Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 22Jul2021

delivered homecooked dinner to brother family on 22.7.2021.^^


  1. 花雕酒蒸鸡加土豆
  2. 沙煲冬粉虾
  3. 腩肉炒四季豆

c.h.e.f andy


30th HCA Hospice Care 25pax Lunch on 22Jul2021

made & delivered HCA Hospice Care 25pax lunch today on 22.7.2021.^^

  1. 花雕酒steamed chicken
  2. assam dory fillet
  3. stirfried carrots with purple cabbage

c.h.e.f andy

Jap Theme 4-course Special Set Dinner @ 8picure on 21Jul2021

wife organised 4pax dinner with wen yu & su lin @ 8picure on 21.7.2021.^^

we ordered 2 sets (new jap theme special set dinner menu by chef Gabriel really excellent!) to share-

1 hotate tataki with cauliflower, jap curry cous cous & cauliflower puree (I going to try making this dish)

2 mentaiko & crabmeat pasta – really delicious..chef Gabriel every pasta great!)

3 NZ venison ..really excellent! the best non beef steak la

4macha panna cotta..very good dessert..though I like his tiramisu & usual panna cotta more

& wife and son had the sake pairing 4x125ml glass sake per pax!

chef Gabriel really incredibly talented..the dishes whether appetiser pasta mains desserts all excellent, and this new set no different.

every dish is good.

it is a big serving 4 course for 1 person, and worth every penny..excellent ingredients, presentation, most importantly taste!

I would say superb…like I said above, the NZ venison loin the best non beef steak I had!

& of course we added alacarte orders-

  1. galician octopus
  2. lobster pasta (chef Gabriel best of every great pastas)
  3. 2 x 120g ohmi A4 wagyu

we just had the excellent grilled octopus at la tapiera yesterday, and we all agree this Galician octopus even better, so tender…

& the lobster pasta here is the best ever I had at any restaurant!

the ohmi A4 wagyu was just awesome…

excellent family dinner, every time, at 8picure…

so glad we were able to organise this family dinner last dine in before return to heightened phase 2 covid no dine in!

c.h.e.f andy



Address: 428 River Valley Rd, #01-04, Singapore 248327

Located in: Loft @ Nathan 7RVH+R4 Singapore   

Contact: 6677 1075   

Opening hours:

Tues to Sat (closed sun, mon)12–2pm 6–10pm

S$38 3-Course + Coffee Set Lunch @ La Tapiera on 20Jul2021

3pax lunch wife wife & daughter @ la tapiera on 20.7.2021.^^

managed to find time for family 3pax lunch at our favourite tapas restaurant. turned out to be a short window for die in this week and all 3 of us vaccinated.. this period covid quite jialat for F&B operators also..

la tapiera offers a really great 3-course set lunch inc coffee, and S$20 off for S$100 spend with stanchart card.

this a newer menu…

tuna tartare was great,

& grilled octopus our perennial good! (both have S$6 supplement)

didn’t have my favourite lamb rump..tried the lamb leg last time, same preparation alas not same texture/dish/results…

.but the iberico plums was good too, not as good though…

& the seafood stew very good, one of the best too…(both have S$6 supplement)

I not much into churros, ok with it..

I thought the chocolate tart (S$3 supplement) was very good last time…recently wife made chocolate tart also, and now having this second time, actually wife’s much better ls…

pavlova wife and daughter liked, not really my kind of dessert…will stick with chocolate tart or maybe cheese next time..

we had picolo latte, really the standard not good as my son’s or tiong hoe’s..basically the microfoam or lack of, didn’t integrate well with the coffee, so not silky like what son made.

c.h.e.f andy


La Taperia

Address:1 Scotts Rd, 02-10/11, Singapore 228208Located in: Shaw Centre Office 8336

Opening Hours:


Wonderful 3pax Lunch with SIS & BIL@ Ah Yat Grandstand on 19Jul2021

3pax lunch with sis & bil @ ah yat grandstand 19.7.2021.^^

this covid period. very tough for F&B…many changes on dining in requirements.

today we had the opportunity (turned out to be very short window) to dine out 3pax all vaccinated.

ah yat food as delicious as always.

