Chinese Herbal Mutton Rib Soup for RI Bros 6pax Lunch on 27Aug2020

6pax RI bros lunch dishes

made 6pax RI bros lunch on 27.8.2020.^^

  1. chinese herbal mutton rib soup
  2. mala steamed mutton stomach 金钱肚(though seller classify as tripe)
  3. teochew braised hock 元蹄 & trotters
  4. crackling and blistered roast pork
  5. sambal spinach

tolmas had to go back office..forgot to take a group photo earlier..the perils when NCL not around lol!


tolmas brought cheng chow & KK brought very nice muffins from ivy..went perfectly with coffee👍really fun relaxing lunch with bros.

c.h.e.f andy


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