Very Good Chirashi Don Lunch @ Tanuki Raw on 19Mar2018

tanuki chirashi don S$22.90 

went with sis & bil to tanuki raw at orchard central for 3pax lunch on 19.3.2018. ^^

the last time i came here also with my sis & bil was on 21.8.2017. 🙂

tanuki chirashi don S$22.90 

today the chirashi don was just as good..

there is a $2 payable if you want the salad & miso soup. i didn’t need any so i ordered for 2pax for sis & bil.

tanuki chirashi don S$22.90 

the sashimi cuts were very good really, in general i think better than sun with moon & en sakaba…

only that they did not have the expensive anago & aka ebi at en sakaba, but the uni serving is larger here…

anyway all the sashimi cuts very fresh & sweet & good size cuts…

sis also had this tanuki chirashi don..

unagi & foie gras S$25.90

bil ordered the unagi don. it came with a larget thick cut piece of foie gras & also aburi hotate, so i guess that was giving quite good value for the pricier don.

unagi & foie gras S$25.90

unagi & foie gras S$25.90 

sis & bil share a bit of their respective dons. i think both donburi lunch were very good, though i don’t mind to alternate this with en sakaba’s chirashi don S$28. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



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