Good Braised Duck牛车水阿婆卤鸭 @ Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre on 24May2017

牛车水阿婆卤鸭Braised Duck 

a mildly eventful day today.

did my usual weekly run with my RI buddy at faber heights ulu pandan jogging track, and was caught in a heavy downpour. was in 2 minds whether to stop & take shelter under toad bridge. as i knew the rain was not going to go away. we took shelter about 15mins, when the rain was momentarily lighter we decided to run back to my friend’s house which was another 1+km. needless to say we were totally drenched.

but everything was per normal. we had our 100plus, then coffee chat. after that i drove back.

another RI friend VJ came by about 12pm. it was still drizzling. we decided to go commonwealth crescent food centre to take jian kang wanton mee.

something happened which inconvenient me & took up my entire afternoon. anyhow we got to commonwealth crescent FC but jian kang want mee was closed.

so we decided to just have braised duck rice 牛车水阿婆卤鸭. opposite jian kang noodles.

牛车水阿婆卤鸭Braised Duck 

i had this with my OPS buddy on 5.9.2016.. and another time with my sis & bil.

both times it was quite good.

牛车水阿婆卤鸭Braised Duck 

i ordered 2 duck drumstick rice. for my friend in added duck liver (he jokingly said nearest thing to foie gras) and braised egg. total was S$13.50=maybe S$6 for drumstick rice, $1 for liver, $0.50 for egg? not cheap not ex i guess.

meat still tender, moist not dry, taste wise ok agree with my friend VJ it was just above average…

c.h.e.f andy





31 Commonwealth Crescent S149644, Commonwealth Crescent Market & Food Centre


So-so 4pax family Dinner @ Canton Paradise Starvista on 23May2017

har gao 

daughter & son wanted to go dinner nearby. they decided to go canton paradise at starvista on 23.5.2017.

no queue we got our 4pax table immediately.

last time i came here was on 7.11.2016. ^^

har gao 

har gao my daughter’s favourite. and it’s always good here.

xo carrot cake 

& son liked the xo carrot cakes. my youngest daughter like that too, she’s not with us for dinner this evening.

steamed pork ribs 

the steamed pork rib also always quite good.

half roast duck

the roast duck this evening was a let down this evening. still competent i guess.

maybe it is just a matter of comparison.used to like the roast duck here. the recent roast duck i had in goldmines at bayswater london recently was a lot more tasty & flavourful than this.

& the ones i had not long ago at (1)xin cuisine & at (2)royal london duck were both better.

beef brisket noodles

son ordered the beef brisket noodles.

dumpling noodles

and JH ordered the dumpling noodle soup.

dinner came to about $100 for 4pax. on the expensive side i thought for the limited dishes we had.

c.h.e.f andy


The Best Four Seasons Cendol on 23May2017

four seasons cendol at lor 8 toa payoh

after a very shioklicious lai heng bakchormee, my OPS bro was too full to go back to lor 4 to try the kim keat hokkien mee on 23.5.2017. ^^

surprise! surprise! lol! haha!

it’s always a good & as a matter of fact necessary dining habit to stop when you feel full or almost full.

it makes no sense at all to overeat, an action that makes you feel worse NOT better. nothing to gain everything to lose ya! and it does the food no justice. better to leave a slight/almost full stomach & great memories & future cravings for the food.

we were game & decided to go to lor 8 for the GCT (goh chok tong) aka four seasons cendol at lor 8.

this stall is, for me, handsdown the best cendol anywhere.

the coconut milk was thick, undiluted. the gula melaka was the best, excellent, very tasty la! ^^

so we had a $2 cendol each, savouring the wonderful cendol, coconut milk & gula melaka.

c.h.e.f andy



Great Minced Pork Noodles @ Lai Heng, 51 Toa Payoh Lor 6 on 23May2017

S$4 lai heng bakchormee

after sharing a S$3 lor mee at zhi xiang tao payoh lor 4 blk 93. kim keat hokkien noodles not open yet, we decided to continue our culinary adventure, so we drove to lai heng bakchormee. 🙂

lai heng bakchormee @51 toa payoh lor 6

lai heng is the same stall at changi T3 B2 that my wife & i like to go with our son & family when we were sending our son to airport.

though the road address is lor 6, the carpark is actually accessible from lor 5. ^^

lai heng bakchormee @51 toa payoh lor 6

it’s been such a long time since i had a really good mushroom sauce style bakchormee. 🙂

these days i occasionally go to 6th avenue jalan tua kong for meepok tar.

I have not found much occasion nor motivation to queue at tai hwa at crawford lane; nor to specifically search for a good bakchormee stall.

and if i go to hong lim i will end up taking ah heng curry chicken noodles instead of tai hwa.

lai heng bakchormee @51 toa payoh lor 6, 310051

there were just couple folks at the stall.

however their system is to pick a number upon arrival, then go pick up the noodles when the digital board next to the TV calls your number.

our no. was 30. there were 3 before us. we awaited maybe 10+mins.

S$4 lai heng bakchormee

the sauce & chilli were very good, very tasty with the noodles. especially with just enough vinegar, not overwhelming.

these days, every stall makes qq noodles, almost la..

S$4 lai heng bakchormee

& the ingredients for the small S$4, quite good la..not a lot just enough i think.

i enjoyed this noodles. will definitely come back again. it is different from 6th avenue jalan tua kong, and i like both styles & both stalls.

for me this was better, much more shiok than ah hoe bakchormee, and about as good as tai hwa.

c.h.e.f andy


Lai Heng Bakchormee
Opening hours:
8:30AM to 4:00PM

Good Lor Mee @ Zhi Xiang Blk 93 Toa Payoh Lor 4 Food Centre on 23May2017

S$3 zhi xiang lor mee

today my OPS bro came by my place & we decided to go try out hawker food on 23.5.2017.^^

we are thinking of various places like hong lim food centre, adam road food centre, & decided on trying out toa payoh. i googled while my friend drove. we decided to start with hokkien noodles at toa payoh lor 4, then bakchormee at lor 6, then beef noodles at lor 7.

zhi xiang lor mee #01-49 blk 93 toa payoh lorong 4 food centre

after parking, we realised that kim keat hokkien mee at lor 4 opens at 11.30am. we were early, so decided to explore blk 93 food centre. this really a tiny place & combines both the wet market & hawker centre.

zhi xiang lor mee #01-49 blk 93 toa payoh lorong 4 food centre

we decided to try the lor mee, and bought a S$3 bowl to share.

S$3 zhi xiang lor mee

surprisingly, it was quite good really.

the noodles & broth was tasty.

not quite the standard of soon heng lor mee at beo crescent.

nor the equally good S$2.50 hai tang lor mee at mei ling food centre.

S$3 zhi xiang lor mee

anyhow, still a good, competent lor mee.

lor mee not my favourite, so i unlikely to try this here again.

c.h.e.f andy


Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee


#01-49 blk 93 toa payoh lorong 4 food centre