A Moral, Principled & Righteous Again United States of America & Leader of Democracy


the positivity energy we missed.


very sadly a few good men after that like obama can do abysmal

Just one nasty moron did untold damages & infected the whole nation with baseness & nastiness

that is because of non democratic vested interest system failure..cannot remove gun rights,cannot negotitate with police union…USA is vested interest plutocracy masquerading as democracy.

actually the fact that even obama could do nothing shows there is very little hope of USA system whether it is called democracy or not.

I think the divisions and fault lines that a obama cannot heal is unbreachable after a trump

every ugliness is release and set free in USA

it is a system failure

the only way only chance America can go forward is if not only biden elected but GOP is smashed into oblivion & a new moral principled charitable true Christian GOP is reborned.

a friend asked “What if the democrats win the house the senate as well as the presidency. Trinity?”

Then GOP have the chance to be phoenix reborned

Younger more rational more charitable more moderate GOP with true republican values and emerge after all the racist bigots old bags are banished.

I don’t agree with low tax low welfare no infrastructure small government dogma or anti abortion anti gay rights but those are legitimate differences in view points and policy directions so it is democratic whether democrats or republicans are elected

gun rights and police union are not

those have to be resolutely opposed.

maybe there needed to be a 毒药 toxic deadly trump virus to poison corrupt decimate and shows its evil destructive powers for America to recover its morality & principles & righteousness and lead the world again….

c.h.e.f andy

Hindhede Nature Park & BTNR on Christmas Day 25Dec2018

hindhede nature park

went with wife for  a walk at bukit timah hill BTNR….

decided to take a walk at hindhede nature park.

hindhede nature park

hindhede nature park

hindhede nature park

bukit timah quarry 

quarry view nice at hindhede park..

seems that the water level here is rising slowly as rain water cannot get out…

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve

BTNR = bukit timah nature reserve 

south view path was closed, tree fell down due to rain.

so we took the taban loop took 35mins instead the usual 25mins to bukit timah summit..took longer coming down too 20mins instead of 15mins.

bukit timah quarry

with the slight detour to hindhede park and a slower walk bup bukit timah hill, the walk was 1.5hrs in total. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Reflections on Autumn 立秋寄情 on 7Aug2018

this morning my OPS bro WT shared the following writings –

亲:早上好,今日21点30分立秋,属晚立秋,天气至少会持续炎热半个月以上,问苍天什么季节最忙? 秋天,多事之秋; 什么季节最公平? 秋天,平分秋色; 什么季节最简单? 秋天, 一叶知秋; 什么季节最长? 秋天,一日不见如隔三秋; 什么季节最爽? 秋天,秋高气爽;什么季节最险?秋天,秋后算账: 什么季节最暧昧? 秋天,暗送秋波!哈哈,祝立秋快乐!

haha! didn’t know today 立秋!

anyway in the past never really notice such things like 立秋, singapore having no seasons to speak of. lately there were lots more messages sharing on 立春, 立冬 winter solstice (so i did a post sometime back 冬至吃t’yuan汤圆)etc.

as one RI bro commented on the message –

“Fasinating – the word 秋 can be used in so many ways to describe people, events, activities, beliefs, aspirations, nature, the environment, the atmosphere and of course the weather. And almost if not all in positive ways. English words which can be used in a similar fashion? Some not so nice words come to mind”.

triggered, i did a rejoinder on my own-


not that i know so many chinese phrase, i just googled them…

but i do understand the meaning, so just string them together to portray our time, our mood, our perspective, our past, present, future and for me most importantly our inner peace!

c.h.e.f andy

10million Photo Views on Googlemap on 17May2018

googlemap 10m views

received googlemap email notifications this morning that my Andy Quak googlemap photo views passed 10million views on 17.5.2018. ^^

good that folks are finding my photos on googlemap & hopefully the reviews useful. 🙂

was sharing with my friends that this blog is for my own enjoyment & to reminisce & relish the moments & experiences shared with my family & friends (why I blog?)..

