Heritage Kopi You & Charcoal Kaya Toast @ Yeap Seng Leong on 30Mar2021

LKY organised food tour starting with kopi you at yeap seng leong..on 30.3.2021.^^

this place kind of Singapore heritage worth a visit just for its history and memories.

YSL moved here from Victoria street, bugis since 1974..& according to the son now 58, the old man (his father) cycles everyday fro boon Keng here at 4am and open shop at 5am!

locals & foreigners alike come here looking for kopi you (slab pf butter in kopi)and toasted roasted on charcoal…

but my kopi tilok not strong enough & not that flavourful..

kaya toast ok not as good as

hainan story @ hillion mall

& got to wait long long…not that many customers but very slow..

still will come if in the vicinity for the feel of history…

the S$1 curry puff looks great on display..

but cannot pass leh ..curry not tasty & puff a bit chewy doughy..

c.h.e.f andy


Yeap Seng Leong


10 North Bridge Rd, #01-5109, Singapore 190010



Opening Hours:


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