My Favourite Song Fish Head 松鱼头 @ Hong Kong Street Chun Kee 香港街珍记 on 7Aug2017

spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头 S$16

eating too much liao!

a RI friend just bought me lunch today at tempura tsujiki tenka at japan food town wisma. 

then a close RI friend said he is dropping by to pass me something. his wife was away in bangkok so he had some time this evening.

we decided to eat some place near so i brought him to my favourite  song fish head 松鱼头 – Hong Kong Street Chun Kee at Commonwealth Crescent 香港街珍记. on 7.8.2017. ^^

spicy black bean suace song fish head 松鱼头 S$16

there are many HK street outlets. a very good one is at alexandra village. i am partial to this one. it’s the preparation i liked best.

the 1/2 fish head was large and very fresh & meat was very sweet. the spicy black bean sauce excellent always, unfailing, & so it was this evening. my friend & i enjoyed this very much! 🙂

in fact, i liked this stall so much i modeled my own spicy black bean sauce after this stall, so my own song fish head 松鱼头 (the 2 photos above) looked almost the same as theirs! 🙂

san lou hor fun 三捞河粉 S$6

san lou hor fun 三捞河粉 S$6

i ordered a small S$6 san lou hor fun 三捞河粉 as i did not want too much crabs. so our dinner was just $22. my friend bought me dinner! 🙂

the san lou hor fun 三捞河粉 was very good ( as always). excellent wok hae, good amount of toman fish (snake head) fillet, nice tau gay & excellent flavourful hor fun..

we really enjoyed the dinner.

after makan, we went back to my house. my friend cannot drink coffee, so i made some kungfu cha 功夫茶。。。we enjoyed the tea & the time together, sharing about children, our friends etc.

very good & memorable evening with a good friend. this post is dedicated to him la!

c.h.e.f andy

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