OPS Sakura Gang pre-Trip Makan & Chill, 5pax 海底涝hotpot on 22Mar2018


my OPS sakura gang came for 5pax 海底捞hotpot on 22.3.2018. ^^

this really the easiest of all makan, no cooking required, just buy beef & pork & vege etc, AND eat & enjoy! ^^


i had all 4 types of mushrooms – enoki, shimeji, shitaka & also abalone mushroom. i like the texture of the abalone mushroom. really good! 🙂


for vege, i just use chinese cabbage, both for the soup base together with ikan bilis & yellow beans.

& also to add in the course of the hotpot meal..



& i bought fish balls, teochew fish cake, and also beef balls.


i was at donki at orchard central basement 2 few days back when i had lunch with sis & bil at tanuki.

so i bought both the kurobuta (thin cut) & also the white pork (thick cut).

quite surprising the slightly cheaper white pork was a lot tastier than the kurobuta…odd!

i had also some good beef from phoon huat delicatessen, i think short ribs. it was very nice indeed.

bamboo pith

when i was in shanghai with WM last sep2017, WT & GY got me to buy some bamboo pit. i was quite clueless on the preparation..

anyway it was quite easy, just soaked in water, drained & then add to soup or hotpot..

it was pretty good actually, but i guess just the texture, not much of a taste to talk about.

beancurd skin

& i always like to rolled dry bean curd skin.

WM brought ice jelly

WM brought ice jelly made by J, very nice & refreshing…

FM made blueberry cake

& FM made a nice blueberry cake…

we had a fun lunch & fellowship & talked about the upcoming trip to kyoto, nara, osaka.

c.h.e.f andy

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