3pax about S$115 if I remember correctly…good standard food very enjoyable lunch.

c.h.e.f andy


Ah Yat Seafood @ Grandstand

Address#03-01/02, The Grandstand, 200Turf Club Road, 287994

Reservations+65 6884 6884+65 68832112

Opening Hours

Daily: 11:30 – 14:30

Daily: 17:30 – 22:30

Good 4pax Lunch @ Kai Duck on 18Jul2021

PT & wenyu bought 4pax dinner @ kai duck this evening on 18.7.2021.^^

not that great actually..

roast duck same style about 店小二standard..not as good as JB..& not as good as xin cuisine & silk restaurant slightly different style..

char siew mediocre not as good as imperial treasure or even chef kang

sweet & sour soup below average..酸菜鱼 ok* ..poached red garoupa slices very fresh & great, soup a tad sour, salty, spicy, not the best ..

chilled lala clams* appetising,

duck cone temaki quite nice with roast duck sauce added ourselves & crispy cone nice..

duck beehoon very tasty, string beans very good too.

overall 3-4 I guess and expensive…

for me xin cuisine much better quality standard

c.h.e.f andy

  • P.S. wife went back with colleagues for 4pax S$78 roast duck set lunch..they loved the 酸菜鱼and also the chilled Lala clams…


Kai Duck @ Ngee Ann City


391 Orchard Rd, #05-10/11 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238872



Opening hours


1pax Haemee Tar using spaghetti & beehoon, large prawns on 17Jul2021

made 1pax haemee tar again with spaghetti, beehoon, large prawns on 17.7.2021.^^

as good as before.

quick, east, satisfying meal……/recipe-1pax-prawn-mee-tar-on…/

c.h.e.f andy

Wonderful Homecooked Family Dinner on 16Jul2021

children came back for dinner on 16.7.2021.^^

wife made salad. always tokkong!

aunty bes made chicken wings & octopus calamari & halibut….chicken wings and calamari always good..

grilled halibut I prefer to brown & crisp, wife liked this as she thought inside more’s easy to crispy and still inside tender…

I will make this for SL’s birthday dinner next Friday.

I made oven sous vide reverse sear pork collar…children loved this pork super tender & tasty and the ratatouille was excellent!

for ratatouille I browned garlic then added 1 peeled chopped fresh tomatoes, the added chopped red pepper and zucchini …then chicken stock and red wine and reduced, add to pork chop in oven dish 90degC oven 1 hr about 65degC meat temp, then pangrilled…

recipe see here.

this cheap frozen pork collar from chinatown market…next Friday will use the Atas Aussie pork ribs.

& seafood squidink pasta

& youngest daughter SL mirin angus ribeye steak.

wonderful family dinner & time with grandson mr K.

c.h.e.f andy

Delivered Homecooked Dinner to Brother Family on 15Jul2021

delivered dinner to brother family on 15.7.2021.^^


  1. 白斩鸡 1 kampung chicken + chicken rice
  2. 烧肉 roast pork
  3. stirfried kailan

kampung chicken very good, smooth and tender and sweet, homemade chilli was good always, and the sauce was perfect.

made mistake on 烧肉temp..

should be oven @130degC 2hrs then 20mins 250degC I put lower temp had to rescue so 40mins 250degC

tested the skin was crackling but still not blistered…meat was ok not overcooked because wide square slab and sides covered with aluminium foil, but would have been even better otherwise….

c.h.e.f Andy

40% Discounts Very Good Dimsum @ Canton Paradise Bedok Mall on 15Jul2021

had 3pax lunch with sis & bil @ canton paradise bedok mall 40% discounts weekday 3-5pm on 15.7.2021.^^

canton paradise dimsum really good, basically HK standard la!

we had 7 dimsum – hargao, spicy dumplings 抄手, crispy char diew pao, 珍珠鸡, steamed pork ribs, steamed chicken feet, har cheong PLUS beef brisket noodles dry…^^

