Best Pig Organs Soup + Braised Pork Noodles @ 深圳东贝爱面科学馆 on 13Sep2017 (Day 4 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

pig organs soup + braised pork noodles

my OPS bro leaving hong kong for shenzhen this morning on 13.9.2017, then onward to guangzhou & then gulao (古劳) his ancestral village. ^^

he was the reason WM & I came for this trip to hong kong on a still hot month like sep. never coming back here on sep! lol!

& today we followed WT & GY to shenzhen & was met by WT’s brother WW.

getting through HK checkpoint & entering China checkpoint was a breeze. in fact we went through electronic gates at China checkpoint, so almost no queue.

the strange thing is that GY, WT’s wife is chinese nationality, & they require a special travel document to enter HK & Macau from China. I am guessing they are trying to prevent chinese flooding HK & Macau, and if these chinese have the means of travelling outside china like to singapore then they are allowed to enter HK & Macau from third countries. so it’s discriminatory but it avoided mass entry of chinese into the 2 territories…whatever!

pig organs soup + braised pork noodles

WW booked hotel for WT & GY at 科学馆metro station, next to his own rented apartment.

while they were checking into hotel, WW arranged for WM & I to have some breakfast at 东贝爱面科学馆outlet. we had a really delicious if heavy pig organs soup.

this place looked like an aircon basement food court (but only 1 shop) & no customers i guess at this hour (10.50am)???

braised pork noodles

one difference from singapore pig organ soup is it is served with a tossed noodles with braised pork.

i guess a bit like malaysia/JB’s kuay toew kia. 🙂

braised pork noodles

the noodles absolutely delicious, with the braised pork, tasty & tender perfect texture & very tasty sauce.

pig organs soup

the pig organs soup was excellent of course, very tasty & great ingredients.

pig organs soup

as good as singapore’s, not so peppery. 🙂

some seafood roll like our otah

WW ordered i guess something difference for us to try.

it was a minced seafood roll, with a layer of skin, not sure what it was made of, some starch from some crops?

some seafood roll like our otah

it was pretty nice also.

the best way i can describe it is it is like otah served in restaurants with chunky seafood.

otah not my favourite…maybe otah slightly better than this as it has some spices.


we had some lime drink.

bill RMB78 for 2pax

the meal was HK$78 for 2pax, maybe on the high side for the locals, and certainly worth for me…very nice makan.

pig organs soup + belly pork noodles

i will do this again if i come here.

c.h.e.f andy






OK Macha Smoothie @ RBTea on 12Sep2017 (Day 3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

macha smoothie

after a nice seafood & roast goose dinner at 容记小菜王,

we walked over to pioneer centre shopping arcade near the hotel & had a drink & chit chat.

bill HK$186

not cheap, i guess like singapore prices, HK$186 for 4pax drinks.

macha smoothie

my macha smoothie with ice cream & red beans just so so only for me.i think not 1/2 as exciting as teawood 茶木 cafe at tung chung! that was a lot more varied & exciting!

i asked for no sugar, counter lady said macha bitter w/o sugar so she gave less.

actually maybe no sugar would be better since red beans & ice cream also sweet, and i like the bitter macha japanese ceremonial tea anyway…

macha smoothie

we had a relaxing time enjoying dinner, company & a drink together afterwards.

next morning we are going over to shenzhen, WT & GY had to get back to hotel benito at tsimshatsui so we left early.

c.h.e.f andy


Pioneer Centre Shopping Arcade
232, 750 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2625 1833

Great Seafood & Roast Goose Dinner @ 容記小菜王 Prince Edward on 12Sep2017 (Day 3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)


容记小菜王 is located along prince edward road west & right next to metropark mongkok, just a few steps away from the prince edward road w entrance to the hotel.

on the first day, we went around 8.15pm & there was a queue. this time we went at 6pm & made a reservation leaving our name & contact.

at 7pm we arrived at the restaurant & was ushered upstairs on 12.9.2017.^^

this 容记小菜王 looked very much more upmarket c/w the stall we passed by at fuk wing street on the way to timhowan @ shamshuipo this morning…. so the owner sold the stall in fuk wing street & then start over again here? will read up later la…

fresh seafood tanks

there were fresh seafood tanks at the back.

steamed razor clams 4 for HK$120

we ordered the 仔宝 combo promotions. 🙂

promos went something like that –

  1. order 2xmantis prawns = 2xHK&78=HK$156 then 4 razor clams = HK$120
  2. order regular roast goose HK$98 then lobster noodles = HK$140

whatever! that’s the best we could get lor…

steamed razor clams 4 for HK$120

the steamed razor clams were competent, maybe very slightly over, certainly no better than (say) ah yat here.

i think ah yat much better actually!

still, quite nice dish…

roast goose – regular serving HK$98

the roast goose i thought  pretty good, though now WM & i worshipped 鹅皇馆 as the new god of roast goose…

roast goose – regular serving HK$98

if you asked me, this HK$98 例牌 portion looked remarkably like about same size as the HK$230 1/2 goose we had at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok on 10.9.2017??

roast goose – regular serving HK$98

i think quite ok serving of a nice roast goose dish for HK&98. 🙂

mantis prawns HK$156

the mantis prawns were rather a guess work for us, difficult to tell if it would be worth it, but we ordered anyway.

mantis prawns HK$156

WM said his piece not much meat, but somehow the piece i took (i thought i took the smaller head piece) actually had lots of meat. & the meat was not sticking to the shell so that was good, and it was very sweet too. the shell had this mala flavour which was nice but most important was still the meat itself, tender & sweet! 🙂

mantis prawns HK$156

it was expensive maybe, but <S$30 for 2 large mantis prawn maybe quite ok by singapore price.

lobster noodles HK$140

the boston lobster noodles was HK$140.

lobster was fresh & nice of course.

braising stock 上汤焗 a bit not up to standard.

like WT said, both of us can braise a tastier yee meen.

lobster noodles HK$140

HK$140 price was fraction of singapore restaurant price, though ah yat’s promotion rice is S$29.80 so not far from this also..

小炒皇 HK$88

other reviewers had written about the 小炒皇 HK$88, this being like a signature dish for 容记小菜王

quite disappointing really, overly salty, not 1/2 the standard of Kau Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant 九记潮州打冷餐馆 which was excellent & had great wokhae.

bill HK$738

dinner was HK$738 for 4pax, quite ok by hong kong price i guess.

& restaurant try to get away by charging HK$148 for the razor clams. only after i pointed out the  仔宝 combo promotions, then they corrected it to HK$120…& came up with all manner of stories…not a good management practice, someone please tell them!

c.h.e.f andy


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榴莲飘雪Durian Macha Dessert Best @ Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品on12Sep2017 (Day 3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

榴莲飘雪durian macha dessert

after a craving gratifying roast goose lunch at 鹅皇馆,

we went back hotel & rested at metropark mongkok till 4pm…

weather was cooler…went for walk from fa yuen street to mongkok side..

stopped by honeymoon dessert 满记甜品 at langham place mongkok…

langham place mongkok

langham place mongkok

langham place mongkok  is a modern, classy shopping mall like any in singapore…

long escalator@langham place mongkok

only that they have this scary incident few months back with the long escalator.

it sort of stopped midway & started moving backwards. luckily no one was injured.

杨枝甘露with cheng chow @ honeymoon dessert

we enjoyed a nice 杨枝甘露with cheng chow each.

it was refreshing, not too sweet, a good standard dessert.

杨枝甘露with cheng chow @ honeymoon dessert

杨枝甘露 though are a dime a dozen & the one (say) at tunglok signature, orchard parade with coconut ice cream would beat this by miles..

榴莲飘雪durian macha dessert

an excuse to eat another dessert? lol! ^^

whatever! but really not shiok enough leh, so we decided to order a 榴莲飘雪durian macha dessert to share.

and it was really good, like what we had last time here at honeymoon dessert 满记甜品 on 21.2.2017. ^^

bill HK$120

bill HK$120 not very cheap for dessert but it this pricing in singapore too…

after that, we went back & rested before going to 容记小菜王for a nice dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


Our Best Roast Goose Restaurant this Trip on 12Sep2017 (Day 3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

coffee @ hong lin restaurant

hong lin restaurant pin up menu

ornamental fish vendors

after the nice dimsum at timhowan @ shamshuipo,

we got back to prince edward & dropped by DBS Treasures for a free coffee..great service but they not outfitted for coffee lounge, so poor! 🙂

after that WM went to fa yuen street market & bought a whole load of sausage, dried oysters, wolfberries etc under wifee’s direction!

after that wai mun wanted tea so we stopped by again at hong lin restaurant 康年餐厅 & just had a coffee & a tea.

roast goose & chicken combo HK$98 

afterwards we went to 鹅皇馆opposite metropark & had the best goose & chicken 贵妃鸡! ^^

this one really must go back again la!



鹅皇馆 was just directly across the road from our hotel metropark mongkok. so convenient. if it is good, no need to go all over the place just to eat roast goose la! 🙂

we were at the restaurant about 1.05pm. there was a good crowd but there was place so no need to queue. 🙂

roast goose & chicken combo HK$98

we ordered a roast goose & chicken combo HK$98 as we didn’t want to eat so much & have 1/2 roast goose like the day before at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok.

& we didn’t want to have 2 plates of rice.

roast goose & chicken combo HK$98

there was a HK$10 supplement for combo.

the roast goose here very flavourful & tasty, as good as any la…

& the chicken was very good, i think better than chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok. and of course the scallions ginger sauce was just heavenly with the chicken!

we thought the serving was a bit small, but maybe it wasn’t really…just looking at the HK$230 1/2 roast goose at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok for comparison.

c.h.e.f andy




Opening Hours:


Satisfaction Guaranteed Dimsum @ Timhowan Shamshuipo 添好运 on 12Sep2017 (Day3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

dimsum at timhowan shamshuipo

we had plan to go timhowan at shamshuipo about 4pm on the day of our arrival on 10.9.2017.

but we had a late roast goose lunch at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok, so was quite full. also weather was hot & we took refuge at our metropark hotel room. ^^

opening queue at timhowan

opening queue at timhowan

anyhow this morning we decided to go timhowan before opening at 10am on 12.9.2017. ^^

we arrived 9.50am. the queue was like 12pax. it was quite fine as timhowan would seat all in the first seating so it’s only 10mins wait.

basically full on opening

basically full on opening

& the queue grew & basically restaurant was full on opening. 🙂

crispy char siew pao

crispy char siew pao

i order crispy char siew pao, one of the 4 heavenly kings here 四大天王.

very nice, crispy skin & not too sweet char siew filling inside. a very good one really..

dimsum at timhowan shamshuipo

liver cheong fun 润肠

ordered the liver cheong fun 润肠 also.

it’s another of the 4 heavenly kings四大天王 dishes. 🙂

steamed pork rib chicken feet rice

we ordered steamed pork rib chicken feet rice , a favourite dimsum item for me, not so comoon in singapore dimsum places.

steamed pork rib chicken feet rice

steamed pork rib chicken feet rice

rice very nice especially with the sauce.

steamed pork rib chicken feet rice

really goo!

later we poured the steamed pork ribs & steamed pork ribs. 🙂

steamed chicken feet

steamed chicken feet very nice! flufy from deepfry & great texture, very tasty sauce & a wonderful dish.

steamed pork ribs

steamed pork ribs excellent too! it was meaty & tasty, unlike some dimsum restaurants in singapore where they were sometimes fat & bony.

hum swee kok咸水饺

i ordered hum swee kok咸水饺. pretty good too, but maybe not so special!

dimsum HKS$120nett for 2

break fast was HK$120 for 2pax.

pretty good, i figured. never been disappointed, satisfaction guaranteed every time!

c.h.e.f andy


Timhowan @ shamshuipo


Excellent 九记潮州打冷餐馆 Kau Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant Mongkok on 11Sep2017 (Day2 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

braised goose 潮州卤鹅

i had been to quite many daipaidong in hong kong, but never quite been to a teochew daipaidong.

i was reading about Kau Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant 九记潮州打冷餐馆 at mongkok. i must admit i was quite thrilled & expectant to try it.

so this evening WM & I, and WT & wife GY, arranged to meet at kau kee at 7pm on 11.92017. ^^

九记潮州打冷餐馆 mongkok

九记潮州打冷餐馆 mongkok

九记潮州打冷餐馆 mongkok

WM & I went a bit early at 6.35pm, first time here. restaurant looked small (but actually they have upstairs) & empty. there were not many diners at the time, wasn’t sure what to expect but crowd started flowing in & place basically packed by 7pm+.

WT & GY were a bit loss so came a while after 7pm. and we saw during the time, a continuous stream of locals filling up the restaurant, that thye came to ask to share our table, but we said we had 2pax more on the way. 🙂

pig stomach soup

food was super! every dish was great!

we ordered a pig stomach soup, having had a very good one at lunch earlier at tao heung.

pig stomach soup

it looked not great but in fact it was very tasty, just like what we had at lunch.

braised goose 潮州卤鹅

i ordered the braised goose 潮州卤鹅. it was tender & tasty…, nice flavourful braise & meat was tender.

mix braises 卤味拼盘

the mix braises 卤味拼盘 like 8 different items …taste ok not the best dish for me.

mix braises 卤味拼盘

not really spectacular. in fact the single item braise goose was better. but it was interesting to try goose intestines, birth intestines etc.

oyster porridge

the oyster porridge was very good too, very tasty & many, many plump large fresh oysters.

oyster porridge

it was really good i think. 🙂

oyster porridge

such a simple dish & so very tasty…

fried beef with sotong & celery

the 2 fried dishes were excellent-best was the celery with squid & beef….小炒王also good..

the fried beef with sotong & celery was way above expectation…super wok hae so very flavourful!

and the beef, sotong & celery were all excellent.


the 小炒王 also very good, much better than the one at 容记小菜王 we had next day..

chicken blood 鸡红

we read about the chicken blood 鸡红 but forgot to order.

my friends saw many tables ordering it so added the dish.

it was super tasty, very smooth & very sweet.

chicken blood 鸡红

the stock was very tasty also..

minced squid & pork

we had salted fish minced pork often so decided to try the steamed minced pork with squid.

nice too, squid slight tough so this & braised combo were the 2 dishes that are less great for me

it was ok but not that great. salted fish minced pork would have been nicer.

minced squid & pork

the minced pork was not as smooth & tasty as the one i make.

bill HK$599

excellent dinner 4pax HK$599 👍👍👍 this place sure come back

service by the young girl very bad..the other middleage servers ok

c.h.e.f andy


九记潮州打冷餐馆 Kau Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant Mongkok


G/F & M/F, 111 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong



Singularly Poor Kuehs & Chendol @ Indonesia Restaurant Tsimshatsui on 11Sep2017 (Day2 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

kuehs & chendol

after an excellent lunch at tao heung tsimshatsui, though without great promo dishes like last time,

we walked around tsimshatsui to look for a tong swee stall 糖水.

alas unlike mongkok/prince locality where there are tong swee stall 糖水 in the dozen, we could not find any after walking for 20mins, except for 许留山which we did not want to go.

giving up, we stumbled into this indonesia restaurant.

on hindsight should have gone to 许留山, which would still be better than this.

indonesia restaurant 

we thought of having chendol & kueh, that’s why, lol! 🙂


kueh passable, but not really fragrant & “pang” as they should be.

indonesia restaurant 

& chendol? not quite chendol at all..maybe just milk, could not taste gula melaka? what chendol is that?

c.h.e.f andy


Indonesia Restaurant


1/F-2/F, 66 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Great 6pax Lunch @ Tao Heung 稻香 Tsimshatsui on 11Sep2017 (Day2 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

teochew dimsum duo 鸳鸯双潮

we had good food at best value prices both times at Tao Heung 稻香 tsimshatsui previously-

  1. 1/2 roast BB suckling pig, 1/2 roast goose etc for 6pax for HK$931 on 11.1.2016.
  2. 1/2 roast goose and steamed live 1kg garoupa etc for 4pax for HK$521 on 20.2.2017 

so for today we decided to go back to Tao Heung 稻香 tsimshatsui for 6pax lunch on 11.9.2017.^^

WT & GY arrived this morning. CCG & MT were here since saturday & they could also join us for lunch today.

teochew dimsum duo 鸳鸯双潮

we ordered some dimsum.

the teochew dimsum duo 鸳鸯双潮 were good. 潮州粉果always a favourite for me. the other dimsum also nice.


this fupeiquin腐皮卷 not so great, not so tasty & bean curd skin a bit thick & not so smooth.

siew mai

siew mai was good especially with the xo chili.

steamed chicken feet & pork ribs

steamed chicken feet & pork ribs were ok but poor in presentation. nothing the standard of timhowan at shamshuipo WM & i visited the bext day. 🙂

lie tong with arrow roots 例汤粉葛猪肉

we ordered a combo – a lie tong with arrow roots 例汤粉葛猪肉  & a fried rice.

the male server was pushing the item at us. unlikely previously there were not many good promo & great value items so we ordered this one.

the lie tong was very good, not better than the usual marvellous soup at good hong kong restaurants, but good anyway!

very tasty with pork & the arrow root.

pig stomach soup

we ordered a pig stomach soup, like a appetiser or side dish, anyway just HK$38.

pig stomach soup

it turned out to be very good.

nice peppery soup with great flavours of pig stomach, bitter gourd, taukee etc.

a really great dish, i sure will order this again la!

kailan claypot 芥蓝煲 with kurobuta.

we wanted some veg & the male server recommended the kailan claypot 芥蓝煲.

veyr good recommendation, a really tasty dish! pork was very tender & tasty, and overall dish had superb wokhae!

fried kailan stems with kurobuta

everyone liked this.

very good fried rice

the fried rice was a combo item together with the lie tong.

fried rice with excellent chili

it was really nice take together with the xo chili.

really shiok!

bill HK$520

actually we like ordered very few items & we had 6pax, but somehow we were quite full.

they forgot to enter our order for 1/2 roast goose. we decided not to have it so it was just HK$520 for 6pax lunch.

today no special promo that were great value like 1/2 roast goose for HK$118 (22.2.2017) or 1/2 roast BB suckling pig HK$148. still the dishes we ordered were nice & lunch was just HK$520 for 6pax. very good deal of course!

c.h.e.f andy


Tao Heung 稻香 (Tsimshatsui)

G/F, Star Mansion, 3 Minden Row, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 8300 8084
Opening hrs: open daily till 1am

Good Congee @ Mui Kee Congee 妹記生滾粥品 on 11Sep2017 (Day2 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

pig innard congee 及第粥

we had great congee at WM’s favourite mui kee congee 妹記生滾粥品 last trip on 22.2.2017.

so this morning we took a short walk to mui kee at level 3 of fa yuen street 花园街market & cooked food centre on 11.9.2017. ^^

mui kee congee

they started an outlet in singapore in june this year i think at botanic garden visitors’ centre side near casa verde…

pig liver congee 猪润粥

we ordered the pig innard congee 及第粥 & pig liver & small intestines congee 猪润粉肠粥 。

both very nice, very smooth & sweet, excellent hong kong style smooth congee滑粥.

dough fritters 油条

the dough fritters 油条 was ok crispy, not so tasty & a bit tough, not like the excellent 油条 at tuan yuan bakuteh. 

generally i wouldn’t order you tiao at bkt or these congee place as they would be not freshly made & exposed to air…only the tuan yuan one was special.

coffee at hong lin restaurant

after that had coffee at  hong lin restaurant 康年餐厅 plus share one polo bun 菠萝包.

man wah restaurant

we passed by a dimsum place man wah restaurant, looks good will try go breakfast one day if time permits.

c.h.e.f andy


Mui Kee congee 妹記生滾粥品 

Great Dessert @ Hoi Kee Walnut Place 海記合桃坊甜品 on 10Sep2017 (Day1 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

almond & black sesame paste 杏仁黑芝麻糊

after a most gratifying bowl of 牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 at 牛棚,

we walked to hoi kee walnut place 海记糖水at sai yeung choi street for dessert.

hai kee tong swee 海记糖水

hai kee tong swee 海记糖水

the place was quite packed at 9pm+. mostly locals, we figured..

we came here the last time on 23.2.2017 & enjoyed it.

so looking forward to a nice dessert. 🙂

hai kee tong swee 海记糖水

quite good variety, a mix of the traditional paste dessert 糊 with the mango, ice cream, red beans, ice shavings kind dessert.

almond & black sesame paste 杏仁黑芝麻糊

we ordered the paste 糊. other dessert we can eat in singapore.

i had the almond & black sesame paste 杏仁黑芝麻糊, & WM went for the almond paste 杏仁糊.

the look not fantastic – blobs of black & white. taste was good! i guess that more important…very smooth & not too sweet. generally a very good standard.

they don’t serve peanut paste.

actually i think our 115 tong swee 一一五糖水 at chinatown complex as good as this at 1/2 the price, and 115 tong swee 一一五糖水 serves peanut paste 花生糊.

hai kee tong swee 海记糖水

stall is popular, just as crowded before & after our visit.

bill HK$45

our dessert very satisfying…HK$45 is cheap by hong kong prices, and it’s very good here.

c.h.e.f andy


Hoi Kee Walnut Place 海記合桃坊甜品 


232 Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


+852 2399 7973

Great Beef Brisket Noodles 牛三宝面=牛腩牛根牛肚at牛棚 on 10Sep2017 (Day1 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 HK$38

It was hot 28degC..not as humid as singapore but still..sep not good time to visit HK…

last 2 times came i came hong kong eat & hike best…

  1. with RI bros 6pax in jan2016
  2. with OPS bros 4pax in feb2017

went back to metropark room & slept 4-7pm

still full so walked around fa yun street stalls etc then go to 容记小菜王 next to metropark about 820pm…long queue & taking numbers…they said they said come back 9pm.


We decided to go 牛棚 at fa yuen street for our beef brosket noodles, my other favourite eat other than roast goose in hong kong. ^^

牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 HK$38

we ordered the 牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 HK$38 , a bowl each.

it was good. an enjoyable bowl, tender beef briskets, beef tendons & beef stomach. noodles were nice, qq, not soggy, and soup was flavourful, the strong tasting type.

but i was not completely satisfied. somehow the 牛腩 beef brisket was not the best cut, not the ones with good collagen 胶 tendonous kid…

later on 14.9.2017, we had a  牛腩面 beef brisket noodles at kuen kee 权记 & there the 牛腩 beef brisket was really good, and so we ordered just pure 牛腩面 beef brisket noodles, and not the combo. so good….that later la..

牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 HK$38

took 牛三宝面=牛腩牛根牛肚good

we asked the young chef about the different cuts of brisket.

chef explained difference of 炕腩(top-lean & more 脆), 蹦沙腩(have 胶 or collagen) and normal 腩 (bottom). he said 蹦沙腩 limited supply as every cow only has so much of it.

this is 蹦沙腩

later we passed by another shop. they advertised the 蹦沙牛腩饭. didn’t try it as no occasion to pass by or go there specially.

c.h.e.f andy






Good Polo Bun 菠萝包 @ Hong Lin Restaurant on 10Sep2017 (Day 1 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

polo buns 菠萝包 @ hong lin restaurant 康年餐厅

after a good roast goose lunch at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok, 

we took a walk along argyle street & walked along sai yeung choi street & tung choi street.

we decided to stop for a break at hong lin restaurant康年餐厅. we had nice polo bun 菠萝包 here during our last HK trip on 22.2.2017.

