Jalan Tua Kong Meepok Tar @ 6th Avenue on 12Sep2013

teochew meepok tar - S$3.50

teochew meepok tar – S$3.50

decided to stop by good good coffeeshop at 6th avenue for the jalan tua kong teochew meepok tar today on 12.9.2013. i don’t take this so much these days, but had a nice teochew fish ball noodles at mei chin road last week with son, & this stall was nearer & i like meepok tar more than fish ball noodles. 🙂

teochew meepok tar - S$3.50

teochew meepok tar – S$3.50

teochew meepok tar - S$3.50

teochew meepok tar – S$3.50

the stall has been at this coffeeshop for several years, apparently the owner had previously worked at 1 of the jalan tua kong stalls and now pays a fee to use the name.

i like this teochew style more than the tai wah type mushroom sauce bakchormee & fish ball noodles (though i like them all..haha). the noodle is qq with a nice bite (al dente) and not mushy. there were 2 fishballs, pork, prawn, fishcakes & minced pork, and most important the chilli & of course the fried lard (lar pok). love it! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


11 thoughts on “Jalan Tua Kong Meepok Tar @ 6th Avenue on 12Sep2013

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  7. Hello, do you know where this stall has moved to? The coffeeshop had closed for renovations. Craving for the bak chor mee very badly!

    • hi linna
      first, happy new year 2014!
      sorry i don’t have any information on whether the stall will be back after the reno & how long. 😦
      the meepok tar at the coffeshop nearer 7-11 is also quite good=https://chefquak.com/2013/11/22/meepok-tar-sunny-fishball-6th-avenue-on-20nov2013/
      there is still the mushroom sauce type bakchormee at tai wah at hong lim & crawford, and another stall 2 stalls away from the crayfish horfun at honglim which some think is better. & also 1 at Ion Orchard.

  8. thanks! Unfortunately, I still like the sixth avenue one best. after trying lau lim, 132 mee pok and also sunny fishball @ 6th avenue. the hunt continues!

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