Shabu Beef Rice Burger

shabu beef rice burger

shabu beef rice burger

made a shabu beef rice burger on 26.9.2015. ^^

i used to quite like mos burger but had not taken the rice burger for many years. until 9.9.2015 when 4 of us went early to watch workers’ party rally at bedok stadium, my friend parked his car at bedok mall & we bought some food to bring along.

i bought yakiniku rice burger & some friends bought subway sandwiches & other burgers. 🙂

anyhow i bought some shabu beef & pork at hentick & decided to try out a shabu beef rice burger.

i checked out a facebook rice burger recipe here. good enough for me.

later i found a more advanced preparation recipe here.

anyhow i cooked the usual sushi rice – 1.2cups water to 1 cup rice, added 1.5tbsp mirin, sushi vinegar & tsuyu (basically to taste) & i tbsp flat roasted sesame. then i pressed some rice on a cutting board & cut out 2 round pieces & browned them on both sides in a non-stick pan on low fire.

300g quick frozen shabu beef from hentick

300g quick frozen shabu beef from hentick

for the shabu beef, i poured boiling water over 300g of shabu beef (above) i bought from hentick for about S$7.20, and cleaned away the scum. then i prepare the sauce – 2 tbsp ea of sushi vinegar, mirin & tsuyu. trust me, it’s a very very tasty mix!^^ beef was already cooked but can always stir-fried a bit in the sauce if required.

for the vegetable, i just made do with what i had, so sliced tomatoes & grated radish, can also add onions or small japanese cucumbers etc.

anyhow, the whole concoction came out pretty ok. the shabu beef & sauce were really good. the sushi rice burger itself was good, very tasty but the compacting & shape need to be improved. 🙂

my daughter commented that eating it open sandwich style was like eating a don. of course we wanted to have low carbs, but i hear her that maybe for a proper rice burger i should do the burger style together with the seaweed etc. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy