Mother’s Day Brunch 7pax Family @ Pimpam by FOC on 14May2017

grilled chicken + pumpkin salad S$19

wife herself wanted to try out pimpam by foc & organised the mother’s day brunch on 14.5.2017. ^^

restaurant is by foc, which the family quite like, & we have been to foc several times, the last on 18.8.2016.

pimpam by foc

restuarant has great ambience, nice bar. 🙂

pimpam by foc

& the tables in the quite spacious restuarant was well taken up.


ordered a few drinks. son had sangria. i don’t drink.

spanish torttilla or spanish omelette?

this “tortilla” is NOT the mexican flat bread, but a spanish omelette with onions & potatoes.

it was competently done but really no better than my very own spanish omelette.

same ingredients, so i guess can’t get too far…

ham & spinach & pine nuts croquettes

we ordered the ham, crab croquetas (S$2.50 each, minimum order of 2) & spinach & pine nuts (S$2 each, minimum order of 2).

all were nice. the spinach pine nuts were the best. 🙂 the other 2 not as good as foc.

grilled octopus S$22

we ordered the grilled octopus. it was pretty good, just not the standard of what we had in italy, and more recently what i had at Maze by gordon ramsay in mayfair london.

confit tuna salad S$12

tuna confit salad was pretty ok too but a rather insubstantial dish.

grilled chicken + pumpkin salad S$19

the pumpkin with added grilled chicken was good. the pumpkin mash was good too.

my youngest daughter liked it very much.

for me it was no better than the grilled chicken my helper or I made.

squid ink paella S$26

the squidink paella was quite excellent!

very flavourful, intense squidink flavours, creamy. a very nice dish..

pork & scallop paella S$24

the pork & scallop paella less so…very porky, strong pork smell, not ideal…

pork & scallop paella S$24

i had wanted the scampi fiduea we had at foc, but they only chicken fiduea here, and the others were not keen.

overall the paella here not quite foc standard.

iberico pork ribs S$30

another must-have at foc was the iberico pork ribs.

iberico pork ribs S$30

just as good as foc i think. very tender, great flavours, not the very porky taste in the paella dish.

somehow less wow c/w foc, maybe just psychological.

i made a very good mock kurobuta using frozen pork prime ribs after being inspired by this iberico pork rib dish in foc.

& my mock kurobuta was very good really for a frozen non black pig. maybe will try this again with pork soft bones.

300g beef tallata – onglet steak S$35

we ordered the tallata. i guess this is the spanish take of the italian tagliatta (cut or sliced).

presentation was poor!

not quite the standard expected for a good onglet steak or hanger steak. it had the strong beef taste (or kidney taste) but that was expected. somehow the texture & taste not the best…

& they did NOT have the excellent rack of lamb they had at foc.

spanish lazos churros with chocolate S$6

supposed to have good churros here.

anyway chrros NOT my kind of food.

magic S$5.50

the “magic” (daughter said it was between latte & cappuccino) was very good.

for me it’s a very good flat white, nice coffee aroma & very silky smooth, what a good flat white should be. not sure it was any better than say dutch colony. about same i think.

dinner was like S$299 for 7pax, not too ex. we ordered few drinks.

overall ok especially this was mother’s day dining out, and this is one of the places we will go for such dining out which does not charge extras for occasions.

for me, given a choice i would go foc & NOT pimpam.

c.h.e.f andy


Pimpam by FOC


442 Orchard Road #01-29, Singapore 238879

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