HK$30 polo bun 菠萝包drink set

chilled red beans drink

HK$30 polo bun 菠萝包drink set so we took that to share. it came with a chilled red beans drink which was pretty good actually not too sweet.

the polo buns were coming off the oven in trays & people were buying off the rack (kind of) in take-outs (tapao) outside the restaurant.

so our polo bun 菠萝包 was warm & crispy & just fresh off the oven! jolly good.

i am growing to like this polo bun 菠萝包, quite different from my very first reaction at kam wah cafe 金华茶餐厅on 12jan2016. 

hong lin was crowded at near 3pm. we shared a table with a couple & chat them up & asked how they think hong lin c/w kam wah cafe 金华茶餐厅. and later they left & 2 ladies joined us, we asked them the same thing.

this bias sample of course, as they were here at hong lin. both pairs said they prefer hong lin, polo buns just as good, better service & buns hot off the oven.

egg tart HK$6

we decided jsut one egg tart to share (the photo above was taken form the serving to the ladies pair that shared the table with us).

egg tart was good. think as good as tai cheung in hong kong & singapore.

bil HK$36

so the tea break was HK$36. that’s because we were just tasting, having had a full roast goose lunch already.

enjoy much though, nice polo bun, egg tart & drink & good chat with the local hongkongers.

c.h.e.f andy


Good Chan Kee Roast Goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 on 10Sep2017 (Day 1 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

1/2 chan kee roast goose HK$230

the last few visits, we mostly go to yat lok for our roast goose.

yat lok was like top 5 in most reviews, and yung kee is too expensive. i was not motivated to try kam’s roast goose at wan chai as it was usually out of the way & not very interesting for me after reading some reviews.

during our jan2016 trip, our RI bros had good roast goose also at Fu Kee Congee Mongkok 富记粥品旺角.

1/2 chan kee oast goose HK$230

for today we decided to try chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok.

it was just 1 MTR stop from prince station where our hotel metropark is located. anyway we decided to just walk from metropark along shanghai street. not difficult to locate chan kee.

it was past 1pm. no need to queue but restaurant quite full. we managed to get a squeezy tiny 2pax table.

chan kee menu

choices a bit more limited when just 2pax ordering.

anyhow we decided to order 1/2 roast goose HK$230 & 1 meal – chicken & roast pork combo rice plate HK$52.

1/2 chan kee roast goose HK$230

the roast goose was good, flavourful.

we commented (to ourselves) on entering restaurant that the bird was small & looked more like duck so we asked if they still had goose. reply was “yes, how many you want to order?” ..didn’t sound too pleased right?

1/2 chan kee roast goose HK$230

the 1/2 goose looked tiny. luckily taste was good, and quite nice with the plum sauce 梅酱

chicken & roast pork rice HK$52

very squeezy. there was no place to put of table, so had to carry plate in one hand & tae photo.

chicken & roast pork rice HK$52

roast pork quite nice & the poached chicken 贵妃鸡 was nice with the ginger scallion sauce which was a bit salty & nice for that.

i must make the sauce myself…quite easy i think..

roast goose & chicken, roast pork

we enjoyed the lunch, roast goose, roast pork & chicken. not cheap though

bill HK$282

lunch was HK$282. like S$49 for 2pax. well we come hong kong to eat roast goose, so it’s money we want to spend. better than going to kam’s in singapore to eat 1/2 roast duck at higher price i guess.

chan kee supposed to be among top 5 best roast goose in HK. roast goose was indeed quite good but didn’t feel much special…

by comparison, i still think yat lok is better!

c.h.e.f andy


Chan Kee Roast Goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 @ Mongkok

427 Reclamation St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


daily 11AM–11PM
Phone: +852 2491 0722

SQ Flight, Cityflyer Bus A21 and Metropark Hotel (Day 1 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

J made png kueh – nice

OPS bro visiting hong kong, shenzhen & guangzhou and going back to his ancestral village gulao 古劳. he asked us to join him during the HK part of the trip plus a day in SZ.

WM & I decided to join & we flew in to HK on 10.9.2017. ^^

SQ flight departure 7.30am. i hate these early flights but no choice cheaper airtickets. today my daughter send me to arrive changi T3 at 6am, otherwise taxi surcharge etc would be ex. T2 asia treasures lounge only open at 7am, and not really enough time to take sky train to T3 asia treasure lounge.

WM’s wife J bought us some png kueh, nice especially with the very spicy chili she made. shiok la!

the outbound flight was a really ancient SIA aircraft..never took such an old SIA plane before.I was thinking jetstar WT took next morning would be new than this. & it was!

no USB charger on board! & screen was maybe 6″ or felt more like 4″ real tiny.watched mommy (2017) & unblocked 1/2way…

SQfood – pork braised noodles ok edible

food on board passable. pork braised noodles ok edible. WM said the western meal – sausage & egg were bad though.

