Homecooked Bakuteh @ 30Apr2017 (Day 1 – Wales 3pax 9-Day Tour 30Apr-8May2017)

bakuteh breakfast 

leaving for llandudno & conwy in wales this morning on 30.4.2017. ^^

last evening after (a) burger & lobster, and (b) walk through chinatown & covent garden, we decided that i should cook bakuteh breakfast, so we had something substantial in our stomach before setting out on a 5hr drive to conwy.

that was a really good decision! even though we had chocolates & energy bars, we only made a stop-over break for macdonalds before we arrived at our airbnb in conwy at 5pm.

bakuteh spices 

my son had the ilc bakuteh spices in his apartment. this is something that can get easily in singapore so no problem to replenish. anyway only used 1 packet.

so we bought some spare ribs at waitrose the evening before, about 800g.

freeze dry instant coffee with nespresso foam 

i needed my morning coffee.

we did not have enough nespresso to go around for so many days, and nespresso capsules is more inconvenient to buy & replace. so i made freeze dry instant coffee & added the foam milk from the nespresso machine.

not quite nespresso, but we made do la…

bakuteh breakfast 

bakuteh about the easiest dish to make. actually pasta too.

for bakuteh, there is no frying…best!

just cut the ribs, wash with salt, scald with boiling water, then put in a dutch oven (deep pot) with the ilc bakuteh spice packet & 1 bulb of garlic cloves & boiled for 50mins to 1 hr.

and voila!


soup was very sweet & tasty.


spare ribs not the best ribs..less meaty..less fatty..less flavourful c/w fatty prime ribs..


still it was pretty tasty dish, the hot mildly peppery soup warmed the stomach. and it was perfect with rice, so that was good staple for the day.

chinese tea 功夫茶 

and i made some chinese tea 功夫茶. perfect with bakuteh.

chinese tea 功夫茶 

my 2 friends liked the tea though not particularly aficionados for chinese tea 功夫茶, so i did not make any more chinese tea 功夫茶  for the trip.

chinese tea 功夫茶 travel kit 

this thanks to the chinese tea 功夫茶 travel kit my sis bought for me which i used a lot in hong kong with my OPS friends who loved the chinese tea 功夫茶.

chinese tea 功夫茶 travel kit 

very nicely packed & so convenient!

c.h.e.f andy


Walking through Chinatown and Covent Garden on 29Apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

walking through chinatown and covent garden

we were meeting our london friend at burger & lobster dean street for 4pax dinner at 5.30pm on 29.4.2017. ^^

so we took the tube from king’s cross st pancras to leicester square, and walked through chinatown.

walking through chinatown

the mood & ambience of chinatowns everywhere…

walking through chinatown

chinatown in london is pretty ok.

food is pretty good by comparison, and you can get most provisions also if you need to shop.

walking through chinatown

& whole gamut of other shops…

four seasons roast duck @ chinatown

we passed by four seasons roast duck.

this one of the 2 choices i would come for roast duck in london. last time i came here was with my son almost 3 years ago on 25.8.2014.

(subsequently another london friend arranged to have roast duck dinner at goldmine in bayswater, so we did not go to four seasons).

four seasons started an outlet at capitol piazza 2 years ago. i did not visit. heard that it’s S$75 for a whole duck now, and most feedback i had not great. it’s something to pay £20 for a very good 1/2 roast duck in london, and something else to pay S$75 for a whole duck when so many equally good or better roast duck are available at <2/3 the price.

little four seasons roast duck @ chinatown

didn’t notice there was a little four seasons the last time.

did not check out…maybe it sells dimsum & other small eats.

so we soon found burger & lobster at dean street where we had very good £23 lobsters with our friend.

after dinner we wanted to go to monmouth for a cuppa. it was 7pm. when we googled, we realized that monmouth was closed already.

long queue at dishoom covent garden

on the way we passed by dishoom covent garden, next door to jamie’s italian.

