Good Chirashi Don @ Tanuki Raw Orchard Central on 21Aug2017

tanuki chirashi don S$22.90 

today i wanted to go singtel comcen to return the modem & set-top box & terminate my EPL Jingxuan subscription.

so arranged to have lunch with sis & bil at orchard central. we went to tanuki raw at level 4 orchard central on 21.8.2017. ^^

tanuki raw @ orchard central 

tables were full at 12.15pm except counter seats were available. we did not make a reservation.

tanuki raw @ orchard central 

we decided to sit on a table outside, not aircon but quite ok.

salad, soup & tea S$2 

tanuki raw does not have a photo menu. kind of inconvenient as cannot really tell what comes in the chirashi don & bara chrashi don (both S$17.80) and the tanuki chirashi don (S$22.90). the server couldn’t explain much except to say tanuki chirashi has better cuts of sashimi.

anyhow we ordered 2 tanuki chirashi don, and a foie gras beef don.

salad, soup & tea S$2 

& added S$2 for salad, soup & tea.

sis thought S$2 was good, but actually it only means that it is a S$24.90 set which actually is quite expensive compared with (say) the S$20 chirashi don lunch set at en sakaba at level one, and sumiya & another jap place at level 12.

tanuki chirashi don S$22.90 

the tanuki chirashi don had quite good quality cuts – a good portion of uni, 2 thick cut salmon, 1 small salmon belly, 2 kajiki, 2 hamachi, 2 tamago, negitoro, 2 very sweet fish i don’t know, 1 hotate, and some healthy rice, but no amaebi, aka ebi or botan ebi, no anago or unagi.

c/w en sakaba’s S$28 chirashi which came with anago & aka ebi – plus minus i guess… 

i guess S$24.90 for this tanuki chirashi don set is ok, quite good but not outstanding.

foie gras beef don S$19.90 

the foie gras beef don is quite special in my opinion.

a huge serving of thick cut foir gras, i tried a little. it was very good.

foie gras beef don S$19.90 

i did not try the beef. there were like only 6 thin slices, maybe 60g!

but the healthy? rice was good & tasty with beef flavours. as i left the restaurant, i saw many people having the foie gras beef don & also the tanuki chirashi..i guess these were popular orders here.

lunch was S$84 for 3pax. quite ok for the food.

c.h.e.f andy



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