& just S$42.45 after 40% discounts!

every dish was good…maybe hargao skin not as good as imperial treasure, hargao almost as smooth as HK…

steamed pork ribs and chicken feet were perfect! and beef brisket noodles dry was super!

c.h.e.f andy


Canton Paradise @ Bedok Mall


311 New Upper Changi Rd, #B2-10, Singapore 467360



Opening Hours:


Brother Delivered Homecooked Dinner on 13Jul2021

brother delivered dinner on 13.7.2021.^^

  1. 花蟹 flower crabs
  2. 黄尾鱼(俗称番薯鱼)
  3. 秋葵 lady fingers
  4. 冬粉虾 tanhoon prawns
  5. 青木瓜汤(这个木瓜太生、太硬了

very nice homecooked dinner. tanhoon prawns and ladyfingers delicious! brother’s vegetables always very nice!

c.h.e.f andy

Best Lunch Sakura Omakase @ Kuriya Dining on 13Jul2021

wife bought lunch sakura omakase @ kuriya dining great world city

  1. sesame tofu with foie gras, crabmeat, ikura sashimi
  2. sashimi moriawase – kinmedai, kampachi, amaebi, chutoro, sea grape (a sea weed)
  3. grilled kamasu-Japanese barracuda
  4. poached fish with very nice sauce (like beurre blanc sauce)
  5. kagoshima wagyu steak
  6. sushi moriawase individually served- sutuki (Jap seabass), aburi akaebi(forgot to take photo), unagi temaki handroll, uni, binchotan aburi otoro
  7. dessert-Japanese melon super sweet

really shiok, delicious lunch, one of the best omakase I had for the price. this the sakura omakase @ S$138, the mid price omakase good enough for me la! 🙂

of course kuriya dining omakase dinner even better la!

c.h.e.f andy

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Kuriya Dining Address:1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01 – 127 Great World, Singapore 237994Located in: Great World City7RVJ+7Q 0888Opening Hours:


RECIPE = Perfecto! Oven Sous Vide Reverse Sear Australian Pork Chop on 11Jul2021

after tasting the best ever super tender pork chop @ silk’s bistro blue mountains

I decided to make my own using atas S$38/kg pork chop from Cold Storage – more expensive than beef leh!

using the sous vide machine.

today lazy decided to use oven instead! on 12.7.2021.^^

super tender & tasty slow roast reverse sear aussie pork chop in tomato red wine saucethese best! – excellent texture & taste.


  1. brown garlic cloves, add 1 skinless chopped tomato & 1/2 red pepper (i use 1 chilli proxy..if got zucchini will be perfect!)
  2. add red wine & chicken stock & reduce
  3. place clean pork chop seasoned with seasalt & coarse black pepper in oven dish. pour ratatouille over pork chop.add slab of butter
  4. place in 90degC oven for 1 hour (meat temp about 65degC)
  5. add little butter & sear both side..


c.h.e.f andy

RECIPE = 1pax Prawn Mee Tar on 11Jul2021

children ordered prawn noodles from prawn house at Ghim oh today.

I took some from wife. it was good!

decided to try 1pax prawn mee tar myself👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻using spaghetti & beehoon lol!🤣 on 11.7.2021.^^

almost as good.

I don’t make prawn noodles as jessie made it so well and I got invited often lol!

& usually got to make large quantity fry and boil lots of prawn heads and shells for stock etc…lay cheh la!

today I use what I have…didn’t expect much.

no yellow noodles no problem la use spaghetti.

good thing I still have excellent large prawns..

just cook spaghetti, and beehoon separately..very small portion for me..:-)

did my usual mee tar…1/2 tsp fish sauce, 1tsp oyster sauce, 2tsp black vinegar, 1tsp tomato sauce, lots 1tbsp+ crispy prawn chilli, 1tbsp oil….

boil 4 large prawns deveined in chicken stock…

& it was very good, almost excellent!

best thing was the soup basically a very tasty prawn stock soup..of course very important very little soup (reduced)..and because the prawn heads and tomalley, very very tasty..

