Delicious Sharks Cartilage @ Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char on 17Aug2017

steamed tangy taujeon sharks cartilage

today my OPS bros decided to go zai shun for lunch on 17.8.2017. WT bought 4pax lunch. ^^

HC & I came specially for the sharks cartilage. actually we all did.

the last time my OPS bro brought me here for 2pax lunch on 4.4.2017, i fell in love with this sharks cartilage!

this was so good. the sauce was taujeon and a bit tangy, i suspect lime. it was so nice especially with the gelatinous sharks cartilage. of course there was a lot of larpok, crispy lard!

i think i maybe able to make this sauce. maybe i will try it on song fish head 松鱼头, or maybe the red snapper fish i did not cook last evening….

zai shoon

zai shoon

we were there about 11.25am.

parking was ok. the coffeeshop was ok, not too crowded & no queue at zai shun.

we considered ordering fish (which is good here), but since we were ordering the sharks cartilage, & the egg bittergourd was a must-order item for all of us, we decided to try other dishes.

carrot soup

carrot soup

WT who bought lunch ordered the carrot soup. they had pork ribs & also dry cuttlefish for stock. a clear & quite tasty soup.

dongpo rou 东坡肉

the dongpo rou 东坡肉 we all have not tried.

it was done pretty well. skin & fat very gelatinous, the meat was moist & tender not sinewy.

dongpo rou 东坡肉

the serving was huge. each of us took a huge piece, and still there were 2 pieces left. so we were feeling satiated not because it was not great, but because it was a huge serving…

dongpo rou 东坡肉

the sauce was very tasty too though oily, and i enjoyed the one piece i had very much though the subsequent piece a bit more than i needed.


haebeehiam WT’s favourite. he said when he go ye shanghai he also ordered this item. 🙂

egg bittergourd with salted egg

and the egg bittergourd with salted egg  was the other must-order dish here. HC said he didn’t take bittergourd until he tried here.

indeed it was a very tasty dish.

i will cook this & the taujeon fish (no sharks cartilage) & also the belly pork dish (maybe i will do the dried mustard leaves belly pork 梅菜扣肉 instead) for my OPS friends next week.

after lunch, we went to sin kian choon to pick up D13 durians, then went to bukit merah view food centre to makan. haha! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char


253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-205, Singapore 600253

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