1 for 1 Anago Tendon @ Tempura Tsukiji Tenka 天香 Japan Food Town Wisma L4 on 7Aug2017

anago tendon 

today my RI friend bought lunch.

tempura tsukiji tenka @ japan food town wisma level 4 

we decided to go tempura tsujiki tenka at japan food town wisma atria l4 for the 1 for 1 anago tendon promo lunch on 7.8.2017. ^^

the best deal i had here which had me coming here 2 times in 2 days was the superb 1 for 1 chirashi don UP=S$25.10++ at tsukiji sushi takewaka. 

that promo is over now so we try out other promos..

cold udon 

the set came with a choice of hot or cold udon.

my friend had the soup udon. i had the cold. it was real tiny! i am happy with low carbs anyway…

udon was nice, al dente, spicy with wasabi, but actually i rather have the usual cold udon dipped in sauce than this preparation.

anago tendon 

the tendon also did not come with the usualdipping sauce with chooped scallions & minced radish.

tendon is a tempura over don. they use a tempura sauce. it was nice too, and it flavours the don also.

anago tendon 

the main attraction was the anago (conger or sea eel).

it was good quality cut, very fresh. so were the 2 prawns & vegetables over the don.

tenka anago tendon lunch 

the problem was the batter. it was ok, but really not the top quality tempura batter, which is like small light batter pieces attached together, a very distinct tempura style batter. this batter is more like a fritter or furai (fry) preparation.

for the 1 for 1 price of about S$15pax for this tendon set, which also came with a small almond jelly dessert, it was of course quite ok. at the original price i would likely not take it as many good meal options abound.

c.h.e.f andy


Tempura Tsukiji Tenka 天香 Japan Food Town Wisma L4

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