18pax RI Bros Homecooked Dinner on 21Jan2020

chye kiang brought couplet he wrote for me

HCK gave me his calligraphy couplet

made 18pax RI bros dinner this evening on 21.1.2020. ^^

during this period while i was recovering from my accident, many RI bros (& also OPS bros – this evening though for RI bros) visited me & also drove me for many followup medical appointments & for makan..

i restarted slowly my large group cooking.

last week i did for the bbq at aloha loyang bungalow RI bros with matthias family, doing fewer dishes served in larger quantity.

this evening, i made much few (just 7) dishes, in larger serving quantity…also to prep for restarting the fortnightly HCA 40pax lunch next week.

  1. nonya curry chicken
  2. 白斩鸡 chucken rice chicken
  3. nonya tau you bak
  4. black bean sauce pork soft bones
  5. assam red snapper (ang kuay) – first time trying out assam gravy
  6. 6 gimson nonya sauce steamed seabass
  7. fried broccoli

thanks bros for the fun evening & all the stuffs🙏

thanks LCH for cooking and bringing the rice & 10 stools, LCM for the disposables, HCK for the couplets & tea, & J for the samosa…etc…🙏😀

c.h.e.f andy

BBQ at Aloha Loyang Bungalow Matthias Family & RI Bros on 16Jan2020

bbq at aloha loyang bungalow

bbq at aloha loyang bungalow

aloha loyang map

aloha loyang map

CCG booked aloha loyang bungalow with the help of E & her husband JH..

this was arranged through matthias earlier – it was on planned on 6nov2019 and later postponed to 16jan2020.

the bbq was for RI metamorphosis bros to celebrate our retirement studies initiated and led by KWL and the memorable time we had together (especially with matthias), and to wear the metamorphosis magnificient seven T shirt designed by LCM…

bread drinks etc

bread drinks snacks etc

CCG organised the games & tai kor LCM organised & took care the bbq logistics, all the drinks, snacks, charcoal, starter, tongs etc…& fruits…

KWL and LCM started the fire beautifully..later LKH came and taught us the proper way to bbq chicken wings..lol!

this evening we invited matthiass family, an initiative by NCL who invited matthias’ wife J and mom E, and joined by E & hubby JH, and meimei & hubby WEH👍

matthias mom aunty E made very tasty fried chicken wings, and pineapple tarts & also brought mango she planted at her house..

I made 4 dishes –

  • nonya curry chicken
  • nonya tau tou bak
  • bean paste pork soft bones 豆瓣软骨and
  • nonya chap chye..

& prepared the bbq food items chicken wings, sotong and saba fish. HAB strong man helped me with the marketing as i still could not carry heavy things..

& we had fruits, snacks, chat and lots of fun….

CCG got everyone to tell some stories relive their memories and played games…E brought some of matthias ties and Ts and we kept some for remembrance…

c.h.e.f andy

OK Kuayteow Mee Soup @ Bukit Merah View fishball Minced Meat Noodles on 29Jan2020

my OPS bro WT bought minced meat noodles at bukit merah view fishball minced meat noodles on 29.1.2020.^^

i had kuay teow mee soup. it was ok, pedestrian…soup was ok, noodles ok not overcooked, fish ball average not like xinlu at meiling fc.

later david, on home visit from cupertino residence, joined us for coffee at coffeeshop. he was earlier with CTS having nasi lemak at adam road fc….afterwards david & WT had tong shui at bukit merah view fc stall.

c.h.e.f andy


Bukit Merah View Fishball Minced Meat Noodles


115 Bukit Merah View, Singapore 151115

Excellent Song Fish Head in Special Sauce @ Xing Long on 20Jan2020

went over to my OPS bro WT place the we walked over to chinatown on 20.1.2020.

WT bought lunch @ xing long. ^^

excellent taujeon steamed song fish head 酱松鱼头

the sauce is better than all the other taujeon song fish head i taken include my own, sweet not too salty taujeon, sour plum & slight sour lime👍 got to vary my recipe a bit to produce this very tasty preparation 👍

stirfried kailan was the usual ok..

lunch was S$21.50=S$15 for fish head, S$6 fried kailan, 1 rice S$0.50

after lunch we walked over to nanyang coffee at smith street..WT bought coffee 👍

c.h.e.f andy


Xing Long Food Stall




Good Hawker Fare 7pax Faimly Dinner @ Malaysia Chiak! on 19Jan2020

after visiting my daughter’s place, 7 of us went over to newly renovated malaysia chiak at great world city on 19.1.2020.^^

happy to report the hawker food here quite good standard. 🙂

penang laksa pretty good..ban mian good too, very tasty!

S$6 char kuay teow no wokhae sicc better
S$6 orh luar quite good

S$5 claypot rice surprisingly good
S$5 bkt ok i can do lots better

S$2 chendol amoy street standard ok, not quite four seasons tpy lor 8.

overall pretty good standard grouping of hawker fare in one location. 🙂

will be back.

c.h.e.f andy



Good Porridge @ Weng Kiang Kee on 15Jan2020

picked up a close friend and bro & dropped off 8am at SGH for some procedure…..stayed a while…on 15.1.2020.

then parked & met with WT & WM…

walked to chinatown & took very good porridge @ weng kiang kee.

we had the mixed innard congee and one with sliced fish. WM bought some 油条.

S$5 congee very good standard, sweet & tasty, not as smooth 滑 as in hong kong, and i think a distinct disadvantage – small cuts of meat unlike hk very big slice- but tasty nonetheless…

kopi at 六十年代

kopi at 六十年代

then we had kopi @ 六十年代..some student groups visiting the buddha tooth relic temple.

after that walked along tg pagar looked at korean restaurants then exercise park then WM left and WT had drink with me at essen

WT left and LKH came by essen we had coffee…since he was there and can fetch our friend & bro back, i left about 1.20pm 😀 

c.h.e.f andy


Weng Kiang Kee Porridge



OK Braised Duck & Salted Veg Duck soup @ Hup Seng on13Jan2020

sent car to sin min for annual servicing on 13.1.2020.

WT & WM bought hup seng duck rice salted veg duck soup & also char siew roast pork

braised duck the usual, recently don’t find it so great…the chinatown duck at commonwealth crescent fc and the happy duck at bukit merah view better…

咸菜鸭 quite standard, not really my favourite…oily and not much to eat for the price…

char siew & roast pork not so good.

c.h.e.f andy


Hup Seng Duck Rice


Opening Hours:

Very Ex also Very Good S$19/kg MSW @ Ah Seng Ghim Moh on 12Jan2020

ah seng msw

ah seng msw creamy small seeds shiok!

stopped by ah seng durians at ghim mon on 12.1.2020

msw S$19/kg 1.3kg = S$25

ah seng msw like 90% very good, yes there were still some, once or twice, not ideal in terms of flavour or big seeds etc, but cannot really reject

this time it was perfect la!

14 seeds very creamy slight bitter tiny seeds totally worth it!

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Seng Durian @ Ghim Moh