Funghi Risotto – Simple & Wonderful!

made a fabulous funghi risotto today on 18.3.2015. ^^

bought 2 boxes of 250g white button mushrooms from sheng shiong earlier i think it was on sale like S$2.80/pkt. they were turning brown though so i had to cook them & i decided it would be fungi risotto.

youngest daughter was just back from library, taking her exam last paper tomorrow & wanting to have food. & this was something easy to prepare. ^^

everything was excellent. good intense mushroom flavours, just enough creamy texture, very nice texture of rice, slightly al dente in the centre.

even when i got back from dinner (my wife & i were going out to enoch’s for dinner so we had just couple spoons before we went out. my daughter had most of it but left some in the microwave), the risotto was not mushy, still moist & individual grains, flavourful & intense. very nice!^^

funghi risotto

funghi risotto

i looked up the recipe i used last time (2 years ago) as i had not cooked this since.

i said then –

It was just so satisfying but also spoke volumes of Chef John’s baked mushroom risotto recipe that I could reproduce such a great dish with ease even though this was my very first risotto. 🙂

looking at the beautiful photos then, it was probably as good or better than what i did this time, but it was quite some time back, so i enjoyed it just as much this time.


i had the mushroom sliced & then placed in an oven proof pan with butter (20g or 1+ tablespoon) & 1 teaspoon salt. i went through the dry, wet, dry process, about 10mins until pan was almost dry & mushrooms started to caramelise.

meanwhile i chopped 1 large yellow onion & added to the pan & fried till soft (about 5mins). i also washed 1 cup of arborio rice, added to the pan & fried with the mushrooms & onions.

i thought i had vegetable stock in the fridge but i did not. so i had to improvise. i mixed 1 teaspoon sugar, 2 tablespoon mirin,  1 tablespoon sake & 2 tablespoon tsuyu in 1 cup of water, tasted it & i liked the taste. i added this to the pan so it just fully covered the rice & put to medium high until the liquid boiled.

i placed the pan in the oven preheated to 205degC & baked for 10mins. i removed & tasted the risotto. taste was good & centre was still hard. then i added water to just cover the risotto & added 1/3cup (80ml) thickened cream, put to high heat to bring to boil then turned to medium heat, stirred & reduced.

it probably takes 5mins to reduce. taste to make sure that risotto is not overcooked & still al dente in the centre.

it was a very good standard risotto. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


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