shiok la!^^

c.h.e.f andy

煙花易冷 (霍尊 + 降央卓瑪)

谱    曲 周杰伦

填    词 方文山

such incredible lyrics & singing, mesmerising tale of everlasting love

煙花易冷 人事易分
三生三世 千年之恋

brief synopsis-

general fell in love with lady in northern wei capital city luoyang

general went to war, luoyang was sacked

lady waited an eternity, finally entering the qielan temple became a nun

general finally returned and lady already passed on


繁華聲 遁入空門 折煞了世人

sound of the bustling world enters the realm of nothingness leaving regrets for all

夢偏冷 輾轉一生 情債又幾本

dream getting cold, always turning and tossing, how many books of love indebtedness?

如妳默認 生死枯等

should you acknowledge, ever awaiting in live or in death..

枯等一圈 又一圈的年輪

awaiting the tree rings, circle and the next circle of life

浮屠塔 斷了幾層 斷了誰的魂

buddha stupa how many levels broken?*whose soul has it broken?

痛直奔 一盞殘燈 傾塌的山門

the pain gushes towards a fading lamp, a collapsed mountain gate

容我再等 歷史轉身

allow me to wait still, let history turn around

等酒香醇 等妳彈 一曲古箏

wait for the wine to mellow, wait for you to play a song on the guzheng

雨紛紛 舊故里草木深

it’s drizzling, our old hometown with deep undergrowth..

我聽聞 妳始終一個人

I heard, you remain single and alone

斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根

the ancient tree trunks entangled around the mottled city gate

石板上迴盪的是 再等

the stone bench reverberates “wait on”..

雨紛紛 舊故里草木深

it’s drizzling, our old hometown with deep undergrowth..

我聽聞 妳仍守著孤城

I heard, you still keeping vigil in the abandoned city..

城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村

sound of cowherd flute in the suburbs, falling on which uncharted village?

緣份落地生根是 我們

we, our fate, have landed and borrowed roots

聽青春 迎來笑聲 羨煞許多人

hear the sound and laughter of youth, admired by so many…

那史冊 溫柔不肯 下筆都太狠

the history, gentle and unwilling, to record too ruthlessly

煙花易冷 人事易分

the fireworks easily turn cold, and people and things easily gone apart…

而妳在問我是否還 認真

and you are asking me if I am still serious?

千年後 累世情深 還有誰在等

after a thousand years, of tired world and deep affection, who is still waiting?

而青史 豈能不真 魏書洛陽城

and history records, cannot be untrue, the book on wei luoyang…

如妳在跟 前世過門

should you be following, wedding me in a previous life…

跟著紅塵 跟隨我 浪跡一生

follow the terra cota dream, follow me. a life of nomadic wandering…

雨紛紛 舊故里草木深

it’s drizzling, our old hometown with deep undergrowth..

我聽聞 妳始終一個人

I heard, you remain single and alone

斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根

the ancient tree trunks entangled around the mottled city gate

石板上迴盪的是 再等

the stone bench reverberates “wait on”..

雨紛紛 舊故里草木深

it’s drizzling, our old hometown with deep undergrowth..

我聽聞 妳始終一個人

I heard, you remain single and alone

斑駁的城門 盤踞著老樹根

the ancient tree trunks entangled around the mottled city gate

石板上迴盪的是 再等

the stone bench reverberates “wait on”..

雨紛紛 舊故里草木深

it’s drizzling, our old hometown with deep undergrowth..

我聽聞 妳仍守著孤城

I heard, you still keeping vigil in the abandoned city..

城郊牧笛聲 落在那座野村

sound of cowherd flute in the suburbs, falling on which uncharted village?

緣份落地生根是 我們

we, our fate, have landed and borrowed roots

緣份落地生根是 我們

we, our fate, have landed and borrowed roots

伽藍寺聽雨聲盼 永恆

at the qielan temple listening to sound of rain and contemplating eternity

*building every level of stupa is accumulating merits for afterlife, the highest is 7 levels…