Great Beef Brisket Noodles 牛三宝面=牛腩牛根牛肚at牛棚 on 10Sep2017 (Day1 of Hong Kong/Shenzhen Trip 10-14Sep2017)

牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 HK$38

It was hot 28degC..not as humid as singapore but still..sep not good time to visit HK…

last 2 times came i came hong kong eat & hike best…

  1. with RI bros 6pax in jan2016
  2. with OPS bros 4pax in feb2017

went back to metropark room & slept 4-7pm

still full so walked around fa yun street stalls etc then go to 容记小菜王 next to metropark about 820pm…long queue & taking numbers…they said they said come back 9pm.


We decided to go 牛棚 at fa yuen street for our beef brosket noodles, my other favourite eat other than roast goose in hong kong. ^^

牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 HK$38

we ordered the 牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 HK$38 , a bowl each.

it was good. an enjoyable bowl, tender beef briskets, beef tendons & beef stomach. noodles were nice, qq, not soggy, and soup was flavourful, the strong tasting type.

but i was not completely satisfied. somehow the 牛腩 beef brisket was not the best cut, not the ones with good collagen 胶 tendonous kid…

later on 14.9.2017, we had a  牛腩面 beef brisket noodles at kuen kee 权记 & there the 牛腩 beef brisket was really good, and so we ordered just pure 牛腩面 beef brisket noodles, and not the combo. so good….that later la..

牛三宝=牛腩牛根牛肚 HK$38

took 牛三宝面=牛腩牛根牛肚good

we asked the young chef about the different cuts of brisket.

chef explained difference of 炕腩(top-lean & more 脆), 蹦沙腩(have 胶 or collagen) and normal 腩 (bottom). he said 蹦沙腩 limited supply as every cow only has so much of it.

this is 蹦沙腩

later we passed by another shop. they advertised the 蹦沙牛腩饭. didn’t try it as no occasion to pass by or go there specially.

c.h.e.f andy