Enjoyable 6pax Sunday Family Home Dinner on 20Aug2017

squid ink risotto with squid & prawns 

had some squid ink in the freezer. decided to do squidink risotto, and some pasta & steak this evening on 20.8.2017. ^^

sotong for risotto & pasta 

i prepared some squid & prawns.

for the risotto i prepared small cut pieces about 2cmx2.5cm. for the pasta i cross cut larger pieces of squid. and seasoned them with fish sauce & pepper (say) 2 hrs before cooking.

ribeye, chicken stock, sweet basil, prawns in fridge 

i defrosted 2 pieces (about 300g each) of grain fed black angus ribeye. i also had some chicken stock for risotto.

for prawns, i kept 6 with heads & shells for risotto, just cut the centre to devein.

for pasta, i kept 12 prawns shelled & deveined. i fried the heads & shells in butter & boiled for stock to be used for the squid ink risotto.

& i had some sweet basil which i planted & grew myself.

squid ink risotto with squid & prawns 

i browned 2 whole bulb of peeled garlic for risotto & pasta.

added some chopped yellow onions frozen mixed vegetables & some sweet basil, plus the squid ink to the garlic & oil. then added 2 cups of arborio rice (could not get carnaroli rice) off fire & fried.

added the prawn stock. bring to boil & put in a 210degC oven for 8mins.

squid ink risotto with squid & prawns 

so rice was 90% cooked, alread very tasty…

whens erving, added squid & more stock & boiled a bit more. then added 1 tbsp butter, tossed & mixed.

seafood aglio olio spaghetti 

for the pasta, i just fried cut chili padi wit the garlic oil, then added prawns, followed by squid.

seafood aglio olio spaghetti

the i off fire, added the spaghetti & tossed.

add sea salt to taste…quite a tasty pasta, though i had done better before…

pancharred grain fed black angus ribeye

the best dish was the ribeye.

i only salt & pepper when about to fry. very high heat skillet, charred one side then the other, in butter.

pancharred grain fed black angus ribeye

medium rare, very tender & flavourful beef steam.

an enjoyable dinner for 6pax at home.

c.h.e.f andy


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