Teochew Chilled Mullet on 16.3.2016

#5 teochew chilled mullet

teochew chilled mullet 16.3.2016

bought some mullet when my china relatives were in singapore, and had leftovers in the freezer.

took one out today & made a chilled mullet for dinner on 16.3.2016. ^^

it was in the freezer for >1month but the gills were still red when i cleaned the fish today.

mullet is one of the fishes you do not ask the fish monger to prepare the fish. he would remove the scale & also the precious things in the belly.

chilled mullet 16.3.2016

teochew chilled mullet 16.3.2016

chilled mullet is too fishy for many…though teochews like myself swear by it…

chilled mullet2 16.3.2016

teochew chilled mullet 16.3.2016

steamed 11mins in the steam oven (any steamer will do the same) with scale on, when cool put in the fridge for 1 hr..

the scales came out easily with the skin…if you remove the scales before steaming, you have hard time removing the skin when eating. it’s very difficult to tear with a pair of chopsticks.

the meat is indeed fishy but very sweet with the tau jeon 豆酱.

chilled mullet3 16.3.2016

teochew chilled mullet 16.3.2016

the precious fish lungs, liver, fat etc, tasty, omega 3 ya??

chilled mullet4 16.3.2016

teochew chilled mullet 16.3.2016

i removed the skin on the other side & turn over for the photo. 🙂

simple, easy to make, effortless really. & really enjoy leh!

c.h.e.f andy


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