& googlemap post are by the way mostly cut & paste from the blog entries…

still, it is a good feeling that folks are viewing the photos & reviews…

c.h.e.f andy

Walking Bukit Timah Hill on 19Feb2018

BTNR walk

with the CNY break, wife was free a few days this week.

we went for a morning walk up & down bukit timah hill @ BTNR on 19.2.2018. ^^

we were able to park right at the carpark a short walk to the visitor centre. this time we took just below 1 hr, with a few rest stops, at the huts & the summit.

we walked 3 times this week & one time the following week. 🙂

on the second time this week. we took 47mins up & down, basically a consistent 25mins up to the summit with a short rest at the hut. this time we could not find parking at hindhede road side so went over to park at courts & walked over the overhead bridge.

BTNR walk 

pleasant walk as always…

BTNR walk

outdoor, in nature,

BTNR walk 

among the woods…

BTNR walk 

 a relatively easy walk, easier than dragon’s back, and much shorter of course.

no comparison with bukhansan la! that was 7hrs & lots tougher…

BTNR walk

BTNR walk 

serene, peaceful..

BTNR walk

soon we were at the turn to the paved main road.

BTNR walk 

& after the usual long flight of steps, we arrived at the summit the tower & the stone marking the summit.

a very pleasant morning time together with wife, afterwards, we went for a cuppa at tiong hoe.

c.h.e.f andy

Daughter’s NUS Graduation Ceremony on 8Jul2017

flower arrangement wife made 

today’s my youngest daughter’s graduation ceremony on 8.7.2017. ^^

it was scheduled for 8pm.

wife made a beautiful bouquet, using pink roses & baby ‘s breath (apparently carnation family?). i think better than many you can buy outside.

looked easy when she made it. it’s like her first time, trial & error, but i must say came out really nicely, the results! clap! clap!

daughter’s NUS graduation 

i wear the light grey suit i bought for £99 at TKMax near covent gardens, with a £9 tax refund. this a place my son pulled me along & helped me buy & it came out very well & i wore it to his graduation ceremony 4 days back.

after dropping my wife at the entrance lobby, i was directed to carpark 3. however after entering carpark there was an attendant who asked for some yellow & other colour labels which i didn’t have. anyway the suit must have worked, so he let me passed & parked, and i walked to the atrium hall, met with daughter & wife, took some photos, then proceeded to the auditorium.

& we were seated on the front ie first row! quite fine with me, no questions asked. haha! my dental surgeon who did my implant, was seated directly behind me….

daughter’s NUS graduation 

good for my phototaking…

daughter’s NUS graduation

after the 2 hr seating, we met daughter at the entrance atrium & the graduating class took some photos together.

c.h.e.f andy

A Wedding on 13May2017

good friend’s son’s wedding @ Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

one of the first “event” after returning from our immensely fun & memorable holiday in london & wales (for me 27apr to 12may2017 arriving evening of 12may) was a good friend’s son’s wedding on 13.5.2017.

it was held at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. 12 of us RI friends attended.

we had a reception after the church ceremony & took many photos with the happy & proud parents & also with the wedding couple.

afterwards 8 of us went to killiney kopitiam siglap to have a cuppa. another friend staying nearby who was unable to go for the wedding during to prior commitments joined us for coffee.

this my close RI friend. we have been meeting quite regularly for the last few years, after a small group of us started to meet up with the 2010 world cup viewing.

old friends are always fast to get together even after many years of not being in contact. still, spending more time together, sharing & doing things together do make a difference. and among this group of close RI friends, we have been doing that more regularly the last few years.

this friend in particular has been to many of my home dinners. usually/always, he makes an effort to come earlier & chit chat a bit. we also helped out at newgate learning hub bread of life (BOL) saturday community breakfast last year in 2016 with 2 other RI friends.

i cooked total of 14times for BOL breakfast dish, the last on 8.10.2016.^^ the program ceased last year, for time being.

we now also do an almost monthly birthday get-together among this group of friends.

and i had a very enjoyable birthday dinner & tete a tete with this friend recently at mikuni on 27.3.2017. ^^

it’s always a good feeling to see the young ones starting out in life, seeking & finding what they want, and the union & happiness that are theirs for a lifetime.

c.h.e.f andy




A Walk in the Park – Pleasant Morning Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir on Christmas Day 25Dec2016

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

went with wife for a nice morning walk at macritchie reservoir on christmas day, 25.12.2016. ^^

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

have not walked here for a while.

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

for a period, we did some runs at prunus trail/petai trail board walks at the other side. that also was quite many years back, like >5yrs.

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

this time we walk the chemperai trail board walk.

in the RI school days in the early 1970s, used to rum along the lornie trail & chemperai trail (before chemperai has the board walk).

walk at macritchie - along the board walk

walk at macritchie – along the board walk

not many folks. very tranquil & mind calming.

walk at macritchie - along the board walk

walk at macritchie – along the board walk

nice ambience.

walk at macritchie

walk at macritchie

soon we walked back to the carpark.

4.8km chemperai trail board walk in 1 hr 18mins

4.8km chemperai trail board walk in 1 hr 18mins

we did average pace. 4.8km chemperai trail board walk took 1 hr 18mins.

a relaxing, fun christmas day morning at macritchie reservoir.

c.h.e.f andy

Happiness is a Choice = Treasure, Appreciate, Enjoy what You have!



friend of mine has been sending me meaningful messages, must have included me in his whatsapp broadcast. ^^

i made a quick chinese translation-


how very true!!

has been what I believe all the time💪😀
just that doing it is quite another thing all together😂

in the same expansive, all-encompassing mood of treasuring, appreciating & enjoying what we have, he also sent a video 麻烦,which i like a lot.

it says something like-

when you children are not inconveniencing you any more, maybe they are grown up & have gone far away

when your parents are not inconveniencing you any more, maybe they are no longer around..

when your spouse is not inconveniencing you any more, maybe they are “inconveniencing” someone else

when friends are not inconveniencing you any more, maybe there is distance already..

our lives are intertwined because of we are concerned for, care & do things for one another. in embracing inconvenience we share & achieve our goals together. in working on our goals toegther we deal with the inconvenience.

in being inconvenienced by & inconveniencing others, we deepen our relationship, feelings & empathy for each other, and realize our being. this is life!

so we treasure those by our side inconveniencing us, and thank those we have inconvenienced.

part of my resolution for 2017!

c.h.e.f andy

A Trump President

seafood risotto modelled after monterosso miky

seafood risotto modelled after monterosso miky

my wish totally dashed!

I am 200% against trump & all he represents then now i think always can’t see him changing

But can’t have it both ways…democracy means accepting majority views even if you disagree

though I accept the results

My view is he is exactly the small vile hateful ignorant wicked vindictive 5yr old that the media sees him

Hoping that i am wrong

it’s what American voters want however much I disagree with them

My 3 Wishes for America & for the World

Clinton Campaigns in Philadelphia http://nyti.ms/2egEaIF via @nytvideo

My 3 wishes for America & for the world (on the eve of America’s presidential election) –

  • clinton wins
  • clinton wins landslide
  • democrats win senate


  • hope will triumph over fear
  • unity over divisiveness
  • optimism over darkness

like michelle obama said –

when others go low we go high

that America will vote against fascism, hate, vileness, wickedness, absence of basic decency, darkness


that light will stand up against darkness, against messengers of hate, negativity, wickedness.

A Nation Bids Teary Farewell To Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 29Mar2015

farewell LKY

always Singapore first

i am truly glad that i went to parliament house with a good friend in the wee hours of 26.3.2015 to pay respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

i am very proud to be a singaporean, to witness & be part of the spontaneous outpouring of grief & gratitude for such a great man who devoted his entire life to singapore, to us.

i am very happy that i teared & wept many times over the week of mourning like many singaporeans who also found love & gratitude in their hearts & poured out their feelings unreservedly.

farewell LKY2 farewell LKY3 farewell LKY4

i am inspired, comforted & felt bonded with the exemplary, caring & earnest from the heart behaviour of singaporeans united in grief, gratitude & respect for Mr Lee, captured so well by yvonne ng, an ordinary singaporean (only with Facebook access) –

(quote) Mostly, we are impressed beyond words, by our fellow countrymen who came and bond together, and the unspoken heroes who provided drinks, cakes, bread, flowers and more along the queues. We are amazed by the quiet queues that just kept forming, and the quiet resilience displayed through a simple action like this. We are impressed by the seemingly seamless arrangements made by the authorities, and the amount of work and sleepless nights for those on duty. 

We are touched by the love, care, respect and the wonderful “Singapore Spirit” displayed by Singaporeans, in this difficult time. A spirit we never really knew existed until now.

We did not practise this, nor did we choreograph this. It is just so simply…Singapore.

We have always been searching and asking about the Singaporean identity. This is it. 

Fifty years ago, a man brought us together as one united people. 
Fifty years later, he brought us together again, and we stand united as a nation.

This is Singapore. 
This is Home.
And I am so proud of being a part of it. (unquote)

as yvonne (who i do not know) famously described, this is the last contribution by Mr Lee to Singapore. even in death, he has united the whole nation & helped us unlock the deep feelings, purpose & resolve for the country.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.53.02 pm

this morning, my wife, my daughter & i were at the clementi community tribute site & i managed to pay my last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Rest in Peace Mr Lee. as PM Lee Hsien Loong said, you were the guiding light for the nation, and your values & ethos will continue to inspire us & be our guiding light.

c.h.e.f andy

Cherian George – Singapore please listen to him!

i said on my Facebook-

Cherian George…you are my new idol!

NTU don’t know what they missed that such an outstanding person as yourself could be denied tenure & have to find employment in HK..

PAP leaders should seriously listen to you!

such fairness, moderation, balance, intellectual honesty & calm & incisiveness!

all my friends, please listen to this guy…

agree with & learn from everything you said, in particular LKY’s incorruptibility & how Singapore is so lucky to have him!

i had expected a very professional analysis but with the usual fashionable western liberal emphasis on mr lee’s intolerance towards alternative views. after all  cherian george does have some very recent legitimate grievances with NTU denying tenure.

it is NTU’s & Singapore’s great loss that the man is now plying his trade in hong kong.

instead his depth & incisiveness demonstrated true intellectual honesty, moderation & balance in examining the issues and also genuine care for singapore’s future. it is a fair & balanced mind with respect for the truth (& equal respect for other human beings with difference of opinions) that is constantly considering, weighing alternative viewpoints & angles, & new facts & information.

cherian spoke as he believed. his was not some shallow piece beautifully crafted to appear to be balanced & fair in order to look good or to impress, which i see often these days circulated on the social media.

i liked his observation that mr lee was in fact more liberal & ahead of the curve than the present PAP leadership, that it is in fact the present leadership that is dogmatic clinging to past formulas of success rather than working from basic pragmatic principles of service & what’s good for singapore. in contrast, the founding fathers under the leadership of mr lee had been truly pragmatic, serving & delivering what was good & what worked for singapore & not constrained by dogma & ideology.

cherian’s humanity & generosity of heart really resonate with me. mr lee & his generation of leaders were pragmatic because they cared so much about the well being of the people of singapore.

c.h.e.f andy


Outpouring of Grief & Gratitude for Beloved Mr Lee Kuan Yew


last night, i went with a good friend & started queueing for almost 2hrs from 2.35am to 4.30am to pay respects to our beloved first prime minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

i shared this on my Facebook-

Standing in queue at padang at 2.46am… about 2hr queue?

Really proud of my fellow Singaporeans standing in queue to pay respects. That so many understand gratitude & respect. .

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

You cared so much for us. Did so much for us. devoted your entire life to Singapore.