the queue was similar to dishoom king’s cross, hard to tell, maybe less than the one & half hours at king’s cross.

in the end, we never ate at dishoom this time. my friends & i were not fan enough for indian food (or most food) to want to queue one half hours during our travels.

busker at agatha christie memorial

we passed by a quite talented busker singer who parked himself at agatha christie memorial at the junction of cranbourn street & st martin lane.

my friend said first time he gave gratuity to street performers. i gave some myself & i noticed there were several £5 notes, so perhaps the busker could collect £50 or even £100. but he was good la!

covent garden

covent garden

covent garden

covent garden a nice ambience.

most of us have been here before. the stalls were closed at this time so only food & drinking places.

a good first day in london for my 2 friends. we got back to king’s cross, bought some stuff from waitrose. the next day we set off for 9day trip to wales – to llandudno/conwy, snowdownia, angelsey, pembrokeshire, cardiff.

and before setting off on the 5hr drive to llandudno/conwy, a stomach warming homecooked bakuteh PLUS nice round of chinese tea 功夫茶

c.h.e.f andy

£23 Whole Lobster @ Burger & Lobster Dean Street on 29Apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

lobster (half steamed half grilled) £23

some london eats on our itinerary included roast duck (goldmine or four seasons) and burger & lobster.

an old RI schoolmate of ours was doing his sabbatical & staying in london with his family, and we arranged to meet for a meal together. happened that he had not tried burger & lobster so we decided to meet here at 5.30pm on 29.4.2017, as there is often a long queue later.

the last time i came here was a year ago with my wife & son on 25.3.2016.

burger & lobster dean street

we were all on time at 5.30pm.

our friend who stayed to watch the 3hr romeo & juliet play at shakespeares globe was the earliest to arrive.

burger & lobster dean street

so we got to sit down almost immediately.

lobster (half steamed half grilled) £23

the menu has changed substantially.

the concept at the start, i was told, was simply bulk buying. just 3 items on the menu – loster roll (nice brioche no need to use hands), whole lobster, and burger. so no need big menu, no need much cooking, just sell lots of live lobsters at an affordable £20.

now it’s £23. price wise it was quite ok, with inflation, £ at lower forex whatnots. the menu now included other options & combinations.

but primarily, it is still lobsters! except i noticed our £23 only got us a one pounder – 454g lobster. the lobster didn’t seem much smaller. the one & a quarter pounder (which i asumed was the standard previously) is now £32!

hasn’t really fathom this, but anyhow it was a great experience. we all very much enjoyed our £23 lobster. & all of us agreed that the steamed lobster was sweeter, more moist & overall better. same observation as my last time.

my friends wanted to celebrate, so we took a £30 white wine.

and indeed we do have much to celebrate for – our good health, lasting friendship, wonderful time together! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Burger & Lobster


Opening Hours –

MON-WED: 12PM-10:30PM
SUN: 12PM-  10PM

Reservations –


Bubble Gum Art @ Millenium Bridge on 29Apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

bubble gum art @ millenium bridge 

i blogged about the chewing gum man, ben wilson almost 3 years ago on 23.8.2014. ^^

bubble gum art @ millenium bridge

that time, like today, i was walking through borough market & enjoying the street eats with my son. then my son led me to walk along the thames to the millenium bridge.

at the time, ben wilson had already created >400 mini art pieces using chewing gum spit stuck between the metal gratings.

bubble gum art @ millenium bridge 

walking along southwark/tate modern side, i found that many of the “art pieces” had been removed, “cleansed??”.

bubble gum art @ millenium bridge 

fortunately, as i progressed towards st pauls’ end of the millenium bridge, i found several pieces remained.

sign of relief! phew! ^^

bubble gum art @ millenium bridge 

there were mermaid & snake people & river birds, and of course all different kinds of patterns & abstracts.

