New Year Resolution 1Jan2020

trying to see when i last wrote down a new year resolution.

& that was 6 years back on 1.1.2014..:-)

 if today were your last day on earth. When you live everyday as if it is your last, your life will take on a magical quality….

we always say this…carpe diem, sieze the moment…joie de vivre…ikigai…

just in that the hustle & bustle of daily living, even if those words come to mind, they are just floating around at the peripheral of our being, and even if one focus on them it is not easy to experience them in the same degree always as c/w when there is major event, sometimes life changing event.

anywhere i am not good at trying too hard on this.

recently i had a rather bad accident but relatively good outcome. and just prior to that, losing a very close friend and brother …

so i just want to do the things i can do, and can do more, that others may enjoy…

one is cooking –

  • i am doing one weekly friday 140pax breakfast dish for teban gardens PPH community service centre.
  • & cooking a fortnightly tuesday 40pax lunch for HCA Hospice Care day hospice patients.

the other is to continue some of the work of my close friend and brother Matthias..we have set up a fund and have a committee of friends and relatives together on this…


so my convictions are 尽力不强求…when i say not try too hard…actually it is try hard but not to desire any outcome too hard or be so bothered, not to take oneself too seriously…and think too much about the things we do..just do it..if i run i run, i exercise i exercise, i cook i cook…there is nothing to it..just be happy i can do what i do and it is useful to others…

c.h.e.f andy



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