BBQ at Aloha Loyang Bungalow Matthias Family & RI Bros on 16Jan2020

bbq at aloha loyang bungalow

bbq at aloha loyang bungalow

aloha loyang map

aloha loyang map

CCG booked aloha loyang bungalow with the help of E & her husband JH..

this was arranged through matthias earlier – it was on planned on 6nov2019 and later postponed to 16jan2020.

the bbq was for RI metamorphosis bros to celebrate our retirement studies initiated and led by KWL and the memorable time we had together (especially with matthias), and to wear the metamorphosis magnificient seven T shirt designed by LCM…

bread drinks etc

bread drinks snacks etc

CCG organised the games & tai kor LCM organised & took care the bbq logistics, all the drinks, snacks, charcoal, starter, tongs etc…& fruits…

KWL and LCM started the fire beautifully..later LKH came and taught us the proper way to bbq chicken!

this evening we invited matthiass family, an initiative by NCL who invited matthias’ wife J and mom E, and joined by E & hubby JH, and meimei & hubby WEH👍

matthias mom aunty E made very tasty fried chicken wings, and pineapple tarts & also brought mango she planted at her house..

I made 4 dishes –

  • nonya curry chicken
  • nonya tau tou bak
  • bean paste pork soft bones 豆瓣软骨and
  • nonya chap chye..

& prepared the bbq food items chicken wings, sotong and saba fish. HAB strong man helped me with the marketing as i still could not carry heavy things..

& we had fruits, snacks, chat and lots of fun….

CCG got everyone to tell some stories relive their memories and played games…E brought some of matthias ties and Ts and we kept some for remembrance…

c.h.e.f andy

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