SQfood – pork braised noodles ok edible

well i had better SQ food to hong kong most other times…not great today!

tsingma bridge

tsingma bridge

we bought octopus & HK$88 sim card 1.5G for 5days.

later i found out that singtel now only charge S$20 for 1G for 1 month for like 19 countries. so next time will just do that!

then we took A21 cityflyer bus.

quite convenient just 5stops about 45mins  & stop directly at the entrance of metropark hotel.

we found out though that returning hotel to airport not as convenient. the option was to go walk to mongkok bus stop with luggage OR walk shorter distance to board the connecting bus to kowloon airport express station. we decided to just take the MTR from prince to tsing yi change at lai king, & then board the airport express at tsing yi.

metropark hotel room

metropark hotel room

check in metropark. S$474nett for 4nights.

room was not ready so we went for lunch to chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok to have lunch before checking in to our room.

this room we got the renovated wing. looks new but rooms are smaller.

c.h.e.f andy

Good Hawker Fares at 19Hole SICC Bukit on 24Sep2017

ngoh hiang 

family decided to have lunch at sicc bukit on 24.9.2017. ^^

the aircon section of bukit cafe was full house, so we decided to sit at the open area.

we ordered the usual favourites.

ngoh hiang quite good here. chili was good too. i took 1 tofu, 2 ginger slices & 1 century egg slice.


rojak also good here. i took a cucmber, pineapple, taupok.


daughter liked the popiah. wife & i thought i was quite average.


i took one end piece w/o prawn.

fried carrot cake 

fried carrot cake was good. i liked the sweet dark sauce, very flavourful. son didn’t like it so much.

chicken wings 

son ordered his favourite chicken wings.

very nice har jeong guy 虾酱鸡aroma. i didn’t take any today, but it was a very good chicken wing. today we tapao >1/2 back.

char kuay teow

i took a bit of noodles. char kuay teow was very falvourful, very good wok hae, like the fried carrot cake. good standard for me but children thought it was less good than usual.

wife & daughter ordered 2 cheng teng, son ordered apple juice, 2 of us just took water.

a very nice lunch, great ambience, cost S$64, and good family caht & sharing.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:

Delicious Chinese Wine Braised Chicken 黄焖鸡 2.0 on 14Jul2017

Chinese Wine Braised Chicken 黄焖鸡

Chinese Wine Braised Chicken 黄焖鸡 was another of 5 wonderful dishes i made for 7pax early birthday dinner for a very close RI bro on 14.7.2017. ^^

i first made this delicious chicken dish on 20.7.2016. ^^

i made a very tasty sauce & vegetables & a tender, sweet chicken.

this was after trying the 黄焖鸡 slow braised hua tiao wine chicken at 重庆烤鱼 chong qing grilled fish  on 18.7.2016.very tasty sauce. the scallions & leek were very tasty. chicken though was dry & tough.

JB shoon huat’s claypot sesame chicken 28.6.2016

JB shoon huat’s claypot chicken

same thing for the 2 preparations of claypot chicken at shoon huat, jalan sentosa, JB…great sauce but chicken overcooked & not as tender as my preparation.

so i think my dish was much better.

Chinese Wine Braised Chicken 黄焖鸡

for the evening, my wine chicken dish was very popular too. my friends keep taking more more rice to go with the chicken gravy. 🙂

i deboned 1/2 chicken, & seasoned with 1 tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 1tbsp oyster sauce, 2 tbsp shaoxing wine. i fried sliced ginger, cut chili padi, chopped spring onions, garlic, then added the chicken, fried, & added the intense chicken stock. i cooked the chicken for about 5-6 mins, just tender not overcooked. then i removed the chicken & cooked cut taupok strips in the gravy. heat up & add 2tbsp 花雕酒 just before serving to bring forth the 花雕酒 aroma.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 1/2 cut chicken (i used 1.4kg large chicken from sheng shiong or giant)
  • 2cm sliced ginger
  • 2 tsp chopped garlic
  • 2 stalk scallions
  • 1 cut chilli padi
  • 6 taupok cut into 4strips each


  • 4 tbsp chinese wine 花雕酒
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1/2 tbsp corn flour


  1. marinate 1/2 chicken for 2 hrs in chinese wine 花雕酒, sesame oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce & good light soy sauce.
  2. fry ginger, chilli padi, garlic till fragrant. add marinade from the chicken & cooked the vegetables.
  3. add chicken, fry, & add the intense chicken stock. xook chicken for about 5-6 mins, just tender not overcooked. then remove chicken & cook cut taupok strips in the gravy.
  4. heat up & add 2tbsp 花雕酒 just before serving to bring forth the 花雕酒 aroma.

