Meepok Tar @ Sunny Fishball 6th Avenue on 20Nov2013

meepok tar

meepok tar

running some errands & dropped by 6th avenue in the morning on 20.11.2013. good good coffeeshop where jalan tua kong bakchormee stall was located was closed for renovation, so i stopped by sunny fishball at the other corner coffeeshop. 🙂

sunny fishball noodles

sunny fishball noodles

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meepok tar

meepok tar

had not eaten here for a while. the meepok tar was good. everything from fishballs, meatball, minced prok, fishcake to qq noodles & garnishings were all good. the chilli was also good.if i have to make comparison with jalan tua kong bakchormee stall, perhaps that one was a little spicier & maybe that gave more kick. cannot tell! 🙂

there are so many good meepok tar stalls around (just like chicken rice stalls etc) so it was not difficult to find a good stall & the difference maybe quite marginal.

c.h.e.f. andy


3 thoughts on “Meepok Tar @ Sunny Fishball 6th Avenue on 20Nov2013

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