Enjoyable Crab Beehoon Dinner @ Ming Kee Live Seafood on 23Mar2014


cockles S$5

was in upper serangoon area & my wife decided to go to ming kee live seafood at macpherson for dinner on sunday 23.3.2014. 🙂 it was few shops from swa gardens when we had nice teochew food for our g10 dinner recently.


ming kee signature crab beehoon 1.4kg = S$75.60


coconut jelly S$8

i don’t take crab often as i find it expensive. but this time we were in the mood for crab. we ordered their signature crab beehoon. its S$54/kg so S$75.60 for a 1.4kg sri lankan crab. usually when eating with friends or children, don’t really get to eat much so this time just 2 of us, it was like feasting on crab. 🙂

i could not resist ordering the S$5 cockles. it was simple dish served with fish sauce & cut chilli. not the raw cockles (血蛤) i had at two chefs, small & not as fleshy..still, enjoyed nonetheless! 🙂

cockles S$5

cockles S$5


ming kee signature crab beehoon 1.4kg = S$75.60


ming kee signature crab beehoon 1.4kg = S$75.60

the beehoon was tasty with sweet crab flavour. the sri lankan crab was meaty & fresh & sweet. i don’t take crab often enough to judge but didn’t find it any special though. it was not bad i think the house of steam fish, golden spoon etc were better than this.

we had the coconut jelly dessert. it was just S$8 & the jelly looked like using the coconut juice & adding agar agar. it was good, mildly sweet which was just right & refreshing.

dinner was S$101 in total for 2pax. we had only crab, cockles & coconut jelly. there was GST but no service charge but S$3pax charge already for towels etc (no appetisers).

ok & very enjoyable for this evening because we were in the mood to have crab, but otherwise not a place i would usually go.

c.h.e.f andy


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