Not Great Teochew Fishball Noodles @ Food Opera Ion Orchard on 8Oct2013

teochew fishball noodles

teochew fishball noodles S$5

meepok tar

meepok tar

6 bouncy fishballs

6 bouncy fishballs

went to daiso at ion orchard to pick up something on 8.10.2013. thought i would try out some stalls at food opera at B4. 🙂

i tried the bakchormee the other time i was here so decided to give the teochew fishball noodle a shot. i ordered meepok tar. its S$5, i guess they have to pay for rent so ok. the fishballs looked great & they were good & 6 of them, quite satisfying. even though i am low in carbo preference, still a good chilli noodles is what makes it shiok! otherwise might as well eat fishball soup? anyhow the noodles were much below par, just a little done which was ok still fairly qq, but made it unpalatable was the heavy mix of sweet sauce. somehow it managed to taste like yongtaufu! it was way off xin lu’s S$3 fishball noodles (former margaret drive now at mei chin food centre) and of course nothing like the jalan tua kong stall at 6th avenue. won’t do this stall again but the bakchormee stall here was ok, will try that again next time.

c.h.e.f andy


3 thoughts on “Not Great Teochew Fishball Noodles @ Food Opera Ion Orchard on 8Oct2013

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