Tapas+Pasta+Steak dinner for 8pax Friends on 21Mar2018


had a wonderful homecooked 8pax tapas+pasta+steak dinner on 21.3.2018. ^^

i made 10 dishes, 6 cold tapas, 2 hot tapas, 1 pasta & 1 steak –

  1. pumpkin salad
  2. nobu miso cod
  3. teriyaki salmon belly
  4. flamed miso belly pork
  5. ika sugatayaki (flamed while squid)
  6. grilled vegetables
  7. chorizo prawns
  8. herb crusted rack of lamb
  9. seafood fiduea (proxy by broken angelhair)
  10. tagliata di manzo (sliced beef steak)

i have not invited this group of friends (introduced by NCL some years back) for maybe 2 years now. recently JK had invited me like 4 times, after she renovated her flat, and she made wonderful dinners/lunches…the most recently one i could not attend.

so i say about time i invited this group. wife also joined dinner so we had 8pax.

i started with pumpkin salad. roasted pumpkin last evening, overdid it, so roasted a second batch 20mins, quite perfect.

went very well as usual with arugula (rockets) & cherry tomatoes with olive oil, balsamic, sea salt & some honey (did not have agave nectar).

did my usual teriyaki salmon belly. & as usual everyone loved this! ^^

i did this 25odegC(max) 15mins, if i were using the other oven, it would be 280degC & 12 mins. looked & tasted wonderful with dill from my garden…

nobu miso cod & teriyaki salmon belly

& i did nobu miso cod..this a dish equally favourite for my friends & family though perhaps more would line up for the salmon.

firm, flaky, oily texture, sweet & wonderfully miso flavoured.

nobu miso cod & miso belly pork

i did also miso belly pork.

cut away skin, boiled in boiling water to remove scum, then coated with miso marinade & placed in 95degC oven for 6hrs.

nicely flavoured & firm crystalline texture. perfect for flaming to give the bbq flavours.

same for ika sugatayaki.

i bought this from donki at orchard central the day before.

steamed about 90%-95% done, then dry on rack in fridge, then added olive oil, sea salt, coarse black pepper & honey, and flamed when serving…

this really quite jap restaurant standard, done quite perfectly. ^^

roasted vege

i had roasted vege…just put together some red, yellow, green peppers, egg plant, corn, onons & garlic, added olive oil, sea salt black pepper, butter & roasted for 30mins.

roasted vege

it was a welcome complement to the meats, and it was so easy, no skills required to put it together. 🙂

i had 2 tapas to be served hot.

first was chorizo prawns…

the key here was really a very good chicken stock. i did not add or used prawns stock as wife preferred chicken stock.

i added the prawns (seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper) when serving. prawns were cooked just right & it was a really excellent dish, fresh, sweet, bouncy prawns & excellent chorizo flavours.

the other hot “tapas” was a rack of lamb.

this lamb bought from qbfoods already denuded (frenched & caps off). i religiously removed the remaining fat (very little of it, would have been a mountain of fat if not denuded) & some membrane. i decided to simplify the effort so no chopped pistachio, just herb crusted.

herb crusted rack of lamb(before roasting 23mins)

roasted at 210egC for 210degC for about 22-23mins.

for tapsa, i decided on fiduea instead of paella. fiduea & preparation was new, whereas paella misture i made often enough!

again everything rest with a good stock! i had intense chicken stock & white wine added to browned garlic, chilli padi & olive oil, and reduced further.

when serving, i added the broken angel hair (proxy to fiduea which i could not get at the supermarkets), covered & braised (only 2 mins to cook angel hair), then added prawns & sotongs.

the key was in the stock & estimation of the amount, enough just to cook & infuse the pasta, and to reduce so the “foduea” came out just al dente, prawns & sotongs were just cooked & not overcooked, and the gravy was sufficiently reduced…

tagliata di manzo – usda prime ribeye

the last dish was tagliata di manzo…this always good & the usda prime was simply wonderful – tender, moist, properly browned. doneness was slight over so medium well instead of medium rare. still excellent steak!^^


thanks CH & J who brought the grapes, CP for cakes, choon for sorbet, JeK  for making me 2 kg heavier (kong bak pao) and ourselves for a jolly good time👍

CL & all have a safe & wonderful memorable trip to iceland/france/spain & Jeanette to machupichu!


CP brought nice cakes.

macha cake

chocolate mousse cake


strawberry cake

most like the macha cake. myself, i like the chocolate mousse cake. 🙂

wei’s lemon sorbet

TCH brought wei’s lemon sorbet, very refreshing.
a very enjoyable evening with friends, good food & wonderful company.
c.h.e.f andy

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