Not As Good As Before Chai Chuan Tou Chinese Mutton Soup 柴船头羊肉汤 at Bukit Merah View on 15May2017

chai chuan tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤

my good RI bro came to fetch me to buy LED lights at a shop in hillview terrace on 15.5.2017.

chai chuang tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤 

after that i wanted to go lunch at tunglok signatures at orchard parade hotel.

i already parked the car, and my friend suddenly remembered that tunglok had stopped amex lovedining privileges. i was away so did not get the grapevines.

we returned to the car but there was no grace period for the carpark so kena charged S$5 for like 3 mins. what to do right?

chai chuan tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤 

anyway we decided to go for chai chuan tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤 at bukit merah view though t may be long queue & carpark crowded.

luckily we got a carpark immediately!

there was a queue of maybe 12pax but it was ok like 10mins+ wait.

chai chuan tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤

somehow the mutton soup was not as good as i expected, not having taken for long time i thought it would be very good.

it was still better than the other places like i had. the soup not unnaturally sweet, but like not as intense & flavourful as previously? was it just psychological?

chai chuan tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤

we ordered 2x $6 bowls.

one was a 羊杂 which we didn’t want the mitton balls so just had stomach & mutton.

however it did not have the 金钱肚 so very prominent in the bowl i had previously on 14.8.2014. why???

chai chuan tou chinese mutton soup 柴船头羊肉汤

the other bowl we had ribs.

must say we could not tell the difference between the specified ribs order & the 羊杂 which supposed to have mutton? but looked just the same as ribs.

not that i am complaining. i love the mutton ribs. they were still tender & still very nice with the chilli.

my main grouse was the not so tasty soup & the missing 金钱肚.

overall i still enjoy the mutton soup but not as much. maybe my palate has changed? no?

c.h.e.f andy


Chai Chuan Tou Chinese Mutton Soup 柴船头羊肉汤


Lobster in Superior Broth 龙虾上汤焗 RECIPE

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

made lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗 the second time.

this time it was excellent!

first time was when i made 2pax valentine’s day dinner on 14.2.2017. it was the same lobster, largely the same preparation, but somehow i did not get it right. even though wife said the lobster was good & tasty, basically it was the texture was somewhat overdone & not the best…not meeting my own standard la..

680g live lobster from sheng shion $41+

i decided i must give it another try la…

got a 680g live lobster from sheng shiong at S$41+

680g live lobster from sheng shion $41+

it’s too large for my basin. 🙂

lobster poached for 3-4mins

i decided to poach it this time round.

it’s the same supposedly humane treatment. put lobster in the freezer for one hour so it is like in a “coma” or deep unconsciousness??? then either kill it by putting the knife through the head/brains or put into boiling water.

lobster poached for 3-4mins

so i put it in boiling water. for about 3-4mins, just looking at the colour….

this a less messy preparation than cutting through the head w/o poaching (which results in more liquids flowing out.

anyway after removing lobster, it was the same putting the knife through the head & halving the lobster.

then i cracked/removed the pincer shells & cut the lobster tail into 2 pieces.

680g not really a lot of lobster – body 4 pieces + 2 pincer + head….

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

i was doing claypot chicken rice so had 1/2 chicken bones. i added 1 cut large carrots & boiled for about 3hrs.

i added the lobster shell & boiled another 2 hrs, basically reduced & made a very intense stock/broth. the carrots were very nice after infusing the broth.

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

when cooking, i just fried ginger, cut chilli padi in butter, then added garlic, last added chopped spring onions with the broth, brought to boil, added in the lobster pieces & covered to braise + steam the lobster. another another 5mins.

i turned the head, lobster tail pieces, pincers to make sure they are cooked & NOT overcooked.

and i was able to produce a very sweet, tasty lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗. so good!

