Most Enjoyable Delicious Dinner with OPS & RI Bros on 5Aug2020

made 6pax dinner for OPS RI bros on 5.8.2020.^^

  1. gordon ramsay crackling belly pork
  2. chicken teriyaki
  3. chef john Mexican veracruz red snapper
  4. seafood squidink pasta
  5. vongole linguine

I experimented plating with cauliflower puree.

the puree texture and taste was great! the plating errrrrrr….

roast pork was very flavourful & tasty… everyone like… but crackling not good must adjust

everyone commented veracruz snapper really nice & tasty

seafood squidink pasta a feast to the eyes and very tasty

vongole linguine lighter in taste by comparison still quite nice taken alone..need more stock & reduced more to be more flavourful.

WT brought durian orh nee very smooth & intense durian flavours,,

jessie made nice refreshing dessert..everyone has second helping..HC had 4 i think lol!

I ordered durians – 2 black gold, 1 tai shan wan ..ok good enuf no special

c.h.e.f andy

9th HCA 4 Dishes 25pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 4aug2020

made 4 dishes for HCA 25pax lunch today on 4.8.2020.^^

  1. curry chicken
  2. beef rendang
  3. assam pork soft bones
  4. stirfry carrot & cabbage

WM joined me at HCA.

LCM came to gll but miscom i did not read messages & missed calls so we missed out each other

“…our patients mentioned that the dishes were fantastic, especially the curry and beef rendang.Thank you 👍👏

“Wow…..the patients sure have yummilicious lunch today!….”

restarted this HCA bi-monthly lunch 4mths after start of circuit breaker on 3.4.2020.

very happy to see patients enjoying the food..had a good chat with one lady from the same 澄海 city, my ancestral village.

c.h.e.f andy

Tapao Tasty Vietnamese Food from Mrs Pho on 2Aug2020

after walking cloud forest with wife, ordered takeaway from mrs pho beach road on 2.8.2020.^^

bought 1 packet their signature bun cha dish (with pork, ngo hiang etc) for son &

2 packets for wife, daughter & me to share…plus

2 orders beef skewers very good 👍👍👍very enjoyable dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


Mrs Pho @ Beach RoadAddress: 349 Beach Rd, Singapore 199570 8V26+JM Singapore   Contact: 6292 0018   Opening Hours:


Good Durians Online Orders from Fruit LLP on 2Aug2020

ordered durians from fruit llp on qoo10 on 2.8.2020.^^

5boxes S$67 inc delivery quite ok.

don’t know the vendor but reviews like reviews of many other vendors were good.

.ordered 1 box 400g butter bitter – very creamy and the best non pedigree kampung durian very big seeds only 4 pieces so maybe not value for money vs black gold & TSW. still it was good!


1 box 400g black gold small seeds very good

1 box 400g TSW small seeds very good

total S$67.10 includes delivery.

i ordered a few more times afterwards, mostly ok, not specially good.

c.h.e.f andy


Fruit LLP


254A Serangoon Central Drive #01-153


+6598529876, +6587379876 xiaoyu

Delivered Homecooked Dinner for Brother Family on 30Jul2020

made and delivered 6pax dinner to my brother this evening on 30.7.2020.^^

  1. ah yat style garlic steamed red garoupa蒜蓉蒸红斑
  2. salted fish steamed minced pork 咸鱼饼
  3. roast pork 烧肉
  4. stirfried chinese cabbage

red garoupa was fresh and sweet, especially with the ah yat style garlic steamed 蒜蓉蒸. salted fish steamed minced pork 咸鱼饼 always good, simple popular grandma dish…roast pork 烧肉 was moist and tender and sweet but skin not enough crackling, blistering…will adjust & do laterthe best crackling belly pork recipe! lol!

c.h.e.f andy

Good Chendol @ Nonya Chendol Old Airport Road on 30Jul2020

after good 5pax bakuteh lunch at old street upper paya lebar on 30.7.2020, i took HK car back,

LKH called up. HK decided to go old airport road for chendol & kopi.

the nonya chendol was good, gula melaka and coconut milk very intense 👍

kopi strong & flavourful recommended by LKY.

c.h.e.f andy


Nonya Chendol @ Old Airport Road


51 Old Airport Rd, #01-115, Singapore 390051

Opening Hours:

daily (closed monday)10am–10pm

Beautiful 梅菜扣肉Mustard Veg with Belly Pork for my Brother 6pax Family Dinner on 16Jul2020

beautiful 梅菜扣肉mustard veg with belly pork

delivered 6pax homecooked dinner to brother’s family on 16jul2020.^^

today i made all teochew dinner-

  1. 梅菜扣肉mustard veg with belly pork
  2. 普宁豆酱鸡 teochew taujeon chicken
  3. 潮州海鲜面线teochew seafood meesua

普宁豆酱鸡 & 潮州海鲜面线 my first time..

SIL commented 普宁豆酱鸡 very tasty..

i was excited with 潮州海鲜面线..interesting need to deepfry 面线first then reduced in stock…i tried a bit it was tasty 👍

梅菜扣肉I did some years back.This time though i fried the skin per online recipe, & it looked really good.

will writeup recipes for all 3 later. ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Good Prime Rib Bakuteh @ Old Street Pay Lebar on 30Jul2020

old street prime rib bakuteh S$13.80
ter kah pig trotters
pig intestines
mui choy
old street prime rib bakuteh S$13.80

HK organised 5pax RI bros bkt @ old street 129 upper paya lebar on 30.7.2020. ^^

it was good but very ex at S$13.80 for 2 prime ribs.

pig trotters was good ok not really that special..just by the colour and looks it had not quite the same appeal as our last outing here in 2017.

pig intestines and mui choy good too.

cost about S$85 for 5pax kind of ex for bkt.

c.h.e.f andy


Old Street Bak Kut Teh 老街坊肉骨茶Address: 129 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534840 6759 1082   Opening Hours: daily:  10AM–10PM

Daughter’s Birthday Bash 9pax Family Dinner on 24Jul2020

lobster pasta


chilli butter lobster

lobster pasta

seafood paella

seafood paella

vongole linguine

chef john mexican veracruz snapper

wife’s mirin ribeye steak

iberico pork collar steak

lamb fillet


made 9pax family dinner for daughter’s birthday celebration

  1. pumpkin aragula salad
  2. lobster pasta
  3. seafood paella
  4. vongole linguine
  5. chef john’s Mexican veracruz golden snapper
  6. angus grain fed ribeye mirin steak (by wife)
  7. pangrilled iberico pork collar steak
  8. pangrilled lamb fillet
  9. pangrilled vegetables russels sprouts & long stem cauliflower (by aunty bes)

elder daughter broight yuzu cheese cake very nice too. 🙂

food was delicious, everyone had a great evening and memorable time together. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered 6pax Zichar Dinner for Brother’s Family on 23Jul2020

meen si (lime taujeon) steamed song fish head 松鱼头
salted egg bittergourd
滑蛋海鲜河粉 seafood horfun with egg & gravy
干炒牛河 fried beef horfun

made 6pax zichar dinner for yong siu family on 23.7.2020. ^^

  1. meen si (lime taujeon) steamed song fish head 松鱼头
  2. salted egg bittergourd
  3. 干炒牛河 fried beef horfun
  4. 滑蛋海鲜河粉 seafood horfun with egg & gravy

first time experiment cooking hor fun & using chee cheong fun (ccf)..jessie gave the ccf but wife and i don’t really take so use it to make horfun. lol!

got to use actual hor fun ..ccf too thin i cannot brown it on cast iron or non stick wok with or w/o oil…the 2 horfun tasty but i guess not much wokhae..may try again with real horfun instead of ccf.

Preview(opens in a new tab)

seafood horfun
seafood horfun
meen si (lime taujeon) steamed song fish head 松鱼头

my steamed fish head good standard like outside.

bittergourd still bitter despite repeated washing and soaking in water. maybe got to boil in water first. will see.

the 2 horfun were pretty tasty but not really much wokhae so cannot really c/w good horfun outside.

maybe will try again with the actual horfun from wet market.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe=Oven Grilled Saba on 19Jul2020

oven grilled saba
oven grilled saba
oven grilled saba

mad oven grilled saba on 19.7.2020. ^^

simply delicious! like any jap restaurants outside. 🙂

bought from sheng shion S46.90 for 2. it was just as good as S$18 dish at restaurants.

very fresh, oily fish very flavourful tasty, slight crisp skin and moist delicious meat. ate everything up lol!

c.h.e.f andy

Not Good Meiling Street Wanton Mee on 18Jul2020

not good meiling street wanton mee
not good meiling street wanton mee
not good meiling street wanton mee

had lunch with wife @ meiling street wanton mee on 18.7.2020

NOT good!

one of the poorer wanton mee. i thought it was ok last time. but today chilli not great. neither was char siew.

c.h.e.f andy


Mei Ling Street Wanton Noodles

#02-32, Mei Chin Road Market, 159 Mei Chin Road, 140159

Sumptuous 5pax RI Bros Degustation Dinner @ 8picure on 17Jul2020

spicy tuna on prawn crackers
appetizer trio = spanish duroc roast belly pork, galician octopus, foie gras terrine
spicy chill crab crab cake
lobster squidink pasta
A5 ohmi wagyu
new black sesame sponge cake

had another sumptuous 5pax dinner @ 8picure with RI bros on 17.7.2020 👍

today is also tiang chye’s birthday, a very dear friend who lives in our hearts…

i really like chef Gabriel’s food, so during the circuit breaker i ordered takeout 3 times from him and this the 4th time wife and i came with family or our own group of friends to support chef Gabriel as dining out is permitted in phase one after CB.

and also learned several dishes from him – alio olio, cauliflower puree, and lobster squidink pasta to name a few which i recreated pretty well…

but nothing like a joyous evening enjoying chef Gabriel dishes with family and close friends…

spicy tuna on prawn crackers is a delightful start, a too big serving of complimentary amuse bouche. haha!

chef Gabriel did a platter this time, a new variation – spanish duroc roast pork, galician octopus & foie gras terrine..

roast pork was crackling and very tender and flavourful, galician octopus always great, and foie gras terrine was smooth and tasty..

i always enjoyed the chilli crab crab cake which is like 95% crab meat..super tasty and real spicy…i am also going to try to make this one.

lobster squid pasta is my favourite dish. the lobster was very sweet and done perfectly, and the pasta was simply best!

then we had A5 ohmi wagyu. Jo had it well done and it was still very good for a great marbled japanese wagyu. CH had the cod which is always nice.

my friends all had the tiramisu, which is for me the best tiramisu i had.

& this time chef Gabriel let me try his new black sesame sponge cake..very beautiful cake and his dessert all good..i still prefer the tiramisu…

we all had a wonderful evening with good friends.

c.h.e.f andy


8picureAddress: 428 River Valley Rd, #01-04, Singapore 248327 Located in: Loft @ Nathan 7RVH+R4 Singapore   Contact: 6677 1075   Opening hours:

Tues to Sat (closed sun, mon)12–2pm 6–10pm