bubble gum art @ millenium bridge

quite a pleasant distraction & attraction.

bubble gum art @ millenium bridge 

works of beauty, nature or man-made are recognisable anyway.

bubble gum art @ millenium bridge 

these may have been mini or minor effort of one person, but it is still adding colours & joy to the bridge &  to our lives if we want to see the colours & enjoy the moments.

c.h.e.f andy


Millenium Bridge

Thames Embankment, London SE1 9JE, UK
Construction started: 1996
Opened: June 10, 2000
Location: London
Architect: Norman Foster

Millenium Bridge, Shakespeare Globe Theatre, St Paul’s Cathedral on 29Apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

view of st paul’s cathedral from millenium bridge

After borough market, we walked towards millineum bridge crossing the thames connecting tate modern museum & St. Paul’s Cathedral on 29.4.2017. ^^

we exited from the green market to cathedral road.

golden hinde II

on the way, we passed by the ship golden hinde II.

golden hinde II

this a full scale  replica of sir francis drake 16th century galleon moored at millibank london. ^^

golden hinde II

The ship is a registered wedding venue and is available for private and corporate hire.

bridge across river thames

we walked alongside the thames past southwark bridge & shakespeare’s globe theatre.

the shard was behind us, standing out in the background

the shard was behind us, standing out in the background

along river thames, southwark bridge in the background

there were many tourists here, as there were at borough market.

weather was good, temperature around 16degC. it was a very nice atmosphere walking along the thames.

shakespeare’s globe theatre

we passed by shakespeare’s globe.

shakespeare’s globe theatre

romeo & juliet was showing, and my friend decided to stay & watch the 2hr 50mins show.

there are £5 tickets if you are happy to stand for 3hrs. most people are (above photo).

for today, tickets were sold out, but there is a mechanism where people can return the ticket, & there was a queue outside to buy the returned tickets at full price no discounts.

my friend was second in queue. ahead of him was a young couple. there was one ticket available first so my friend got the ticket.

the 2 of us who were not staying to watch left after he got his ticket.

river thames from millenium bridge

river thames is quite a busy place.

river thames from millenium bridge

at 215miles (346km), the thames is the longest river in england & second longest in UK after the severn.

looking back on millenium bridge in the direction of london bridge

looking back on millenium bridge in the direction of london bridge – tower bridge is in the distant & the shard stands out in the background.

“the shard is a  is a 95-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London. Standing 309.7 metres (1,016 ft) high, the Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom…& the second-tallest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom, after the concrete tower at the Emley Moor transmitting station.”

river thames from millenium bridge

another view of the thames from the millenium bridge.

st paul’s cathedral from millenium bridge

looking across the thames to st paul’s cathedral.

st paul’s cathedral from millenium bridge

there was a constant stream of people crossing millenium bridge in both directions.

millenium bridge

looking back at tate modern.

st paul’s cathedral

& st paul’s cathedral.

st paul’s cathedral

this where the wedding of prince charles & princess diana was held. 

st paul’s cathedral

st paul’s cathedral

st paul’s cathedral

the 2 of us mingled around to take some photos.

st paul’s cathedral

st paul’s cathedral

nice views from the front.

after that we walked to st paul’s station & took the tube back to king’s cross st pancras.

c.h.e.f andy


St Paul’s Cathedral


Street Eats @ Borough Market on 29Apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

borough market

we were meeting an old schoolmate (now residing with his family in london for his sabbatical) for early dinner this evening at burger & lobster on 29.4.2017.

millenium bridge

so the idea was to explore borough market, sample the famous street eats.

and afterwards to walk over to the beautiful pedestrian millenium bridge linking tate modern on the south side of the thames to st pauls across the river.


i bought some milk, eggs & granola earlier. as we were having street eats then early dinner, a light breakfast would do, so we had a hard-boiled egg & a bowl of granola with milk each. 🙂

then we set off.