It is so very sad that such a great & wonderful person like you is no more..

rest in peace SIR!

my feelings were no different with so many singaporeans from all walks of life who said that waiting in line for  whatever number of hours was the least they could do for Mr Lee who had given his entire life to singapore & made our lives immeasurably better!

my friend & i were really happy that we came to be part of this spontaneous outpouring of grief & gratitude for mr lee.

there were endless accolades from world leaders. i liked the tribute by henry kissinger especially.

both the new zealand parliament & australian parliament passed tribute motions & had many tribute speeches by leader of various parties.

singapore also had a special session of parliament with many moving tributes from minsters, PAP MPs, mr low thia khiang, leader of the opposition workers party, and NMPs. i was very moved that sylvia lim chairman of workers’ party (and like everyone else) were in tears.

genuine emotions are to be treasured. i never thought i would tear myself. but listening to the speeches & tributes, and what ordinary singaporeans said & the open display of emotions, i am very happy that i cried just like anyone else.

today i watched the rappler interview with cherian george, a singaporean writer and academic based in hong kong, to assess Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy and to take a peek at what’s ahead for singapore. he was just so good!

c.h.e.f andy


Tapao (Takeaway) Dinner @ Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant on 11Feb2015

fish belly soup 鱼肌汤

fish belly soup 鱼肌汤

went to watch “Still Alice” at orchard cineleisure with friends on 11.2.2015. 🙂

it’s a movie about early onset of alzeimer. it’s quite slow. but it was a meaningful movie. good actress julianne moore. & kristen stewart was pretty good too.

some of my friends felt the movie was not intense enough, too watered down. they made the same comment about “The Theory of Everything” on stephen hawkings.

for me though, both were ok. the director & scriptwriter had to pick the scenes that best communicated with the audience. perhaps some real live stresses, more intense discord among the characters, tempers flaring might carry the message better. maybe that will offer more tension among the characters & more acting challenges. but i also understand that some methods of portrayal use subtle conversations to convey deep emotions, distress, tension and being conflicted. (i must say that i did not feel any strong connection to alec baldwin feeling conflicted with wanting to go to washington instead of spending the final months with his alzeimer wife though he did stay with her, so in my view that was mediocre acting).

for me the few scenes like telling the husband “why are you not listening to me” when her facial expression seamlessly morphed from anxious sharing to indignation & frustration with the husband not listening to anguish, sorrow & despair needing comfort marked her out as a very good actress. so was the speech at the alzeimer interest group.

& the several scenes of tension with lydia (kristen stewart) showed very good (if subtle – i quite like this subtle approach rather than flaring of emotions though it really depends on the acting, scripting & portrayals) tension between a mother losing her mind & a daughter wanting to be independent & not emotionally blackmailed but loving & caring for the mother. she got across the emotions of tension & conflicted. 🙂

ok, so much for the movie.

the food at cineleisure B1 sucks. so we decided to tapao dinner before movie. a friend picked up the food from Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant 荷兰村XO鱼头米粉酒楼.

san loh hor fun生捞河粉

san loh hor fun三捞河粉

the san loh hor fun三捞河粉 was good, but i thought i had tapao better wok hae ones from there. still it was tasty, good fish slices & i love the chilli padi & pickled green chilli.

some tofu dish with prawns & shimeji

some tofu dish with prawns & shimeji

the tofu dish with prawns & shimeji was competent, a good dish.

chicken breast with liver & gizzard

chicken breast with liver & gizzard

the 白斩鸡 chicken rice chicken? pretty good. my friend got the healthy chicken breast. actually chicken breast is the real test of good cooking, so this was pretty good – tender, moist, sweet. didn’t think it was better than my own poached chicken 白斩鸡 nor my son’s lemon roast chicken though.

& confession – i still like drumstick better..haha!^^

fish belly soup 鱼肌汤

fish belly soup 鱼肌汤

i liked the fish belly soup 鱼肌汤 especially. it was xo preparation with good amount of xo (i guess). enjoyed the soup very much.

it was very substantial dinner at S$40 for 4pax (though we had someone who hardly ate), very decent considering food court prices these days. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

冬至吃汤圆 (Eating Sesame Mochi Dumplings with Arrival of Winter) on Winter Solstice 22Dec14

冬至吃汤圆 (eating sesame kochi with arrival of winter)

