Excellent Evening Best Food with Close Friends @ 8picure on 3Jul2020

roast pork

#1 roast spanish duroc pork

crab cake

#2 crab cake

lobster pasta

#3 lobster pasta

uni pasta

#3 uni pasta

ohmi A5 wagyu

#4 ohmi A5 wagyu

pan roasted cod

#4 pan roasted cod


#5 tiramisu

during covid circuit breaker (CB), we ordered from chef gabriel lee 3 times. we really like his food. now that we can dine in up to 5pax, we invite close friends to enjoy chef’s food together, support our local culinary talents,a dn have a great evening together.
also, chef gabriel inspired me to try to replicate his dishes like alio olio and lobster pasta…and i do them pretty good now..though no comparison…and also to revisit some dishes like roast pork…which i do very well now!
had very nice dinner with busy good friend & his wife @ 8picure on 3.7.2020.^^
dishes were as usual, exceptional (haha! oxymoron).
this a close friend couple. he very busy person so i don’t ask him out often. this evening we had a really great time.
friend and his wife liked especially the lobster pasta.
wife and i shared a uni pasta. overall we prefer the lobster pasta to uni pasta…both pasta are of course really good!
and friend’s wife loved the ohmi A5 wagyu…she commented that was the best!
my friend though prefer not to take beef…he took one piece and let us shared the other pieces…so we added a cod for him..
and chef gabriel lee’s tiramisu is the best we had anywhere.
c.h.e.f andy





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