SCG Bought Hill Street CKT and Jia Hui Satay on 15Apr2021

SCG bought 3pax hill street char kuay teow at Bedok on 15apr2021.^^

(came here with beng san after RI 14bros table tennis at hougang swimming complex)

this one of the best, better than apollo..

we all had $2 extra cockles so $6, SCG had dxtra egg so $6.50..a big serving..each plate fried separately..cockles very huge & fresh…


most importantly ckt very tasty & sweet not just black sauce sweetness..

and nice sausage and and lots of lar pok (crispy lard)..mtt (mo tak teng!)

i still think hai kee telok blangah crescent equal or OPS bro WM swears on hill street lol! 😀

must come back…

SCG also ordered 15 pork mutton chicken satay from jia hui bbq next door – good competent satay..

c.h.e.f andy


Hill Street Fried Kuat Teow @ Bedok South


16 Bedok S Rd, #01-41, Singapore 460016

Opening Hours:

daily (closed sun, mon)10:30am–4:45pm

Jia Hui BBQ


16 Bedok S Rd, #01-40 South Market & Food Centre, Singapore 460016



Opening Hours:

daily (closed mon, tues)9am–8pm

Homecooked Family Dinner with Brother SIL Sis Bil and Wife on 12Apr2021

made 7pax family dinner this evening with brother, SIL & niece, and sis & BILn..& wife on 12.4.2021.^^

i made-

  1. sausage claypot rice 腊味沙煲饭
  2. teochew chilled sotong 潮州墨鱼饭
  3. claypot tanhoon prawns 沙煲冬粉虾
  4. steamed huadiao wine chicken with wolfberries 枸杞花雕酒蒸鸡
  5. teochew braised hock & trotters 潮州卤元蹄
  6. HK steamed red garoupa港蒸红斑
  7. 3 eggs spinach三蛋苋菜

simple delicious dishes..

SIL loves the claypot rice…this evening it was especially fragrant and individual grains we say “sang sang” in Teochew quite perfect! 🙂

& tanhoon prawns was excellent..very flavourful and nicely infused tanhoon 入味..

teochew braised hock and trotters always good, very tasty and perfect gelatinous texture..

huadiao chicken as well very tender and tasty..

& the 3 egg spinach was excellent too…

garoupa was fresh and sweet…HK steamed with lots of garlic…bascially ah yat style similar to razor clams dish…very tasty sauce…

c.h.e.f andy

Family Time and Nasi Padang at E’s Parents on 11Apr2021

E organised dinner at parents’ place on 11.4.2021.^^

SM brought mr k as well, very well behaved this evening, always good baby…

the nice nasi padang dishes were prepared by makcik… L’s friend, a family she is helping

ayam meran, squidink sotong, sayur lodeh, sambal udang – all great dishes..

S bought taukuapaio..

L made excellent charsiew & bbq stingray 👍

& superb chocolate mousse tart & also kueh dada..

wife brought a fruit platter..

had great dinner, conversation & fellowship…very enjoyable time together.

c.h.e.f andy

Great Ambience Good Dishes Lacklustre Service @ Supply and Demand on 10Apr2021

son organised great family lunch @ supply & demand lee kong chin centre on 10.4.2021.^^

truffle chips very good, very crisp & tasty 👍

chicken scrambled egg salad competent, good enuf

antipasto very good..almost basilico standard ..salami super flavourful, proscuitto very good, cheese average..

shashouka competent not wife’s standard

spicy pork supposedly thai influence..children liked I didn’t..i think too sweet not good c/w thai style minced pork on crackers

children ordered 2 pasta..

the “bakchormee” ragout pasta ok tasty not quite my preference ..

squidink was good flavourful not the best

the laksa seafood pasta i liked best as well as antipasto this I definitely order nect time.

service lacklustre kind of below par.

c.h.e.f andy


Supply & Demand


11 Mandalay Rd, #01-02 Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Singapore 308232




Opening Hours-

daily = 11am–10pm

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 8Apr2021

delivered homecooked dinner to my brother family on 8.4.2021.^^

this evening dishes-

  1. huadiao wine chicken with potatoes
  2. meensi (taujeon lime) baby treadfin head
  3. bean sauce 豆瓣 pork cubes
  4. stir fry 帝皇苗

I was cooking for HCA Hospice Care 25pax lunch today. so convenient to portion out the wine chicken and pork cubes dishes, and just add the tread fin head and vegetables for my brother family.

c.h.e.f andy

23rd HCA Hospice Care 25pax Lunch on 8Apr2021

made & delivered HCA Hospice Care 25pax lunch on 8.4.2021.^^

today’s menu

  1. huadiao wine chicken with potatoes
  2. spicy black bean sauce dory fillet with onions & scallions
  3. bean sauce 豆瓣 pork cubes
  4. stir fry carrots and cabbage

this time I 起肉 debone the dory completely, so it is easier for the patients to eat…

from HCA feedback though the fish has no small bones, still it is difficult for the few volunteers to remove the large bones when serving, so I might as well do it.

c.h.e.f Andy

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 6Apr2021

brother delivered homecooked dinner this evening


  1. 黑豆猪骨汤
  2. 红烧鱼尾
  3. 卤三层肉
  4. 炒高丽菜


belly pork tasty and tender.

