My Favourite Song Fish Head 松鱼头 @ Hong Kong Street Chun Kee 香港街珍记 on 7Aug2017

spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头 S$16

eating too much liao!

a RI friend just bought me lunch today at tempura tsujiki tenka at japan food town wisma. 

then a close RI friend said he is dropping by to pass me something. his wife was away in bangkok so he had some time this evening.

we decided to eat some place near so i brought him to my favourite  song fish head 松鱼头 – Hong Kong Street Chun Kee at Commonwealth Crescent 香港街珍记. on 7.8.2017. ^^

spicy black bean suace song fish head 松鱼头 S$16

there are many HK street outlets. a very good one is at alexandra village. i am partial to this one. it’s the preparation i liked best.

the 1/2 fish head was large and very fresh & meat was very sweet. the spicy black bean sauce excellent always, unfailing, & so it was this evening. my friend & i enjoyed this very much! 🙂

in fact, i liked this stall so much i modeled my own spicy black bean sauce after this stall, so my own song fish head 松鱼头 (the 2 photos above) looked almost the same as theirs! 🙂

san lou hor fun 三捞河粉 S$6

san lou hor fun 三捞河粉 S$6

i ordered a small S$6 san lou hor fun 三捞河粉 as i did not want too much crabs. so our dinner was just $22. my friend bought me dinner! 🙂

the san lou hor fun 三捞河粉 was very good ( as always). excellent wok hae, good amount of toman fish (snake head) fillet, nice tau gay & excellent flavourful hor fun..

we really enjoyed the dinner.

after makan, we went back to my house. my friend cannot drink coffee, so i made some kungfu cha 功夫茶。。。we enjoyed the tea & the time together, sharing about children, our friends etc.

very good & memorable evening with a good friend. this post is dedicated to him la!

c.h.e.f andy


1 for 1 Anago Tendon @ Tempura Tsukiji Tenka 天香 Japan Food Town Wisma L4 on 7Aug2017

anago tendon 

today my RI friend bought lunch.

tempura tsukiji tenka @ japan food town wisma level 4 

we decided to go tempura tsujiki tenka at japan food town wisma atria l4 for the 1 for 1 anago tendon promo lunch on 7.8.2017. ^^

the best deal i had here which had me coming here 2 times in 2 days was the superb 1 for 1 chirashi don UP=S$25.10++ at tsukiji sushi takewaka. 

that promo is over now so we try out other promos..

cold udon 

the set came with a choice of hot or cold udon.

my friend had the soup udon. i had the cold. it was real tiny! i am happy with low carbs anyway…

udon was nice, al dente, spicy with wasabi, but actually i rather have the usual cold udon dipped in sauce than this preparation.

anago tendon 

the tendon also did not come with the usualdipping sauce with chooped scallions & minced radish.

tendon is a tempura over don. they use a tempura sauce. it was nice too, and it flavours the don also.

anago tendon 

the main attraction was the anago (conger or sea eel).

it was good quality cut, very fresh. so were the 2 prawns & vegetables over the don.

tenka anago tendon lunch 

the problem was the batter. it was ok, but really not the top quality tempura batter, which is like small light batter pieces attached together, a very distinct tempura style batter. this batter is more like a fritter or furai (fry) preparation.

for the 1 for 1 price of about S$15pax for this tendon set, which also came with a small almond jelly dessert, it was of course quite ok. at the original price i would likely not take it as many good meal options abound.

c.h.e.f andy


Tempura Tsukiji Tenka 天香 Japan Food Town Wisma L4

Opening Hours:

3pax Home Dinner with Sis & BIL on 6Aug2017

5 dishes for 3pax dinner

sis & bil came for dinner on 6.8.2017. ^^

i made the usual teochew chilled fish, also chilled sotong this time, and fried some vegetables. 🙂

  1. chilled mullet 冻乌鱼
  2. chilled yellow croaker 冻小黄鱼
  3. chilled sotong
  4. steamed nonya sauce angkorli fish head
  5. fried kang kong
  6. fried spinach

mullet & yellow croaker

i bought mullet (2 for about S$9) and yellow croaker (S$5.90 eahc) from sheng shing the day before.

i asked the stall assistant to descale the yellow croaker but not to clean the fishes.

for mullet you need to steam with the scales, so that after chilled, the scale can be removed with the skin exposing the very tasty sweet flesh to eat. without the scales the fish skin will stick to the flesh, quite tough, difficult to tear & manage with chopsticks, very hard to eat..

& for mullet, i don’t ask them to clean as we want to preserve some tasty items in the stomach.

so i prefer to do it myself.

for yellow croaker it’s ok to clean & descale…

mullet & yellow croaker

both were excellent fish, and so very tasty & delicious when taken with taujeon! favoruite for us teochew…yellow croaker is a finer fish, but i prefer mullet though i like both.

nonya steamed angkorli fish head

i had a small leftover angkorli fish head, so steamed with the gimson nonya sauce.

chilled sotong

& i had medium sotong, so the best for this teochew muay style. a large sotong with thick rings would be the right pick, but that;s what i have got….

fried kang kong

fried spinach

i fried the 2 vegetables. excellent & very good wok hae, swet & tasty la..

mullet & yellow croaker

these teochew dishes so easy to cook…

basically just bank on fresh ingredients, and very good fish, though mullet is quite fishy for some, & especially the chilled preparation as there is no garnishes & complements to neutralise the taste. but it was perfect for us.