Teochew Fried Crayfish with Egg & Onions

teochew fried crayfish egg onions

the teochew fried crayfish egg onions was really “pang”, fragrant with good wok hae.

crayfish from chinatown market

wife said some crayfish weren’t the freshest. i got those from chinatown market, no choice from the stall which i thought was not honest, but no choice, only crayfish that day.

still quite ok la…

teochew fried crayfish egg onions

i did the dish beforehand. fried with chili padi & chopped onions, cut spring onions & chopped garlic, softened the onions, then added 2 eggs, added some oyster sauce, fried fragrant & set aside.

then i fried the crayfish with cut chili padi, sliced ginger & chopped garlic, a little fish sauce, and set aside.

when serving, i heat up the egg onions, added the crayfish, stir-fried, the served.

a superb dish for the occasion!

c.h.e.f andy


  • 8 medium crayfish (16 halves)
  • 2 chili padi
  • 1 whole large onion (sliced)
  • 1 stalk cut spring onions
  • 1 tbsp chopped garlic
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce


  1. cut crayfish in halves with kitchen sears  (scissors)
  2. fry chili padi & chopped onions, cut spring onions & chopped garlic, softened the onions, add 2 eggs, add some oyster sauce, fry fragrant & set aside.
  3. fry the crayfish with cut chili padi, sliced ginger & chopped garlic, a little fish sauce, and set aside
  4. when serving, i heat up the egg onions, added the crayfish, stir-fried, the served.

The Best Sharks Cartilage & Salted Egg Bittergourd @ Zai Shun on 17Sep2017

3 dishes – sharks cartilage, bittergourd & 金针 lily stems

went with sis & bil to zai shun for lunch about 1130am on 17.9.2017. ^^

carpark was packed as usual. luckily we did not have to wait long & the carpark lot was just at the shop…turnover was quite fast.

there was a queue (about 7pax) & also waiting for tables. sis got a good table for 3 of us after 5mins wait.

steamed sharks cartilage in taujeon lime sauce

as i am having my 14-day vegetarian challenge ending 30.9.2017 with a good friend DP, i ordered for 2pax.

zai shun is famous for steam fish of course. but i not interested in steam fish as honestly, i can steam very nice red garoupa from chinatown etc at home & so easy to do i don’t really feel there is much difference la…

the 2 dishes here that are must order for me is the sharks cartilage & the salted egg bittergourd.

the steamed sharks cartilage in taujeon lime sauce is an outstanding dish here..the gelatinous sharks cartilage just fantastic & the sauce was perfect. i had taken this 2 times before though i not eating it today.

i also tried replicating the taujeon lime sauce. i did a pretty good one with a taujoen lime sauce angkorli fillet. never quite the same of course.

salted egg bittergourd

the salted egg bittergourd here literally has no peers la!

the nearest that came to this was what i had at restoran ah kaw in pelangi JB.

still it was not quite…

salted egg bittergourd

i took just a little, so it was a huge serving for 2pax but it was their standard size whatever pax.


i hardly ever take 金针…

this stir-fried lily stem dish quite unique really.

the lily stems have a special flavour, and overall it was a nice dish.


it’s not a must order dish for me.

other than cooked dishes, zai shun has like 8 cooked dishes mostly vegetables which they can serve on plates for varying sizes of order rightaway. a few like this lily stems are hot dishes (heated) so we ordered this today.

2pax lunch (good for 3pax) was like S$56. i think maybe sharks cartilage was S$40, salted egg bittergourd S$10 or S$12, and 金针 S$3 or S$5, and S$1 for 2 rice/porridge.

sis & bil enjoyed the lunch tremendously!

c.h.e.f andy


Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char


253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-205, Singapore 600253

Jolly Good Salted Egg Bittergourd on 23Aug2017

salted egg bittergourd

egg bittergourd with salted egg was my attempt to replicate the famous dish at zai shun. 

i would think it was pretty good.

i did this for the 7pax OPS buddies dinner on 23.8.2017.

one friend (FM) picked this as her no 1 dish. another (LCH) commented the bittergourd had zero bitter taste (which FM didn’t mind).

i agreed. for me also i think some bitter taste would be better. basically i cleaned, soaked in water for 1 day in the fridge, changed water many times. will do less next time.

i felt the salted egg flavours did not come out enough though. maybe the salted egg i used wasn’t a very good one.

nothing beats zai shun’s outstanding dish of course….

but my version is getting close, though may never quite reach that standard…

i did not add any fish sauce because of the salted egg, but after tasting, i added some oyster sauce. maybe i will add more oyster sauce next time.

c.h.e.f andy



  • 1 medium bittergourd juliened
  • 1 whole salted egg, boiled & chopped
  • 1 tbsp chopped garlic
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 chili padi
  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce


  1. julien 1 medium bittergourd. wash with salt & soak in water. change water several times.
  2. fry 1 cut chili padi & tbsp chopped garlic in 1tbsp oil. add the juliened bittergourd. add 1 chopped salted egg.
  3. over high fire, crack 2 eggs & allow the egg to cook before breaking up & mixing with the bittergourd. taste the dish & add some oyster sauce if required.