Brother made and delivered Dinner on 12Jul2020

brother delivered sunday lunch on 12.7.2020.^^
  1. roti prata with curry chicken
  2. grilled taupok
  3. rojak
  4. teochew chilled kambong

wife ordered don’s lala beehoon & we ate for dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


Delivered All Teochew Dinner to my Brother 6pax Family Dinner on 9Jul2020

braised duck

teochew braised duck

pig trotter jelly

pig trotter jelly

teochew crayfish with yellow onions

teochew crayfish with yellow onions

made & delivered all teochew dishes for my brother 6pax family dinner on 9.7.2020.^^
so this week i decided to do all teochew dinner-
  1. pork trotters jelly 猪脚冻
  2. 2 1/2 braised duck 卤鸭
  3. chilled sliced hock (jokbal 족발) served with mala vinegar sauce
  4. teochew crayfish with egg & yellow onions

braised duck excellent today.

my brother loved the pork trotters jelly 猪脚冻. recipe here.

the jelly was very flavourful and gelatinous. i did the dish by slow braising the hock and pig trotters 4hrs in 130degC oven..6 tbsp huatiao jiu 1 tbsp white vinegar 1 tbsp sugar 1tsp salt. then i cut the trotters meat and skin and place is a small dish in the delicious brine with all the gelatinous goodness of the clear braise. tasted it very tasty ad flavourful and perfect gelatinous after placing in the fridge overnight.

the teochew crayfish with egg and onion i don’t do often. recipe here.

just happen to get crayfish from chinatown market this morning. it was very flavourful. and my sil said my nephew loved the dish!


c.h.e.f andy

Superb All Japanese 7-dishes Dinner for Meta Bros on 7Jul2020

6pax meta bros dinner on 7jul2020

6pax meta bros dinner on 7jul2020

japanese dinner dishes

all japanese 7-course dinner dishes

miso salmon

miso salmon fillet with dill

chicken teriyaki

chicken teriyaki

chashu and nikujaga donburi

chashu and nikujaga donburi



make 6pax dinner (5 visitor plus me) for RI metamorphosis bros this evening on 7.7.2020.^^
6pax all japanese dinner menu-
  1. tamago
  2.  salmon misoyaki
  3. chicken teriyaki
  4. chashu (braised belly pork) & nikujaga (slow braised pork softbones with daikon) donburi
  5. yakisoba with shitake & shimeji
  6. miso glazed eggplant
  7. kabocha no nimono (simmered pumpkin)
teriyaki chicken and salmon misyaki were near perfect today. friends loved the dishes.
donburi undoubtedly the best dish, very tasty with the soft and tender and flavour nikujaga and chashu.
i will record updated recipe of nikujaga by this slow braised cold crockpot method.
the tamago and pumpkin dishes were ok. the jap miso glazed eggplant was good.
HAB brought sake.
CM brought umeshu & disposables
WL brought beans cream msw & salted caramel ice cream
CL brought soursop, grapes
CL brought baguette to eat with my homemake kaya & WL’s ice cream & honey jackftuit
WL said grace & remembrance for tiang chye
really shiok dinner & fun conversation & evening.
after dinner CM conducted lifestyle management II concluding chapter on mindfulness to complete the evening after delicious mouthfulness of all japanese 7-dishes dinner 😀
c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered 5 Dishes for Dinner on 27Jun2020

5 dishes2

brother cooked and delivered 5 dishes

5 dishes

brother cooked and delivered 5 dishes

it’s my brother’s turn to cook this evening on 27jun2020.
he delivered dinner dishes this evening-
  1. panfried cod 煎鳕鱼
  2. panfried prawns 煎大虾
  3. steamed black bean pork ribs 清蒸豆豉排骨
  4. sakura prawns egg omelette .虾苗炒蛋
  5. eggplant with tofu 红烧茄子

all nicely done. wife and i liked especially the omelette and tofu..

