Wonderful Steak Dinner with Son @ Portico Prime on 24May2017

australian oysters & chilled angelhair

went with son to portico prime @ dempsey for a 2pax steak dinner on 24.5.2017. ^^

last time i came here was with wife on 2.1.2017.

portico prime

the place has high ceiling & really nice ambience.

portico prime

we were there at 8pm on a wednesday. not many tables were taken up.

focaccia & butter

we were served some focaccia & butter.

we asked server for extra virgin olive oil & balsamic. they never came.

australian oysters = 1/2dozen S$28

we asked the server if oysters were included in amex lovedining privilege at 50% discounts for 2pax.

1st server on query said yes. second server actually taking order said know. then she went to check, and came back to say actually NO discounts??? but they will honour it just for this time only.

australian oysters

oysters were really good!

plump, sweet, tasty, juicy, no overly strong sea taste nor metallic after taste.

excellent oysters. i will take everytime if there is discounts. ^^

chilled truffle angelhair

the chilled truffle angelhair is one of their signature.

chilled truffle angelhair

& it was really very good, the best i had so far.

very flavourful, pasta totally al dente.

chilled truffle angelhair S$26

the texture & flavours combined well. it was served with kawa prawns, caviar & nobu extract. very nice indeed.

wagyu rump S$46 

there is no 50% discounts for the japanese wagyu.

i took the USDA ribeye last time it was very good, and the sirloin ok but not so good.

this time the server recommended to try the wagyu rump.

wagyu rump S$46 

it was stronger beefy flavours which was good, not nearly as tender as the ribeye, but quite ok, not tough. the server recommended medium which is my usual preference anyway. 🙂

USDA aurora ribeye S$46 

and the USDA aurora ribeye was as good as ever! very tender sweet, by comparison the wagyu rump flavour has its attraction. my son said he grew to like it. i didn’t mind too, but given a choice i guess i would still do the ribeye.

dinner was a very affordable S$87 for all the excellent dishes we had. we got the 50% discount for the oysters this time. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy