S$13/kg D13 Durians @ Sin Kian Choon Jln Membina on 17Aug2017

D13 durians

so after the delicious lunch at zai shun, we went to sin kian choon to pick up the D13 durians WT reserved earlier on 17.8.2017. ^^

MSW too expensive for us. today it was S$22/kg, at least not S$35/kg or S$38/kg madness!

we got 4 D13 durians (S$13/kg) for S$69. the first durian was huge but very few seeds like 6-7 seeds. luckily the smaller durians had quite many seeds. anyway mike “por” back some durians for us later.

WT knew the stall proprietor mike very well, so he went to vacuum pack the boxes himself as mike was busy. we came away with 1 box & another smaller box, quite enough for us 4pax. WM bought the same amount for himself also.

D13 durians 

like the last time, we went to bukit merah view food centre & ate the durians there.

the durians were ok – quite tasty, some meat a bit thin & not creamy enough, some also a bit wet, and taste not the best we had.

D13 durians on 11aug2017

in fact, looking at the photos of durians we had a week ago, after our lunch at 東北胖妈春饼店(Northeast Mom Spring Pancake) , that occasion the D13 were quite superb!

D13 durians on 11aug2017 

the taste was fabulous that time. and you can see the durians were dry “jiao jiao” in fact, and also thicker fresh & thus more creamy as well.

there are many durian sellers in singapore. sin kian choon is quite fine especially as WT knows them so well. it makes a difference!

durians are far too ex this year so i didn’t get to eat much after the excellent durians i had at the beginning of 2017. ^^

anyway for me, it is NOT a must-have but it is fun to eat together with bros & good friends.

of course the mainstay here is their fruits. today all the boxes of pakistani mangoes were sold out. i bought 3 boxes of blueberries (3 for S$6) and also 2×2 rose apples (each 2pack is S$3)..

c.h.e.f andy


Sin Kian Choon
18 Jalan Membina #01-08, Singapore 164018
6473 6377

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