£23 Whole Lobster @ Burger & Lobster Dean Street on 29Apr2017 (3pax RI Mates Trip London & Wales 27Apr-11May2017)

lobster (half steamed half grilled) £23

some london eats on our itinerary included roast duck (goldmine or four seasons) and burger & lobster.

an old RI schoolmate of ours was doing his sabbatical & staying in london with his family, and we arranged to meet for a meal together. happened that he had not tried burger & lobster so we decided to meet here at 5.30pm on 29.4.2017, as there is often a long queue later.

the last time i came here was a year ago with my wife & son on 25.3.2016.

burger & lobster dean street

we were all on time at 5.30pm.

our friend who stayed to watch the 3hr romeo & juliet play at shakespeares globe was the earliest to arrive.

burger & lobster dean street

so we got to sit down almost immediately.

lobster (half steamed half grilled) £23

the menu has changed substantially.

the concept at the start, i was told, was simply bulk buying. just 3 items on the menu – loster roll (nice brioche no need to use hands), whole lobster, and burger. so no need big menu, no need much cooking, just sell lots of live lobsters at an affordable £20.

now it’s £23. price wise it was quite ok, with inflation, £ at lower forex whatnots. the menu now included other options & combinations.

but primarily, it is still lobsters! except i noticed our £23 only got us a one pounder – 454g lobster. the lobster didn’t seem much smaller. the one & a quarter pounder (which i asumed was the standard previously) is now £32!

hasn’t really fathom this, but anyhow it was a great experience. we all very much enjoyed our £23 lobster. & all of us agreed that the steamed lobster was sweeter, more moist & overall better. same observation as my last time.

my friends wanted to celebrate, so we took a £30 white wine.

and indeed we do have much to celebrate for – our good health, lasting friendship, wonderful time together! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


Burger & Lobster


Opening Hours –

MON-WED: 12PM-10:30PM
SUN: 12PM-  10PM

Reservations –



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