c.h.e.f Andy

3rd Dr Matthias Fund Committee Meeting and Dinner on 5Apr2021

had dr matthias memorial fund committee 3rd 6-monthly meeting, with Ejoining via zoom on 5.4.2021.^^

i made 5pax dinner-

  1. sausage claypot rice 腊味沙煲饭
  2. steamed huadiao wine chicken with wolfberries 花雕酒枸杞蒸鸡柳
  3. claypot tanhoon prawns 沙煲冬粉虾
  4. nonya sauce steamed seabass fillet 娘惹酱蒸金目鲈
  5. fermented beancurd fried romaine lettuce 腐乳油麦菜

a very efficient productive meeting…

with good information support, quick group decision making among close friends, both longer term strategy planning and budgeting, and shorter term tasks.

c.h.e.f andy

Lovely 7pax Family Homegourmet Dinner on 2Apr2021

wife organised family homecooked dinner on Good Friday 2.4.2021.^^

wife prepared sautéed mushrooms & vine tomatoes..

aunty bes made calamari …very nice tender inside perfect texture…didn’t take photos…

SL cooked usda prime ribeye..excellently done, charred, sweet and flavourful..perfect taken with wasabi…

I made-

  1. 烧肉 crackling blistered roast pork
  2. peanut herbs crusted rack of lamb
  3. truffle oil alio olio angelhair
  4. seafood spaghetti

nice family get together..

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 1Apr2021

delivered homecooked dinner to brother family on 1.4.2021.^^


  1. 口水鸡 saliva chicken
  2. 蒸小午鱼 steamed baby tread fin tail
  3. 腐乳油麦菜 fermented beancurd fried romaine lettuce

c.h.e.f andy

Atas Aussie Prime Ribs Bakuteh + 口水鸡 Saliva Chicken 2pax Bro Lunch on 31Mar2021

CCG came by for lunch on 31.3.2021.^^

made atas australian prime ribs bkt.very good 👍

I find it quite worthwhile to buy Aussie prime ribs at S$32/kg..this slab 9 pieces about 700g S$21+…

c/w sheng shiong indonesian prime ribs S$21.90/kg but with huge piece of useless loin meat also 8 ribs per kg thereabout and loin meat chunky and not nice…

I added 2 frozen brazilian ribs S$10/kg from chinatown wet market to add to near 1kg for the 30g ilc sachet to give enuf meat taste to the soup…

….CCG could tell right away lol!

made also a small saliva chicken 口水鸡

& meepok tar for CCG top with saliva chicken.

c.h.e.f andy

Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 30Mar2021

brother delivered food today on 29.3.2021.

I had huge cockles and gong gong & Thai style pork and bbq beef cubes plus 新记白斩鸡 at Kin Hoi with RI bros….so not eating dinner

I brought the food over to sumin’s place.took some vegetables plus longtong curry…

c.h.e.f andy

Golden Mile Food Centre Food Tour on 30Mar2021

after kopi you we walked over to gold miles fc at beach road.high ceiling, good ventilation & ambience…on 30.3.2021.^^

LKY said you fu hokkien mee better so we didn’t try Hainan Hokkien mee stall…

anyhow the you fu hokkien mee also mediocre ..

meiling street fc tan song heng hokkien mee better

so was the michelin guide 91 fried kuay teow…

not as good as hai kee at telok blangah crescent or even apollo..

the choon kee roast meats were good-roast pork char siew both good, roast duck ok..

this the best part of lunch

the ahboling was pretty ok not really special peanut soup better …ginger soup ok…the 汤圆I guess ordinary…

…. i can make at home with chinatown 汤圆& pandang leaves

the vadai LKY went to get 20mins but cannot pass also…

c.h.e.f andy


1 You fu Hokkien Mee


505 Beach Rd, #01-57, Singapore 199583

Opening Hours:

daily (closed mon)10am–8:30pm

2 91 fried kway teow


505 Beach Rd, #01-91, Singapore 199583

Opening Hours:

daily (closed mon)9am–2pm

3 Choon Kee Roast Meats


Golden Mile Food Centre #01-74, 505 Beach Rd, Singapore 199583

Opening Hours:

daily (closed sun & wed)10:30am–3pm

75 Ahboling Peanut Soup


01-75 Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Rd, 199583

Opening Hours:


Heritage Kopi You & Charcoal Kaya Toast @ Yeap Seng Leong on 30Mar2021

LKY organised food tour starting with kopi you at yeap seng leong..on 30.3.2021.^^

this place kind of Singapore heritage worth a visit just for its history and memories.

YSL moved here from Victoria street, bugis since 1974..& according to the son now 58, the old man (his father) cycles everyday fro boon Keng here at 4am and open shop at 5am!

locals & foreigners alike come here looking for kopi you (slab pf butter in kopi)and toasted roasted on charcoal…

but my kopi tilok not strong enough & not that flavourful..

kaya toast ok not as good as

hainan story @ hillion mall

& got to wait long long…not that many customers but very slow..

still will come if in the vicinity for the feel of history…

the S$1 curry puff looks great on display..

but cannot pass leh ..curry not tasty & puff a bit chewy doughy..

c.h.e.f andy


Yeap Seng Leong


10 North Bridge Rd, #01-5109, Singapore 190010



Opening Hours: