Delicious Sharks Cartilage @ Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char on 17Aug2017

steamed tangy taujeon sharks cartilage

today my OPS bros decided to go zai shun for lunch on 17.8.2017. WT bought 4pax lunch. ^^

HC & I came specially for the sharks cartilage. actually we all did.

the last time my OPS bro brought me here for 2pax lunch on 4.4.2017, i fell in love with this sharks cartilage!

this was so good. the sauce was taujeon and a bit tangy, i suspect lime. it was so nice especially with the gelatinous sharks cartilage. of course there was a lot of larpok, crispy lard!

i think i maybe able to make this sauce. maybe i will try it on song fish head 松鱼头, or maybe the red snapper fish i did not cook last evening….

zai shoon

zai shoon

we were there about 11.25am.

parking was ok. the coffeeshop was ok, not too crowded & no queue at zai shun.

we considered ordering fish (which is good here), but since we were ordering the sharks cartilage, & the egg bittergourd was a must-order item for all of us, we decided to try other dishes.

carrot soup

carrot soup

WT who bought lunch ordered the carrot soup. they had pork ribs & also dry cuttlefish for stock. a clear & quite tasty soup.

dongpo rou 东坡肉

the dongpo rou 东坡肉 we all have not tried.

it was done pretty well. skin & fat very gelatinous, the meat was moist & tender not sinewy.

dongpo rou 东坡肉

the serving was huge. each of us took a huge piece, and still there were 2 pieces left. so we were feeling satiated not because it was not great, but because it was a huge serving…

dongpo rou 东坡肉

the sauce was very tasty too though oily, and i enjoyed the one piece i had very much though the subsequent piece a bit more than i needed.


haebeehiam WT’s favourite. he said when he go ye shanghai he also ordered this item. 🙂

egg bittergourd with salted egg

and the egg bittergourd with salted egg  was the other must-order dish here. HC said he didn’t take bittergourd until he tried here.

indeed it was a very tasty dish.

i will cook this & the taujeon fish (no sharks cartilage) & also the belly pork dish (maybe i will do the dried mustard leaves belly pork 梅菜扣肉 instead) for my OPS friends next week.

after lunch, we went to sin kian choon to pick up D13 durians, then went to bukit merah view food centre to makan. haha! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char


253 Jurong East Street 24 #01-205, Singapore 600253 Jurong East Street 24, Singapore 600253


Enjoyable10pax RI Bros Homecooked Dinner on 15Aug2017

roast duck

did a 10pax dinner for my RI bros on 15.8.2017. ^^

this a recreation of some of the dishes we enjoyed during our recent 2day 1night makan, massage, karaoke trip to sutera mall, skudai in JB 24-25.7.2017. ^^

& one of the key dishes was-

Meng Meng Roast Duck restaurant roast duck 阿明帝皇鸭! 🙂

9 dinner dishes

i cooked 9 dishes + chicken rice for 10pax. 🙂 as in above photos-

1 whole chicken 白斩鸡with chili & ginger sauce
2 roast duck (my first attempt) – sutera mall
3 char siew – sutera mall
4 braised pig trotters (i just used tai hua braising sauce) – sutera mall
5 claypot tanhoon prawns
6 claypot rice
7 wok fried manila clams  – sutera mall
8 fried spinach
9 fried kang kong

2 bros came earlier to help…i got them nicely settled down with nice cup of coffee but they got bored with the movie.

but they did stop me from cooking 2 other dishes we had at sutera mall as we had too mcuh food – steamed salted fish minced pork & nonya sauce steamed red snapper.

9 dinner dishes

all dishes were excellent, except for the flower lala aka manila clams. tell this later.

poached chicken 白斩鸡

my chicken rice & poached chicken 白斩鸡 i think among the best, even with so many good chicken rice hawkers all over.

poached chicken 白斩鸡

poached chicken 白斩鸡 was smooth 滑, tender, moist sweet, & so lovely to see & behold.

poached chicken 白斩鸡

i boiled in a chicken bone stock for 12mins (covered), then poached fire off for 25mins, then quenched in ice water, then fridge.

poached chicken 白斩鸡

and after deboning, added 2 tbsp of fish sauce. so chicken is tasty by its own.

chili, ginger sauce, dark sauce mix

& of course so much better with my chilli, ginger sauce & dark sauce mixture.

chili very “laku”, big bowl totally wiped clean.

simple chili recipe = 6 red chili, 2 chili padi, 1tbsp flat sugar (or if lesser then 2tsp), 5 tsp garlic, 2cm ginger, 1/2cup intense chicken stock ,1/3tsp salt, and blend.

giner sauce i just finely chopped 5cm bentong ginger & added 4tbsp olive oil..didn’t want to blend as i wanted the texture not ginger juice.

chicken rice

the rice of course was a key ingredient for chicken rice. my friend BT absolutely loved it. but he was the singular vote for chicken rice vs claypot rice..all others include myself claypot rice.

rice recipe= fried chicken fat, 2cm ginger, 3 shallots, 1tbsp chopped garlic, & 3 cups rice till fragrant, then add 3 cups (rice cups) intense chicken stock to the rice cooker mark. 🙂

roast duck

so my roast duck was the most exciting thing for me about this dinner…ok la my bros were more exciting.. 🙂

roast duck

this my guinea duck for the guinea pigs, my virgin roast duck, first time ever i making a roast duck.

all because of sutera mall – Meng Meng Roast Duck restaurant roast duck 阿明帝皇鸭! 🙂

roast duck

will blog the recipe later.

but basically i made a marinade for the cavity, then a honey, rock sugar, white vinegar bath & baste the duck (holding vertically by neck) like 20times.

then cooled & in the fridge for 2 days to dry the skin, then 1hr 10mins at 200degC (i am going to do 1hr at 250degC next time).

roast duck

the duck was much better than i dared to expect. (i kept a drumstick portion for my wife & children later)

while i could not produce the same crispy skin, the duck was flavourful & moist & tender. the last 2 i knew when deboning that it was moist & tender.

in fact everyone preferred the duck to the char siew.

my char siew this evening was not as good as the best one i did on 8.8.2017. 

last time i had 250g-300g. today i had 600g (i kept 1/3 for my wife & children). this time the adjusted marinade less tasty. also i had too much marinade on the pork when roasting so charring not enough & i did 5mins longer 30mins instead 25mins & the meat is more cooked. it is important to keep to 25mins!

still i think it was pretty good. still very tasty, & meat texture was ok, though it should be more tender if 25mins.

anyway for char siew, Meng Meng Roast Duck restaurant roast duck 阿明帝皇鸭 bar is just too high, and i am never going to meet that, so i am quite happy with the char siew i made. 🙂

braised trotters 元蹄

my braised trotters 元蹄 was also pretty good standard.

i would think better than most hawkers in singapore, but not quite in the league of  restaurant standard like Restoran Pekin Sutera 五福北京城. for one thing, their braising brown sauce always better.

braised trotters 元蹄

for me to shortcut & save work, i just used tai hua braising sauce (with star anise, cinnamon bar, cloves, & one whole bulb of peeled garlic cloves), cooked, covered, watched for 2.5hrs. so a easy to do dish.

braised trotters 元蹄

totally gelatinous & my friends who took the lean parts said it was moist, tender & tasty too, not dry & sinewy.

my claypot rice always good & requires no introduction la. lol! ^^

claypot chicken rice

very tasty & flavourful with nice smokey aroma, of course with 3/4 chicken, 1 wine chicken sausage & 1 liver sausage & 7 mushrooms, and a slice of salted fish to make it such a tasty pot.

claypot tanhoon prawns

& my friends loved the tanhoon prawns…especially YKK & CL…as CL said so infused with flavours.

claypot tanhoon prawns

this really a very easy dish to make. the key is a very tasty stock.

so i fried chicken fat, ginger, cut chili padi, bunch of coriander, last 3tsp chopped garlic & 2-2tsp coarse black pepper (to taste) & added my intense chicken stock & some oyster sauce…a very tasty stock. so just to cook the marinated prawns just right, not overcooked.

claypot tanhoon prawns

when serving boiled the stock, added in 3 rools of tanhoon, off fire, added back the prawns, tossed thoroughly, garnished with coriander & bring to table covered. voila!

fried spinach

fried kang kong

the fried spinach & kang kong was simple as i was chatting with CJ.

just fry chili padi with a bit more oil so vegetable not “siap”, add the stems & garlic, oyster sauce, then add the leaves, and that’s it. don’t add water.

so vegetables would be very tasty, look green & lush & still crunchy.

manila clams

my wok fried manila clams was a huge waste.

cannot get manila clams at my regular sheng shiong at tanglin halt. went chinatown on sunday & bought 1 kg & add water, ice, change water for 2 days in fridge. clams mostly opened up & looked ok. bro YKK thought they were dead.

anyway cooked my usual butter, curry leaves, ginger, chili padi, orange peel, oyster sauce. tasted the sauce it was tasty.

but a bit worried about the clams, a few of us tried it.  there was no smell, but somehow the texture was not the fresh, succulent, bouncy texture. psychological? maybe not…anyway better not to eat it.

next time when i buy manila clams will just ask whoever can come over on the day to come for dinner. 🙂

my bros brought prosceco, red wine, cut pineapple (super sweet), cut guava, magnum ice cream, australian crusted almonds, some peanut candy.

c.h.e.f andy