c.h.e.f andy


  • 650g – 700g live lobster
  • 1-2 cut chilli padi
  • 2cm ginger cut small wedges
  • 1 tbsp chopped garlic
  • 2 stalks cut spring onions
  • 1tbsp usalted butter

for stock

  • 1/2 or 1 chicken bones
  • 1 large carrot cut
  • shells of lobster pincers


  1. put lobster in freezer for 1 hr. then put it in boiling water. for about 3-4mins, just looking at the colour.
  2. put the knife through the head & half the lobster. then crack/remove the pincer shells & cut the lobster tail into 2 pieces per half = 4 large pieces.
  3. meanwhile prepare stock – boil chicken bone & carrot 3hrs. add lobster shell, bol another 2 hrs.
  4. when cooking, fry ginger, cut chilli padi in butter, then add garlic, last add chopped spring onions with the broth, bringt to boil, add in lobster pieces & cover to braise + steam the lobster. another another 5mins. turn the head, lobstail pieces, pincers to make sure they are cooked & NOT overcooked. VOILA!

Mother’s Day Homegourmet Dinner 3pax on 14May2017

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

originally i proposed to cook a mother’s day family dinner at home on 14.5.2017.

while i was away in london & wales, wife decided to have brunch at pimpam by foc on mother’s day.

the 2 daughters now not available for dinner, so we decided to do homecooked family dinner another day.

claypot chicken rice

son had earlier joined my homecooked dinner 8pax for my friends on 24apr before i left for london & wales trip on 27.4.2017.

he liked the claypot rice & wanted to take claypot rice again this evening..

So did wife! so i cooked a 3pax dinner instead.

though i did not garnish & take a great photo this evening, the claypot rice (above photo) was very good, as good as i did other times. ^^

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

i decided that though last minute, i should do something more than just claypot rice since it was mother’s day.

so i went to sheng shiong & got a 680g live lobster for S$41+.

i made lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗 this evening. this the second time i made this dish & this time it was excellent.

will do a separate recipe post on lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

perhaps not comparable with kai gardens (above photo).

but still very good c/w with many others la…

lobster in superior broth 龙虾上汤焗

of course live lobster & done correctly & right texture not old or overcooked always very sweet, bouncy & tasty.

but also the superior broth 上汤 is the key!

i had chicken stock (chicken bones boiled with carrots), then added the lobster shells & reduced to very intense broth, very tasty & flavourful.

stir-fried romaine lettuce

& my usual stir-fried vegetable dish.

this evening, i made romaine lettuce, my wife’s favourite!

like i told my son, best flavours dry water don’t add water (there’s water in the veg) just add some oyster sauce. of course one school said to sprinkle just a little water when 起锅, to create the wok hae…yet to try that though…

cheese board

after dinner we had some cheese.

very nice cheese especially with the truffle honey dip. excellent!

chroizos son bought from porto

son brought back a few type of chorizo from porto.

we started with the cheaper lot. but this lot really not too good. will open the better ones when when have more pax.

white port son brought back from porto

and the cheese & chorizo were perfect with the white port (which has the whiskey fermentation stopper added). this really excellent port!

white port son brought back from porto

we had that during our holiday in porto, and we all love it, so son brought back a bottle from porto for my wife.

a simple 3pax dinner put together for mother’s day, and a very good & enjoyable one!

c.h.e.f andy

Mother’s Day Brunch 7pax Family @ Pimpam by FOC on 14May2017

grilled chicken + pumpkin salad S$19

wife herself wanted to try out pimpam by foc & organised the mother’s day brunch on 14.5.2017. ^^

restaurant is by foc, which the family quite like, & we have been to foc several times, the last on 18.8.2016.

pimpam by foc

restuarant has great ambience, nice bar. 🙂

pimpam by foc

& the tables in the quite spacious restuarant was well taken up.


ordered a few drinks. son had sangria. i don’t drink.

spanish torttilla or spanish omelette?

this “tortilla” is NOT the mexican flat bread, but a spanish omelette with onions & potatoes.

it was competently done but really no better than my very own spanish omelette.

same ingredients, so i guess can’t get too far…

ham & spinach & pine nuts croquettes

we ordered the ham, crab croquetas (S$2.50 each, minimum order of 2) & spinach & pine nuts (S$2 each, minimum order of 2).

all were nice. the spinach pine nuts were the best. 🙂 the other 2 not as good as foc.

grilled octopus S$22

we ordered the grilled octopus. it was pretty good, just not the standard of what we had in italy, and more recently what i had at Maze by gordon ramsay in mayfair london.

confit tuna salad S$12

tuna confit salad was pretty ok too but a rather insubstantial dish.

grilled chicken + pumpkin salad S$19

the pumpkin with added grilled chicken was good. the pumpkin mash was good too.

my youngest daughter liked it very much.

for me it was no better than the grilled chicken my helper or I made.

squid ink paella S$26

the squidink paella was quite excellent!

very flavourful, intense squidink flavours, creamy. a very nice dish..

pork & scallop paella S$24

the pork & scallop paella less so…very porky, strong pork smell, not ideal…

pork & scallop paella S$24

i had wanted the scampi fiduea we had at foc, but they only chicken fiduea here, and the others were not keen.

overall the paella here not quite foc standard.

iberico pork ribs S$30

another must-have at foc was the iberico pork ribs.

iberico pork ribs S$30

just as good as foc i think. very tender, great flavours, not the very porky taste in the paella dish.

somehow less wow c/w foc, maybe just psychological.

i made a very good mock kurobuta using frozen pork prime ribs after being inspired by this iberico pork rib dish in foc.

& my mock kurobuta was very good really for a frozen non black pig. maybe will try this again with pork soft bones.

300g beef tallata – onglet steak S$35

we ordered the tallata. i guess this is the spanish take of the italian tagliatta (cut or sliced).

presentation was poor!

not quite the standard expected for a good onglet steak or hanger steak. it had the strong beef taste (or kidney taste) but that was expected. somehow the texture & taste not the best…

& they did NOT have the excellent rack of lamb they had at foc.

spanish lazos churros with chocolate S$6

supposed to have good churros here.

anyway chrros NOT my kind of food.

magic S$5.50

the “magic” (daughter said it was between latte & cappuccino) was very good.

for me it’s a very good flat white, nice coffee aroma & very silky smooth, what a good flat white should be. not sure it was any better than say dutch colony. about same i think.

dinner was like S$299 for 7pax, not too ex. we ordered few drinks.

overall ok especially this was mother’s day dining out, and this is one of the places we will go for such dining out which does not charge extras for occasions.

for me, given a choice i would go foc & NOT pimpam.

c.h.e.f andy


Pimpam by FOC


442 Orchard Road #01-29, Singapore 238879

A Wedding on 13May2017

good friend’s son’s wedding @ Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

one of the first “event” after returning from our immensely fun & memorable holiday in london & wales (for me 27apr to 12may2017 arriving evening of 12may) was a good friend’s son’s wedding on 13.5.2017.

it was held at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. 12 of us RI friends attended.

we had a reception after the church ceremony & took many photos with the happy & proud parents & also with the wedding couple.

afterwards 8 of us went to killiney kopitiam siglap to have a cuppa. another friend staying nearby who was unable to go for the wedding during to prior commitments joined us for coffee.

this my close RI friend. we have been meeting quite regularly for the last few years, after a small group of us started to meet up with the 2010 world cup viewing.

old friends are always fast to get together even after many years of not being in contact. still, spending more time together, sharing & doing things together do make a difference. and among this group of close RI friends, we have been doing that more regularly the last few years.

this friend in particular has been to many of my home dinners. usually/always, he makes an effort to come earlier & chit chat a bit. we also helped out at newgate learning hub bread of life (BOL) saturday community breakfast last year in 2016 with 2 other RI friends.

i cooked total of 14times for BOL breakfast dish, the last on 8.10.2016.^^ the program ceased last year, for time being.

we now also do an almost monthly birthday get-together among this group of friends.

and i had a very enjoyable birthday dinner & tete a tete with this friend recently at mikuni on 27.3.2017. ^^

it’s always a good feeling to see the young ones starting out in life, seeking & finding what they want, and the union & happiness that are theirs for a lifetime.

c.h.e.f andy