Satisfaction Guaranteed Dimsum @ Timhowan Shamshuipo 添好运 on 12Sep2017 (Day3 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

dimsum at timhowan shamshuipo

we had plan to go timhowan at shamshuipo about 4pm on the day of our arrival on 10.9.2017.

but we had a late roast goose lunch at chan kee roast goose 深圳陈记烧鹅 at mongkok, so was quite full. also weather was hot & we took refuge at our metropark hotel room. ^^

opening queue at timhowan

opening queue at timhowan

anyhow this morning we decided to go timhowan before opening at 10am on 12.9.2017. ^^

we arrived 9.50am. the queue was like 12pax. it was quite fine as timhowan would seat all in the first seating so it’s only 10mins wait.

basically full on opening

basically full on opening

& the queue grew & basically restaurant was full on opening. 🙂

crispy char siew pao

crispy char siew pao

i order crispy char siew pao, one of the 4 heavenly kings here 四大天王.

very nice, crispy skin & not too sweet char siew filling inside. a very good one really..

dimsum at timhowan shamshuipo

liver cheong fun 润肠

ordered the liver cheong fun 润肠 also.

it’s another of the 4 heavenly kings四大天王 dishes. 🙂

steamed pork rib chicken feet rice

we ordered steamed pork rib chicken feet rice , a favourite dimsum item for me, not so comoon in singapore dimsum places.

steamed pork rib chicken feet rice

steamed pork rib chicken feet rice

rice very nice especially with the sauce.

steamed pork rib chicken feet rice

really goo!

later we poured the steamed pork ribs & steamed pork ribs. 🙂

steamed chicken feet

steamed chicken feet very nice! flufy from deepfry & great texture, very tasty sauce & a wonderful dish.

steamed pork ribs

steamed pork ribs excellent too! it was meaty & tasty, unlike some dimsum restaurants in singapore where they were sometimes fat & bony.

hum swee kok咸水饺

i ordered hum swee kok咸水饺. pretty good too, but maybe not so special!

dimsum HKS$120nett for 2

break fast was HK$120 for 2pax.

pretty good, i figured. never been disappointed, satisfaction guaranteed every time!

c.h.e.f andy


Timhowan @ shamshuipo


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