Enjoyable Lunch @ Sun with Moon on 7May2014

unagi & gyudon kamameshi set with kurobuta

unagi & gyu kamameshi set with kurobuta

went with wife to sun with moon at wheelock for lunch on 7.5.2014. last came to sun with moon wheelock 4 months ago on 7.1.2014. 🙂

there was a 20% discount promotion for kamameshi set so i picked the unagi & gyu set & picked a kurobuta side dish (came with the set including soup & pickles). we also added a chawanmushi & a salmon sashimi (S$3.50 for each item). my wife ordered a maki & a green tea mochi parfait. we shared all the food.

kurobuta side

kurobuta side

the kuobuta side dish was very good. there were 4 large slices of pork which came in a tasty broth. 🙂

unagi & gyudon kamameshi

unagi & gyu kamameshi

the kamameshi (釜饭) pot had a thick wooden cover, and they placed an hourglass for accurate timing….maybe 5mins not sure…

it was a very large helping. the rice was very fragrant, tasty & the unagi & beef were all good. 🙂

red bean mochi dessert

red bean mochi dessert

i ordered ice green tea which was included for the set & my wife added S$1 for her hot green tea. 🙂

green tea ice cream mochi parfait

green tea ice cream mochi parfait

the mochi parfait was still nice though the price went up from $4.90 couple years back to $6.80 now.

forgot to take photos of the maki (S$15) but it was quite good though not a must have item for us. after 20% discounts, the kamameshi set cost S$24. all in we paid S$60. the other place i used to go was kuriya dining at great world city. however recently, prices there had gone up quite a bit, and the lunch sets i liked are now priced at S$68pax instead of S$58pax, a 15% increase.

will come back for sure. the 20% discounts on kamameshi promotion will expire 31.5.2014.

c.h.e.f andy



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