Egg Fried Rice

#7 egg fried rice

egg fried rice

fried rice the simplest of dishes.

& really not easy to do it well i guess.

i do a pretty good seafood fried rice.

i did that during a 9pax 12-course dinner for my friends on 15.7.2014 which everyone liked it a lot.

c/w photo of the real thing – crystal jade lamian xiaolongbao seafood fried rice, i guess it was still kind of far off.

#7 egg fried rice

egg fried rice

w/o the seafood, egg fried rice is even more basic, no “wow” dish, but a good staple & accompaniment for meat and also for my recent 10-course vegetarian dinner for 8pax for my niece’s birthday.

i have the cooked long grain fragrant rice ready. usually i put slightly less water, about 1 to 1 instead of 1.2cup water to 1cup rice.

i had a non stick pan on medium fire, 2 tablespoon oil & 1 tablespoon chopped garlic. then i turned up the fire & added 1 bowl of rice pushed to one side. immediately i cracked 2 eggs on the empty side. then i pushed the egg over the rice & mixed.

i added fish sauce to taste (about 1 tablespoon) or light soy sauce if it is vegetarian, or either no or much less (again to taste) if i am adding chilli sauce (sichuan chilli or xo chilli).

the whole process is very short, so i usually do on high fire so that the rice is not overcooked & mushy & so that the aroma of the fish sauce comes out & gives the wok hae & the rice are individual grains (we say “sun sun” in teochew).

c.h.e.f andy


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