & the oreo cookie tart base combined perfectly.

a friend said the patissier chocolate cake was a bit sweeter. he liked the passion fruit meringue we had recently better. for me & another friend who prefers chocolate cakes, the double chocolate praline was better of the 2.

but having a home baked cake which was as good if not better than patissier’s, we don’t really need to buy la…i will see if i can make this chocolate mousse tartnext time..

it was certainly better than my chocolate banana cake.

c.h.e.f andy