冬至吃汤圆 (eating sesame mochi with arrival of winter)

some korean friends were sharing with me on email about eating 팥죽 (red bean soup) & 동지 (winter solstice) on 22.12.2014.

i later posted on Facebook-

yesterday was 冬至means arriving of winter.

did not pay attention when younger..always thought it was “tan joyk” 冬节 but a friend on wechat 微信 said they are the same thing – 1 is a day the other an event. maybe?

my china relatives eating 汤圆 & putting out a table, i guess to pray?

black sesame mochi 汤圆 – 2packets x 10 for S$2.95 only at giant

冬至吃汤圆 (eating sesame kochi with arrival of winter)

冬至吃汤圆 (eating sesame mochi with arrival of winter)

bought some from giant – 2 packets x10 for S$2.95.

i still like it now. ^^ 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

P.S. ok from wiki = http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/冬至

冬至,又稱「冬節」、「賀冬」,台灣又稱「入冬」….因为冬至并没有固定于特定一日,因此和清明一样,被称为“活节”。…never knew that was the meaning of <warh joyk>“活节”

one friend said-

It is “活节” based on Lunar calendar. It is always fixed on 22 Dec based on solar calendar.

another friend found this-


the debate or musings continue…^^

Cycling at East Coast Park on 19Nov2014


our bikes

went cycling with wife at east coast park on 19.11.2014. 🙂

i bought my dahon mu n360 on 3.4.2014. it is a good bike & i quite enjoy riding it.

it was pouring in the morning the day before. fortunately it did not rain today. we started only at 9am, so it was a bit hot actually.

we took ECP exit 10A & parked at the first carpark nearest still road.

from there we cycled past east coast seafood centre, ski360degrees cable ski park, east coast lagoon food centre.

1452326_10152835862919494_8435370596337737564_n 1669923_10152835862969494_4489019953487081649_o 10402761_10152835863024494_7486745453540882211_n

& up to changi coast walk. we took some rest & water along the way & back, so the pace was rather slow. we cycled 22km in total time of 1hr 32mins.

this was a shorter ride than last time when we went all the way to changi village food centre (35km return) but quite disappointed with the makan there.

our bikes

our bikes

there were not so many people & bikers at this time, very smooth, peaceful & relaxing ride.

after cycling we proceeded to relish serangoon gardens to use up an expiring groupon. however, relish was closed for a private function so we went to serangoon gardens food centre & took the totally forgettable seng kee (胜记) bakchormee.

c.h.e.f andy

Bought My First Foldable Bike = Dahon mu n360 with nuVinci CVT Hub Gears on 3.4.2014

dahon mu n360 with cvt (continuous variable transmission) hub gear

dahon mu n360 with cvt (continuous variable transmission) hub gear

happy to report that the dahon has served me well so far. 🙂

bought a foldie (foldable bike) for my wife for her birthday present in 2012. she went cycling with friends very occasionally as i was not much into cycling.

we were going to amsterdam in apr2014 with our youngest daughter and wife planned to cycle there (see cycling the waterland route in amsterdam).

so i finally stirred myself into action & bought a dahon mu n360 (aluminium frame, fork & handle, some alloy seat post) on 3.4.2014, 1.5 weeks before our amsterdam trip.

i was very happy with the bike. 🙂

internal hub & nuVinci cvt (continuous variable transmission) = seamless gear change

11-speed internal hub gears

& nuVinci cvt (continuous variable transmission) = seamless gear change

& nuVinci cvt (continuous variable transmission) = seamless gear change

dahon has 70% of the entire world market.

mu is the patented curve frame series, and n360 is the latest 2013 bike with 11-speed internal hub & nuVinci cvt (continuous variable transmission) = seamless gear change

really good technology = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wNcok8KdNE

dahon mu n360 with cvt (continuous variable transmission) hub gear

dahon mu n360 with cvt (continuous variable transmission) hub gear

& the seat post is a bicycle pump! omt! (a friend told me oh my 天! instead of oh my god! for free-thinkers). 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.38.57 pm

only worry was bike was a parallel import by internet marketer, not by dahon distributor speed matrix, so worry about service & warranty.