I added some leftover 白斩鸡, & wife made kimchi fried rice

c.h.e.f andy

Lovely 10mins Kaya (Coconut Jam) on 7Jul2020

10mins kaya5

10mins kaya

10mins kaya

made 10mins kaya coconut jam on 7.7.2020. ^^👍👍👍
traditional way of making coconut jam can take 3 hours, not something i want to try.
but quite a while back (2014) i chance upon a 10mins kaya recipe. and it was good enough for me.
the kaya was lovely, very fragrant, flavourful from the coconut milk & palm sugar & pandan leaves, very smooth and thick/intense enough.
just like the real thing at coffeshops.
all my friends loved it even after a full lunch.
just simple french loaf, butter and kaya was good enough for a great fun time.
c.h.e.f andy
10mins kaya recipe
  • 200ml coconut milk
  • 3 tbsp white sugar (45g)
  • 3 tbsp palm sugar (45g)
  • 4 pandan leaves
  • 4 egg yolks
Directions –
  1. boil 200ml coconut milk with white sugar & palm sugar in pandan leaves.
  2. pour 1/2 to 4 egg yolks (beaten).
  3. then pour back into pot with the remaining coconut milk mixture & boil (constantly stirring) till it thickens to the right viscous texture.
  4. when cooled, removed the pandan leaves & put in a glass container. can keep up to 2weeks in the fridge.


to avoid curdling and produce a smooth kaya

  • power whisk the egg yolk and sieve
  • continue to whisk while adding boiling coconut milk

Excellent Evening Best Food with Close Friends @ 8picure on 3Jul2020

roast pork

#1 roast spanish duroc pork

crab cake

#2 crab cake

lobster pasta

#3 lobster pasta

uni pasta

#3 uni pasta

ohmi A5 wagyu

#4 ohmi A5 wagyu

pan roasted cod

#4 pan roasted cod


#5 tiramisu

during covid circuit breaker (CB), we ordered from chef gabriel lee 3 times. we really like his food. now that we can dine in up to 5pax, we invite close friends to enjoy chef’s food together, support our local culinary talents,a dn have a great evening together.
also, chef gabriel inspired me to try to replicate his dishes like alio olio and lobster pasta…and i do them pretty good now..though no comparison…and also to revisit some dishes like roast pork…which i do very well now!
had very nice dinner with busy good friend & his wife @ 8picure on 3.7.2020.^^
dishes were as usual, exceptional (haha! oxymoron).
this a close friend couple. he very busy person so i don’t ask him out often. this evening we had a really great time.
friend and his wife liked especially the lobster pasta.
wife and i shared a uni pasta. overall we prefer the lobster pasta to uni pasta…both pasta are of course really good!
and friend’s wife loved the ohmi A5 wagyu…she commented that was the best!
my friend though prefer not to take beef…he took one piece and let us shared the other pieces…so we added a cod for him..
and chef gabriel lee’s tiramisu is the best we had anywhere.
c.h.e.f andy




5pax Homecooked Lunch for the Office on 3Jul2020

during the circuit breaker period (CB), i made lunch a few occasion times for my wife’s office.

today i made 3 dishes for wife’s office 6pax lunch on 3.7.2020.

  1. beef rendang
  2. chicken curry
  3. nonya chap chye
  4. steamed rice
beef rendang very tender and flavourful, and curry chicken was very good as i use tasty chicken stock.
they all loved it.
c.h.e.f andy

Homecooked Peranakan Dishes for my Brother 6pax Family Dinner on 2Jul2020

chilli ikan batang2

chilli ikan batang

assam pork ribs

beef rendang2

belly pork pongteh2

belly pork pongteh

nonya chap chye2

made 5 course peranakan for my brother 6pax family dinner on 2.7.2020.
  1. chilli ikan batang
  2. beef rendang
  3. assam pork ribs
  4. belly pork pongteh
  5. nonya chap chye

from start of circuit break (CB) on 3.4.2020, i have been making and delivering 1 weekly dinner to my brother.

in turn my brother also deliver 1 weekly dinner to my place.

this evening i decided to make all peranakan dishes.

chilli ikan batang was made special by the chilli. very tasty chilli.

will write up a recipe for the chilli. subsequently i did for my family dinner and everyone loved it too.

beef rendang & assam pork rib were excellent dishes.

belly pork texture was perfect the pongteh sauce can be improved.

chap chye was good with the fermented bean curd flavours and just right texture for cabbage, cloud fungus and tanhoon.

c.h.e.f andy