IFO – identified flying object

we had the pleasure of viewing the art piece? IFO – identified flying object in broad daylight..

IFO – identified flying object

bird cage?? haha…anyway…quite nice la..

st pancras clock tower

my photographer friend could not resist a shoot of the st pancras clock tower, constructed between 1866 and 1873…

st pancras clock tower & king’s cross station

how about sleeping in a £5m apartment for a night via airbnb?

maybe next time?

st pancras clock tower

a magnificient building like to capture on camera…

king’s cross st pancras to borough market -london bridge station

we took the tube to london bridge station, and borough market was just round the corner of the block.

going up london bridge station escalators

we all had the oyster card, will travel.

exiting london bridge station fare gates

like old london pro…

borough market

we were early at 11am. borough market not yet crowded & congested.

folks were having an early morning beer

folks were having an early morning beer, a great bazaar atmosphere.

interesting ambience

a rather interesting ambience.

fresh seafood 

fresh seafood

cured items

among the first stalls we saw was the fresh seafood stall, and some cured items.

large freshly shucked oyster – £2 each 

we were drawn to the oyster stall – large freshly shucked oysters for £2 each. this size oyster sashimi would be like S$12++ in a japanese restaurant in singapore.

short queue to get oysters

no short of people queueing up to sample the large, plump, sweet oysters, no metallic taste.

a herb chicken dish – quite nice 

opposite the fresh oyster stall was the herb chicken (furness foodhut advertising malaysian curry chicken).

i tasted, was quite nice with the herbs, not sure how it is malaysian curry??

my friends weren’t keen..they were fed too much chicken on the MAS flight….

bomba paella 

at the same stall was bomba paella.

i tried that the last time i was here. didn’t think it was good.

boma paella 

more crowd now..

ROAST sandwiches stall

i stood in line for the short few person queue for the must-have roast sandwich.

Roast crackling belly pork sandwich 

we decided on the crackling belly pork sandwich.

my 2 friends though this was the best food here. pork was sweet, tasty & moist. actually the skin was NOT crackling enough & so slightly tough. & the baguette was not that great. the brioche i had previously at the duck confit stall & at maltby market were much better.

ROAST restaurant 

Roast restaurant is just atop on the second level. can consider trying it sometime but not a priority.

stall selling duck confit salad or sandwich 

next we went to try the duck confit.

stall selling duck confit salad or sandwich 

we decided not to have bread, so we ordered a salad.

duck confit salad £6.50 

today the duck confit was not so good too.

the flavour still there, but it was a bit stringy & the texture a bit dry & tough.

duck confit salad £6.50 

the greens complement the dish a bit. overall it was passable but not great.

borough market shard building behind 

from this side we could see the shard building behind. 🙂

borough market

borough market 

more crowd milling around the market.

chorizo shop 

my friends weren’t keen on another sandwich though the chorizo sandwich was good from my last visit here.

we went into the shop, tried the iberico cured ham (prosciutto) & bought a packet.

strawberries, cherries, fruits 

we looked at 2 fruit stalls, one opposite the duck confit.

strawberries, cherries, fruits 

we decided to buy from the stall on the outside.

we bought packet of strawberries (i think 400g) for £2, and cherries for  £1.

green market (part of borough market) 

we walked past bomba paella to the other side.

there is the green market, selling fruits, vegetables, cheese etc.

getting crowded around 12pm

it was now very crowded.

we walked to the back of the market. wanted to take a cuppa, but the stall was quite crowded.

likewise the monmouth cafe at the other side (duck confit) we were on earlier also had a long queue.

we decided to start walking over to the millenium bridge & pick up a coffee along the way.

c.h.e.f andy


Borough Market


Borough Market
8 Southwark St, London

Tel: 020 7407 1002

Opening Hours:

Monday 10:00 – 17:00 Limited Market
Tuesday 10:00 – 17:00 Limited Market
Wednesday 10:00 – 17:00 Full Market
Thursday 10:00 – 17:00 Full Market
Friday 10:00 – 18:00 Full Market
Saturday 8:00 – 17:00 Full Market

Fabulous Steak, Great Ambience 3pax Dinner @ The Greek Larder on 28Apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017

crevette saganak £9.50

met my 2 RI bros at Kings Cross St Pancras Regent’s Canal exit..no problem for them, they said – directions was clear..