& vegetables, that’s just the easiest thing…

c.h.e.f andy

Simple & Delicious Homealone Seafood Spaghetti on 5Aug2017

seafood spaghetti

eating dinner alone this evening.

there was multi-grain bread & gourmet butter…haha!

there was also 1/2 a squid in the chiller that i should eat before it spoiled.

anyhow i decided to make seafood spaghetti. so i defrosted a package of shelled medium prawns, maybe10pieces!

seafood spaghetti

i decided to do the style my son made when we were in iceland.

had chopped garlic but didn’t have whole bulb garlic, so i fried cut chili padi, some thai basil which i planted, then added chopped garlic & dry parsley, all in olive oil.

then added the prawns & the the squid…very important not to overcook both prawns & squid..high fire then off.

i made the pasta separately, boiled with bit of salt & some oil to just below al dente, and drained.

seafood spaghetti

& then it’s just adding pasta to the seafood alio oglio sauce, off fire & tossed.

seafood spaghetti

so very easy to make, and so delicious, very good wok hae.

seafood spaghetti

then added some fresh thai basil for garnishing & tasting.

i just love the flavours of the basil. like sweet basil better, but sweet basil still growing so make do with thai basil. haha! ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Coffee & Waffles @ The Bear & Fish Coffee Bar on 25Jul2017 (RI Bro 10pax Sutera Mall Trip 24-25Jul2017)

nutty latte

this my last entry for our very fun RI bros 10pax sutera mall overnight makan, massage, karaoke trip 24-25Jul2017. ^^

i didn’t actually do the massage as i not hot on massage, but would have done anyway, and will do next time, but for this time i wanted to look see at sutera mall, the shops & makan places…

we had already checked out & deposited our bigger luggage at J Hotel..i had my light backpack with me anyway.

we were catching the 2.40pm bus sw4s for the 45mins journey to second link CIQ, and target to be at sutera mall foyer at 2.30pm to board the bus.

just want coffee

after lunch at Kah Kah Loke 佳佳乐苦瓜汤 we walked round a bit.

we settled for coffee at The Bear & Fish Coffee Bar with the ‘just want coffee’ branding..

greentea & waffle

we tried some wafer…a bit hard & not so flavourful..not quite the standard of daily scoop or udders in singapore.

After coffee & wafer, we walked with our luggage to sutera mall & caught the CW4S bus to second link, then boarded the cw4 on singapore side to jurong east..

c.h.e.f andy


The Bear And fish ( COFFEE BAR)

Opening Hours:

OK Lunch at Kah Kah Loke 佳佳乐苦瓜汤 Sutera on 25Jul2017 (RI Bro 10pax Sutera Mall Trip 24-25Jul2017)

breaded pork chop RM18

after breakfast at ah hong kopitiam, some bro wanted to go sutera mall…

a bro bought ma tie soh we all tried. not quite the standard of the ma tie soh we bought at ming ang confectionary near ksl…

i bought some sour sweet for my son.

after that we checked out of J Hotel & walked across the street to 佳佳乐苦瓜汤 for lunch


Kah Kah Loke 佳佳乐苦瓜汤@ Taman Sutera

Kah Kah Loke 佳佳乐苦瓜汤, across the road from our J Hotel, was closed yesterday (monday) when we arrived.

it’s open today.

we ordered some of their signature dishes with photos pasted on the wall.

lunch was RM 142 for 10pax. maybe we did not order much…

the breaded pork cutlet, like the ba pao, hainanese pork chops, was good.

bittergourd soup with innards RM32

the bittergourd with innards my friends found too sweet…quite i agree..

the innards were ok, some overcooked, & the soup being too sugary sweet, meant that this signature dish was actually quite below par…

tofu RM15

tofu was ok…but this really a “nothing” dish.

birth intestines RM13.50

the birth intestines 生肠 was quite ok, could be more 脆 & 爽口, & the braising sauce was not the best…

sambal sweet potato leaves RM10.50

the sambal potato leaves were good.

tau gay RM10.50

tau gay was ok…but another nothing dish…

RM142 for 10pax

lunch for 10pax was RM142, cheaper than our earlier breakfast at ah hong kopitiam. 

but food was so so, and the signature dishes like bittergourd soup was something we didn’t think much of…. so everything got to take into the context of the price. at RM142 for 10pax nothing much to complain about la…

c.h.e.f andy


Kah Kah Loke 佳佳乐苦瓜汤

130, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday 10AM–3:30PM, 5:30–10PM
Monday Closed
Phone: +60 7-556 0864

OK Breakfast @ Ah Hong Kopitiam on 25Jul2017 (RI Bro 10pax Sutera Mall Trip 24-25Jul2017)

dry mee siam

the morning after we walked over to ah hong coffeeshop for breakfast.

our leader KH said the dry mee siam here very good, and also the nasi lemak is popular order here, though he has not tried it yet..

ah hong kopitiam

ah hong kopitiam is just round the corner of the row of shop houses on the other side from our J Hotel..

ah hong kopitiam 

nice, broght & airy place…

ah hong coffeeshop

we were there about 9.45am, after a late night ending at 1am at “i am a singer 我是歌手 karaoke”…

ah hong coffeeshop 

one bro came earlier after his sleepless first half & second half last! anyway he joined us for his second breakfast…

ah hong coffeeshop

there are a few popular menu items…

kuay teow soup

2 friends CM & CH ordered the soupy kuay teow soup..

dry mee siam

the rest of us had the dry meesiam & nasi lemak..

the dry mee siam was actually just average by singapore standard..fried chicken wing batter & meat both dry..

nasi lemak – wrong plate 

they served me a wrong plate of nasi lemak, one with fishball skewers instead of chicken wing. they duly changed it.

nasi lemak –

nasi lemak rice was ok fragrant but really nowhere by adam road selera rasa nasi lemak standard..

peanuts & ikan bilis ok…sambal chilli with onions very good👍

bill for 10pax 

breakfast for 10pax was RM$158…ok but not so cheap even by singapore standard.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours: