RI Makan Group 12pax Dinner @ Joe’s Thai Kitchen on 20mar2018

thai mango salad

had a wonderful evening with RI buddies at Joe’s Thai Kitchen by SCG’s sis & bil Joe on 21.3.2018. ^^

Joe also helms the kithcen with his brother & a thai friend (all 3 chefs are thais, so a truly authentic thai kitchen la).

(i am glad i could switch my 8pax taps+pasta+steak dinner to tomorrow 21.3.2018 so i could attend this today!).

thanks CCG for buying dinner & celebrating his granddaughter full moon with us 👍😎

& to SCG for organising the dinner & for the whiskey & ice cream/sorbet, & ordering the delectable dishes, HK for the beer afterwards at the corner coffeeshop hong kong street chun kee just a few shops down the block, LKH for buying me barley in place of beer, P for the excuse we didn’t need to get together, CL for the great photos, ourselves for the wonderful time & memories together..

& thanks Dr S for always turning up 👍🙏

SCG started us with the traditional mango salad – nice & refreshing…

rice crakers minced meat with prawns

next we have the rice crackers. this a common thai dish always served with the minced meat toppings. the addition was prawns, which is new to me. anyway a competent dish.

prawn cake

the prawn cake was excellent!

very good batter & very tasty prawn cake, nicely complemented with thai sweet sauce, and also pickled carrots & radish…

prawn cake

for sure a dish i would order again here!

tomyam soup

the tomyam talay was competent.

much better than the diluted ones i had recently at thai pan at mandarin gardens overwhelmed by sourness, here a quite measured taste.

tomyam soup

not quite the intense aroma, tasty tomyam talay at patara, but a good tomyam i would order nevertheless,

i think about same & competent like nakhon kitchen hollandv etc..

stuffed chicken wings

stuffed chicken wings also another standard fare.

stuffed chicken wings

a simple dish, it looked good & quite tasty taken with the thai sweet sauce.

claypot tofu

the claypot tofu with prawns & vegetables quite a good complementary dish.

claypot tofu

tofu was well infused, gravy was good  & vegetables are always welcome.

basil beef

i asked for the basil beef.

beef was tender, tenderised i guess like most chinese/asian preparations.

the sauce was overpowering. this is a common preparation (just like nakhon kitchen hollandv) just not my preference.

i would do with more chilli to give more spicy kick & just a little sauce to enjoy the sweet basil flavours.

some restaurants like patara do it with little sauce. & a cheap joint like le wu also did it well enough.

basil minced pork

the basil minced pork was the same preparation using minced pork in place of beef.

pepper crab

the crab was excellent!

like SCG said, you have to pre-order the crabs, so the crab is very fresh & firm & “hard 硬” meaning the meat filled the shells.

black pepper very flavourful, just a tad sweet…

claypot crab beehoon

the claypot crab tanhoon their specialty here & indeed it was good! tasty well infused tanhoon, and we all ended up taking more crabs than we needed la…

sweet potato with tea ice cream

SCG ordered 2 desserts for us to try, the sweet potato with coconut cream, and the mango with sticky rice…

& SGC’s wife made the coconut sorbet & tea ice cream (not in menu).

the tea ice cream was very flavourful, just a tad sweet for me. the coconut was a very refreshing sorbet, and wonderful coconut favours…

mango sticky rice

the mango sticky rice quite the usual, competent!

the sweet potato with coconut cream also very nice la!

Dr S came. he had his vegetarian dinner already so didn’t eat much here.

we had a truly wonderful evening, took lots of photos, and SCG arranged for me to visit the kitchen & had photos with Joe, with all 3 thai chefs.

afterwards we adjourned a few shops down the block to hong kong street chun kee for beer. i had to prepare something for tomorrow’s 8pax tapas+pasta+steak dinner & also thurs OPS sakura gang 海底捞 hotpot dinner so i excused myself shortly…

c.h.e.f andy


Joe’s Thai Kitchen

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