Giffgaff SIM card working well. so we had whatsapped each other when they arrived at Heathrow T4.

i had intentionally passed by dishoom on the way. queue was like 40pax & 1.5hrs & had to queue physically not by taking queue no. dishoom was off…

so after putting down the luggage at the apartment, we decided to go to The Greek Larder at Arthouse for dinner instead..

greek larder

nice place, great ambience & crowd.

nice crowd – great happening place

imo as much happening place as dishoom.

difference is – we got table immediately.

nice crowd – great happening place

great food, wine, and we had some dessert also.

my friends had moscato too. celebrations!


and service was good, friendly.

we had water. and they replaced the bread & butter when we finished the first.

angelo, the waiter from latin america (forgot the country) was cheerful & friendly. he took photos & also had a photo together with us after dinner.

crevette saganak £9.50

the greek prawn dish, crevette saganak, had a nice presentation (top photo & above).

prawn is prawn, so good if ordinary, the salsa was good with the prawns. may look at some online recipes later.

grilled octopus £13.50

the grilled octopus was good, especially the “chao-ta” bbq flavours. not enough i think. the texture itself slightly tough, not tender enough, not quite the standard of the italian dish at lake como, milan & cinque terre.

still it was a good dish, quite pricey now at £13.50

salt cod £8.50

my friends heard about the salt cod & didn’t mind to try it.

one friend said it was a bit salty but quite ok with the skordalia mash(greek potato & garlic spread) …overall quite ok dish..

grilled steak – about 300g = £23

the best turned out to be the grilled scottish steak. it’s done like the italian tagliata (which means serving the steak in slices).

grilled steak – about 300g = £23

it was done nicely medium rare.

i think it was about 300g – anyway a very good helping for 3 of us.

grilled steak – about 300g

& came with nice mushrooms & tasty mash.

grilled steak – about 300g

the steak, though grass fed & not top quality, was very nicely done – sweet, tender & flavourful.


my friends wanted to try the desserts.

galaktoboureko – traditional greek custard pie

we ordered 2 desserts to share. i am not a dessert person. so i took just a little to try. both desserts were competent. not my kind of dessert, but pretty ok standard..

galaktoboureko – traditional greek custard pie

galaktoboureko is a traditional greek custard pie.

carmelised icing, custard inside…

baklava & ice cream

baklava is a filo pastry with chopped nuts & cream layers. ok too.

the bill – £85.50

dinner was £85.50, inclusive of 12.5% service.

not including the 2 moscato & dessert, it would be £54 for the food alone, 3 appetizers & one main to share for 3pax. i think quite ok price in London.

chef & kitchen – greek larder

the servers & chef all quite cheerful, and the overall ambience was quite engaging. a place to come back again.

c.h.e.f andy



King’s Cross Apartment 27-29apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017 )

2 bedroom apartment near king’s cross st pancras

my son & a friend stayed in a 2-bedroom apartment near king’s cross. this period they were away, so my 2 close RI bros joined me & planned for this London/Wales trip.

i arrived via Qatar (S$1,035) 1 day earlier on 27apr, as the pricing of direct flights by SIA (about S$2,200) & BA (S$1,580) simply made no sense to me.

my 2 friends arrived via MAS on 28apr.

my son & his friend kept the apartment pretty clean & neat. a good space of sitting, dining & kitchen.

2 bedroom apartment near king’s cross st pancras

& 2 bedrooms, the master room which my son used (& i used during this period) was the bigger room.

2 bedroom apartment near king’s cross st pancras

the room my son’s friend used has the same double bed, which my 2 RO bros used during this period.

king’s cross st pancras station

this the King’s Cross St Pancras exit direction of regent’s canal.

i arrived late in the evening, about 11pm when i reached the apartment. flight arrival was 8.40pm & still quite long queue at immigration, and the piccadilly line from Heathrow T4 to King’s Cross St Pancras about 55mins.

the apartment may be near King’s Cross St Pancras, but it is still 1km 12mins walk.

king’s cross st pancras station

this looking back at the station exit.

instant noodles

i kew i would be lazy to go out just for makan myself so i brought along 2 packets of instant noodles.

the convenient stall along yorkway & copenhagen street corner was still open at 11pm so i grabbed a bottled water, milk & tray of 12 eggs.

instant noodles

on 28apr, i took 1 hard-boiled egg for breakfast.

instant noodles

& later i decided on the soup noodles for lunch & added another egg. did not in the end took the goreng noodles so left it in the apartment.


& helped myself with the nespresso.

there was NOT enough nespresso for 3 of us for that many days so i brought along a packet of 3 in 1, and also bought a freeze dry coffee from waitrose later.

anyway my friends don’t take coffee like i do, so most of it were left in the apartment.

queue to take train to Harry Potter hogwarts school of magic at 9&3/4 platform

my friends were arriving about 7pm on 28apr.

i went early & passed dishoom. the queue was 1.5hrs, and it is a physical queue not by queue numbers, otherwise i would pick up a 1.5hrs queue number, settle my friends in the apartment then go dinner at dishoom. too bad!

queue to take train to Harry Potter hogwarts school of magic at 9&3/4 platform

i went by the harry potter magic 9 and 3/4 platform. there is like forever a queue here of fans or people out for a good time paying money (all £9.50 for on photo) to have a go at being photographed as the next wizard or witch.

well watching is FREE!

harry potter shop next to 9&3/4 platform

& of course the shop next to the platform to magically spend more money.

google building

google had committed to building a vast campus for 7,000 employees (apparently to continue despite Brexit) next to its existing google building.

very exciting of course!

google building

ii took some photos & the next day my RI resident photographer friend took more photos.

google building

there were a few new dining outlets at this quite new google building – mexican tortilla, a middle-easrtern & a fast japanese joint with packed sushi sashimi, curries for dine in or take-away.

street stalls

the king’s boulevard walkway from the station exit to regent’s canal now has semi-permanent street stalls, even branded KERB!

street stalls

something that beckons…

street stalls

like a mini mini maltby or bricklane market….

king’s cross st pancras station

looking in the direction of St Pancras clock tower along pancras road.

king’s cross st pancras station

the open space at King’s Cross St Pancras exit.

google map showing the station exit to king’s boulevard, 9 & 3/4 platform, google building & St Pancras where we collected our rental car on 30apr.

regent canal

after collecting my 2 friends, we walked past regent’s canal.

regent canal

this like the cleaning up of singapore river, haha!

granary square

walked past granary square, past the Arthouse, then along copenhagen street to our apartment.

after that we went to Greek Larder, located at the Arthouse, for dinner.

c.h.e.f andy

Sin-London by Qatar Air on 27apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

qatar economy airbus A350-900 – big screen

first time i took Qatar Airways!

according to skytrax world airline awards 2016 ranking, Qatar Airways (2nd) ranks below Emirates (1st) & above SIA (3rd) & Cathay Pacific (4th) for world’s best airline.

& Qatar Airways ranks second, above SIA (3rd) for world’s best economy airline, AND Qatar Airway ranks 1st, again above SIA (2nd) for world’s best business class airline.

so Qatar Airways ranks above SIA, generally! amazing!

the truth is i would have taken SIA economy if the pricing made sense.

there was no promotion price for SQ when i could confirm my period of travel. i checked both SIA & BA which i preferred as they were direct flights whereas for Qatar i have to stop-over at Doha, so 15hrs/16hrs c/w 13hrs+direct flight.

but SQ was like S$2,200 & BA S$1580 by economy return! made no sense when i can have Qatar economy return at S$1,035! so that’s what i did.

i usually travel light & do not check in luggage. however Qatar only allows 7kg carry on, so i checked in my luggage. fortunately the online check-in queue for bag drop was just 10mins.


so safely on board!

the leg room seemed better on this new Airbus A350-900 than my usual SQ experience (on the first sector Sin-Doha…on the second sector Doha-London, it was a Boeing 777-300ER, so maybe leg room about the same).

and a big screen for movies! (top photo)

flight meals menu 1st sector Sin-Doha – dinner & light snack

i felt though that the food & drinks were not as good as SQ, and the service too!

i press the attention light, and it was on for an inordinately long time i turned it off myself, and NO service response! (it was ok on the return flight, so many one-off!)

flight meal – dinner food tray

for dinner, i picked the roast chicken rice.

sautéed mushroom appetizer good

the sautéed mushroom appetizer was good! very tasty, flavourful..

chicken dry & tough..sauce tasty

the roast chicken though was dry & slightly tough.

luckily the sauce was tasty…

green tea cake was good

the green tea cake was good too!

i finished it, though not the subsequent second sector dessert & not on the return flight. in fact dessert on all the sectors were quite good.

light snack = chicken panini & sweet cake

the chicken panini was quite good.. (on the second sector i took vegetarian – that was poor!)

the sweet cake was nice! not overly sweet & nice crispy skin..


the plane landed like 1/2 hr late, and we had to be rushed & shepherded to board the transfer. anyway made it la!

second sector Doha – London = braised lamb tasty but tough

on the second sector Doha to London on Boeing 777-300ER, the previous standard bearer along with A380, leg rom was less, screen were small, food marginally poorer.

the appetizer salad was usual mediocre.

braised lamb tasty but tough

the lamb was tough, but the braise was good, tasty…

braised lamb tasty but tough

the mash was ok… i finished the lamb & veg.

So overall, from the flight & also the return flight, for me the food & service slightly poorer than SQ. but the ticket price was <50% = S$1,035 vs S$2,200.

SQ pricing just made n sense to me la!

c.h.e.f andy



2nd sector doha to london 737-300

Asia Treasures Lounge Changi T3 – departure on 27apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

queue at qatar, changi T3

was much looking forward to this london & wales holiday with my 2 RI buddies 27apr-may112017. ^^


i was booked on qatar flight departure 10.40pm changi T3 on 27.4.2017. my 2 friends were booked on MAs departure the next day.

there was a bit of a queue at the qatar check-in at T3 even though i arrived >2hrs before departure. it’s always good to check in online first & just do a bag drop. so the bag drop queue was in fact quite fast maybe 10mins queue.

asia treaures lounge @ changi T3

after immigration, i proceed as usual to DBS asia treasures lounge @ T3.

it is a small lounge, more private, very few people every time i visited, and food is quite good.

kiwi fruit mix slush

somehow they have stopped the crowd favourite berries slush??

this kiwi fruit mix slush quite ok, but i prefer the berries.

fried carrot cake

the local food are always good here.

the fried carrot cake was good, tasty & “pang” flavourful. i asked for 1/2 portion. no laksa or prawn noodles at this hour.

braised beehoon

the braised beehoon was very good, very tasty. again 1/2 portion.

fish congee

i skipped the prata, asked for very small helping of fish congee. it was very good also, sweet & smooth HK standard congee.


cappuccino the usual.

a very good rest stop before boarding – read papers, drink & light makan & a cuppa before borading. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


DBS Asia Treasures Terminal 3
Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3
Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Airport Boulevard)
Operating hours:
7.00am to 1.00am daily