Special Aburi Sushi @ Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka on 17Apr2018

special aburi sushi set 

tsukiji sushi takewaka has a sushi promotion…

i went with LKY to try the special aburi sushi set on 17.4.2018. ^^

last time i came (also with LKY on one day & WM my OPS bro on the previous day) was on 2.8.2017. 

the set consisted of 11 aburi (flamed) sushi = 3 salmon belly, 3 wagyu, 3 toro & 2 foie gras, all good stuff, S$24.50 at 50% discount.

aburi toro (complimentary)

additionally, we each had 2 pieces of aburi toro (complimentary), care of jpassport coupons.

special aburi sushi set

special aburi sushi set 

the wasabi had no kick…we asked for more, but still not much taste…the sushi rice was good .

somehow the special aburi sushi didn’t have the wow that i expected of such top quality ingredients. it was good for sure but also pretty bland, a strange word though to describe toro, wagyu & foie gras, but there it was!

i guess still mighty good having all these for S$24.40++, just my expectation was a bit heightened.

c.h.e.f andy


Tsukiji Sushi Takewaka

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OK Pizza at Plank Sourdough and Good Lemon Tart Coffee at Baker and Cook on 15Apr2018

no 4 chicken pizza

daughter wanted to go plank sourdough pizza this evening on 16.4.2018.^^

we had 5pax dinner..

plank sourdough

plank sourdough

place was quite taken up on a sunday evening. we were there about 6.45pm.

the ambience was great, and attracts a family crowd too..

plank menu 

the menu is a bit limited.

smoked bbq ribs

smoked bbq ribs 

we ordered the smoked bbq ribs…not so great…ribs were fork tender but the marinade was not good, far too sweet, sugary…not very good standard…

no 4 chicken pizza 

we ordered 2 pizza = no 2 with spicy chorizo; & no 4 with chicken & smoked bbq ribs..

chicken pizza was good wife said too sweet, quite ok for me..daughters, JH, i all liked it..

no.2 chorizo tomato pizza 

chorizo tomato pizza not enuf melted cheese..not much taste, ok dough but a bit below expectation.

piccolo latte from baker & cook

lemon tart from baker & cook

daughter ordered a lemon tart for herself & all to share, & also a piccolo latte for me.

piccolo latte was ok but not as good as tiong hoe, good silkiness but coffee beans flavour not as good.

dinner for 5pax came to S$76. we ordered only 2 pizza & 1 smoked bbq ribs, plus 1 lemon tart & 1 piccolo latter.

was a great family outing.

c.h.e.f andy


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Good 6th Avenue Wanton Noodles & Jln Tua Kong Bakchormee on 4Apr2018

wanton noodles

daughter called to have early lunch at 6th ave good good eating house on 4.4.2018. ^^

daughter & JH came over to pick up my wife & me. 🙂

JH had the 6th avenue wanton noodles PLUS the jln tua kong bakchormee.

dumplings noodle 水饺面

wife & daughter had the dumplings noodle 水饺面…

I had my usual kopi c gosong tilok…

i had not taken this wanton noodles here for very long. checking, my last post was 3 yrs ago on 15.2.2018. 

i tried the noodles. it was quite good, but i think not as good as jian kang wanton noodles at commonwealth crescent food centre. 

& the jln tua kong bcm is always good. everyone was happy & satisfied. ^^

c.h.e.f andy


6th Avenue Wanton Noodles


Good Good Eating House, 24 Sixth Ave, Singapore 276481

Opening Hours:

Home Bakuteh & Chicken Rice for 5pax OPS Buddies on 3Apr2018


my OPS buddies came for 5pax homecooked bakuteh & chicken rice lunch on 3.4.2018. ^^

bkt about the easiest dish to cook. just used “ilc” spice sachet, added whole bulb garlic. today i added about 800g pork ribs, fresh indonesian ribs from sheng shiong…not the best ribs i gotten…

but a good enough bkt, both tender ribs & very tasty soup. 🙂

chicken rice chicken, chilli, & poached brocoli

chicken rice chicken

i made chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡. also made chilli.

chicken rice was very tasty & chicken was tender & sweet, though not near my best today.

M did not want to take chicken rice, so she made do with bkt, 2 ribs.


brocoli was the usual.

i poached first & then added the hot oil with oyster sauce & cornflour.

ah seng D13 durians

i also bought some D13 durians from ah seng. nearing the end of this short season. MSW was selling $22/kg so i picked only 4 D13 durians, about $33.

ah seng D13 durians

D13 was pretty good.

D13 durians

everyone enjoyed the durians.

tai cheung egg tarts

2 friends bought 2 boxes of tai cheung egg tarts..quite nice!

c.h.e.f andy

Great 5pax Teochew Muay Dishes @ 夜上海on 2Apr2018

teochew muay dishes

went with sis, bil & SL (old friend of my bro) & her son for teochew muay this morning at ye shanghai 夜上海 at lengkok bahru on 2.4.2018. ^^

we were there at 11.45am on a monday no queue.

sis went to order the dishes. we had 2 fishes – mullet & also a steamed garoupa, and 7 vegetables dishes. sis later added another 5 vegetable dishes. i think all came to like $7pax for 5pax.

long queue at 12pm+ 

a queue formed shortly, and while we were having lunch, the queue snaked to maybe 15-20pax long.

teochew muay dishes 

fish were fresh & sweet. i always like mullet best, very firm & sweet especially with tau jeon.

& the vegetables freshly fried, steaming hot when served.

all finito

we finished up everything. coffeeeshop was bright & airy enough, and everything was quite pleasant.

i asked the server he said they opened 10am to 5am next morning.

a simple, inexpensive & most enjoyable lunch.

c.h.e.f andy


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KF bought 6pax Lunch @ Dragon Phoenix on 1Apr2018

排骨王vinegared ribs 

KF & wife A bought lunch @ dragon phoenix grand temasek club rifle range road. we were 3 couples 6pax including my jogging mate & his wife SW.

KF ordered 5 dishes. they were all quite good.

排骨王vinegared ribs is regular zi char dish. of course they did it here as good as any, a common dish many would order.

yam basket 

the yam basket is their signature here & chef hooi kok wai, one of the quartet 4 heavenly chefs, created the dish like 50 years ago.

the yam was 松fluffy & nice, quite a heavy dish.

roast chicken

roast chicken is supposed to be their specialty/signature dish…

it was rather mediocre leh…the breast meat on the dry & dense side, not near the best!

brocoli mushrooms 

brocoli mushroom dish was well done & tasty.

fried beehoon

the fried beehoon was quite creatively presented, covered with a fried egg omelette & nicely sauteed prawns!

nice dish, nothing special though apart from presentation…

it was a very pleasant & enjoyable lunch among old friends. it was easter sunday, & my friend is the chief pastor at the church which started & run teban gardens community service centre where i cooked a breakfast dish every friday. my friend of course shared the easter message & good news. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


dragon phoenix GRAND @ temasek club riffle range road

131 Rifle Range Road,
2nd level of Block 2,
Singapore 588406.


(+65) 6463-3628



MSW & D13 Durian Feast with WM & PK @ Sin Kian Choon on 27Mar2018

MSW & D13

my OPS bro PK arranged to meet at sin kian choon jln membina 2pm on 27.3.2018. ^^

durian was late so we had coffee at the corner coffesshop.

got our durians around 3pm & went to tiong bahru food centre (empty & quiet on a monday 3pm+). had a durian feast.

PK bought 2 MSW (S$14/kg) & 2 D13 (S$15each), total S$90+…he inisted his treat today…


we started with the D13. D13 was extremely good today.

very creamy & most important, very fragrant..WM bought 4 D13 for home & he said it was just as good…


MSW of course was a different level of creaminess, and small seeds. very good MSW also.

this was a durian feast as we expected. we only finished 1 msw & 1 D13, and PK inisted i took 1 packet MSW home alongside my bamboo & golden phoenix…

sin kian choon

the gang (regulars like WM & PK knows mike very well by now).

sin kian choon

WM bought 4 D13 paid S$50 instead of S$60.

durian price

i paid total S$29 = S$11 for 2 small golden phoenix (S$10/kg for small durians) & $18 for 1 bamboo (S$11/kg ).

i didn’t quite get discount, but not complaining, just S$29 for 2 boxes, all very good durians.

tiong bahru cha kuay teow

tiong bahru cha kuay teow

after durians, WM went to get cheng tng ice dessert etc (i didn’t take).

PK went to order S$5 char kuay teow..he said good wokhae.

tiong bahru cha kuay teow

it was just mediocre to me, i think about my standard la…

for me, nothing compares with hai kee at telok blangah crescent

& outram road char kuay teow at hong lim food centre would be second on my list…


i took some MSW & left remaining for my son & wife in sealed container. they managed to finish between them the next day.

golden pheonix & bamboo

for my own S$29 of bamboo + golden phoenix, i mange to finish them over 2 days.



first the bamboo, almost felt like MSW, very creamy & fragrant & slightly bitter. bigger seeds than MSW…still MSW is different, really super creamy.

golden pheonix

the next day i ate the golden phoenix. it was also very good, but i would say bamboo comes first, then D13 then this golden phoenix (though i think normally golden phoenix would be better than D13.

“eat back the capital” 吃够本, really shiok the durians!

c.h.e.f andy


(1) Sin Kian Choon
18 Jalan Membina #01-08, Singapore 164018
6473 6377
(2) Tiong Bahru Char Kuay Teow

Delicious Reverse Sear Tomahawk Dinner at Wife’s Nephew’s Place on 25Mar2018

reverse sear tomahawk dinner

wife’s nephew C did a very good reverse sear tomahawk steak dinner at his place on 25.3.2018. ^^

we enjoyed diner & company very much!

& his wife made some nice salad, & we had some baguette…

reverse sear tomahawk steak

the tomahawk steak was very flavourful with the charcoal grill imparting nice smokey bbq flavours.

steak was very tender & tasty, though nephew himself not the most satisfied. he said the steak were overdone & some parts were dry…

reverse sear tomahawk steak

i guess could be better, not easy to manage 3 tomahawk >4kg steaks, but meat was tender & tasty, if not quite medium rare & pink..

reverse sear tomahawk steak

apparently C bought from aliexpress .

i am considering to buy one myself & try it out!

c.h.e.f andy

RI Makan Group 12pax Dinner @ Joe’s Thai Kitchen on 20mar2018

thai mango salad

had a wonderful evening with RI buddies at Joe’s Thai Kitchen by SCG’s sis & bil Joe on 21.3.2018. ^^

Joe also helms the kithcen with his brother & a thai friend (all 3 chefs are thais, so a truly authentic thai kitchen la).

(i am glad i could switch my 8pax taps+pasta+steak dinner to tomorrow 21.3.2018 so i could attend this today!).

thanks CCG for buying dinner & celebrating his granddaughter full moon with us 👍😎

& to SCG for organising the dinner & for the whiskey & ice cream/sorbet, & ordering the delectable dishes, HK for the beer afterwards at the corner coffeeshop hong kong street chun kee just a few shops down the block, LKH for buying me barley in place of beer, P for the excuse we didn’t need to get together, CL for the great photos, ourselves for the wonderful time & memories together..

& thanks Dr S for always turning up 👍🙏

SCG started us with the traditional mango salad – nice & refreshing…

rice crakers minced meat with prawns

next we have the rice crackers. this a common thai dish always served with the minced meat toppings. the addition was prawns, which is new to me. anyway a competent dish.

prawn cake

the prawn cake was excellent!

very good batter & very tasty prawn cake, nicely complemented with thai sweet sauce, and also pickled carrots & radish…

prawn cake

for sure a dish i would order again here!

tomyam soup

the tomyam talay was competent.

much better than the diluted ones i had recently at thai pan at mandarin gardens overwhelmed by sourness, here a quite measured taste.

tomyam soup

not quite the intense aroma, tasty tomyam talay at patara, but a good tomyam i would order nevertheless,

i think about same & competent like nakhon kitchen hollandv etc..

stuffed chicken wings

stuffed chicken wings also another standard fare.

stuffed chicken wings

a simple dish, it looked good & quite tasty taken with the thai sweet sauce.

claypot tofu

the claypot tofu with prawns & vegetables quite a good complementary dish.

claypot tofu

tofu was well infused, gravy was good  & vegetables are always welcome.

basil beef

i asked for the basil beef.

beef was tender, tenderised i guess like most chinese/asian preparations.

the sauce was overpowering. this is a common preparation (just like nakhon kitchen hollandv) just not my preference.

i would do with more chilli to give more spicy kick & just a little sauce to enjoy the sweet basil flavours.

some restaurants like patara do it with little sauce. & a cheap joint like le wu also did it well enough.

basil minced pork

the basil minced pork was the same preparation using minced pork in place of beef.

pepper crab

the crab was excellent!

like SCG said, you have to pre-order the crabs, so the crab is very fresh & firm & “hard 硬” meaning the meat filled the shells.

black pepper very flavourful, just a tad sweet…

claypot crab beehoon

the claypot crab tanhoon their specialty here & indeed it was good! tasty well infused tanhoon, and we all ended up taking more crabs than we needed la…

sweet potato with tea ice cream

SCG ordered 2 desserts for us to try, the sweet potato with coconut cream, and the mango with sticky rice…

& SGC’s wife made the coconut sorbet & tea ice cream (not in menu).

the tea ice cream was very flavourful, just a tad sweet for me. the coconut was a very refreshing sorbet, and wonderful coconut favours…

mango sticky rice

the mango sticky rice quite the usual, competent!

the sweet potato with coconut cream also very nice la!

Dr S came. he had his vegetarian dinner already so didn’t eat much here.

we had a truly wonderful evening, took lots of photos, and SCG arranged for me to visit the kitchen & had photos with Joe, with all 3 thai chefs.

afterwards we adjourned a few shops down the block to hong kong street chun kee for beer. i had to prepare something for tomorrow’s 8pax tapas+pasta+steak dinner & also thurs OPS sakura gang 海底捞 hotpot dinner so i excused myself shortly…

c.h.e.f andy


Joe’s Thai Kitchen

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