these days though the internet is incredible & the guy was able to show me by scratching a holographic label & inputing the code into dahon official website to verify it was authentic & got a welcome message.

i entered the code again when i got home, and the website returned a message that provided the time the code was first entered for verification by the seller, and then by me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.38.37 pm Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.38.03 pm& i received an email on the lifetime warranty on its frame, handle post & rigid fork. amazing! i guess that doesn’t mean much except in the case of manufacturer’s defect. better than nothing anyway. 🙂

well, that made me the proud owner of a middle-of-the-range not too expensive foldable bike, so i can go cycling with my wife. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

烛光 诗/摄影 郭永秀 candle light – poem/photography by yong siu


shared my brother yong siu’s beautiful poem on Facebook today.

decided to post it also. 🙂

…with my translation –

烛光 诗/摄影 郭永秀

candle light poem/photography by quek yong siu


when light deserted all


its (unseen) formless power abruptly disappeared without trace


the world is like a paralysed shell


in the midst of consternation & confusion


you are the only refuge


at the moment of blackout, your appearance


is the distant yearning on a desert island


like breaking onto the horizon of a


ship’s mast, and within the hearts of all


a morning sun, rising

是乌云脱困的 满月

a full moon, breaking out from the dark clouds


with darkness hurting our


eyes, your flickering light like a vibrating sword


like a gentle colour pencil, sketches out


the images in our eyes


the pleasure of self immolation


the self sacrifice of the courageous


heroic, like the wise with insight


into heavenly wisdom, like the fire of life


that will not allow a dying flame

而停止 燃烧

to stop burning


some day, someone


bowing her head & closing her eyes upon your spirited flicker


with a reverent heart, whispering a wish


facing rows of smiling eyes


offering a tidal of blessings, passionate


song & applause


& in thanksgiving, blows out the candle

千年之恋 Eternal Love

央吉玛 - 千年之恋

央吉玛 - 千年之恋

yesterday, in my post “A Moment in Heaven” on 央吉瑪’s new modern beauty image or 造形, i said “莲花开了 is actually far more meaningful (though i like 千年之恋 a lot more)”…

i revisited the lyrics of 千年之恋 & decided to translate that also, below. actually, both are talking about eternal love across time…

莲花开了 is more zen & tranquil, 千年之恋 is more intense & vivid. both are 以景寄情 i.e. using nature & sceneries (butterflies, flowers, wind, sand, tea in 千年之恋 and dreams, lotus, fragrance, music, song, cloud dispersing, crowd dispersing in 莲花开了) to evoke the imagery of time, change or absence of constant & enduring love.

i have to say  千年之恋 is actually far more beautiful & poetic. & of course i like the song & singing a lot more, and also 央吉瑪’s 造形, even though i am quite happy she had a pleasant transformation to a modern beauty image. still i like her 造形 in 千年之恋 more. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

P.S. the lyrics below were taken from the song she sang at chinese idol 中国梦之声, and not the original lyrics & the song sang by 戴愛玲&信樂團 which is here


the lyrics below (& my translation)


(Song Title : Love Across Countless Rebirth)


who is brewing a pot of tea on the cliff?


warming up my longing heart in the past life


and i am recalibrating the time difference in a thousand years


drinking up every memory of love & hate


time is beating on the rocks


my locks have become long again


patiently waiting for the changing coastline with the passage of time


the rain is coming


wind…is fiercely scouring


who…is fearful?


the butterflies remain madly in love with the flowers


but you have failed to notice my passing years (passed me by)


failed to recognise my reincarnated face & presence


and my white locks


the butterflies remain madly in love with the flowers


but you have failed to notice my transformation


failed to recognise my reincarnated face & presence


are you still in love with me?




wind…is fiercely scouring


who..is fearful?


the wind by the sea yearns longingly for the sand


but you have failed to notice my passing years (passed me by)


failed to recognise my reincarnated face and presence


and my white locks


the butterflies yearn longingly for the flowers


but you have failed to notice my transformation


failed to recognise my reincarnated face and presence


are you still in love with me?


i am waiting for your word