Bakuteh and Chicken Rice 3pax Lunch on 7Jul2021

made 3pax lunch with LCH & beng san on 7.7.2021.^^

  1. aussie prime rib bkt
  2. 1/2 kampung chicken 白斩鸡
  3. stirfried Chinese cabbage

beng san brought fruits – jackfruit cherry & pears.

CCG was unable to join cos taking of urgent family matter.

today bkt was excellent…perfect texture, bite and taste!

easy to overcook this tender meat… today I cooked 40mins instead usual 1hr for Indonesian prime ribs.

Cold Storage had special discounts at S$26.90/kg for the aussie prime ribs (usual S$38/kg once S$40/kg)…

c/w Sheng Shiong S$22.90/kg Indonesia prime ribs which have huge long bone plus useless huge loin meat (not always possible to pick the smaller ends), this far better quality prime rib is also more worthwhile…I usually buy even at S$38/kg!

1/2 kampung chicken 白斩鸡 perfect too. tender, moist sweet, and I served with ginger sauce, homemade chilli and dark sauce.

& chicken rice very flavourful…

chinese cabbage was just whatever I had left in the fridge. lol!

we chatted quite long after lunch…had a great time with RI bros today…

c.h.e.f andy


太极大师晚宴 Taiji Masters Dinner LOL!!! on 4Jul2021

made dinner for Lisa and my taiji class masters on 4.7.2021.^^



  1. sausage claypot rice 腊味煲仔饭
  2. teochew braised pork trotters 卤元蹄
  3. hk steamed soon hock 港蒸笋壳
  4. tofu prawns 豆腐虾
  5. saliva chicken 口水鸡drunken chicken 醉鸡
  6. 3 egg spinach 3蛋蕹菜


“多谢 Lisa and Andy 的 款待,我们今晚才有这么好的一餐。👏👏👏👍🏼😋

been attending taiji class with wife almost 2 yrs liao, becoming an important activity in our life, also meeting the few but regular friends every saturday…

dishes are all good this evening..they liked the claypot rice, hk steamed soon hock and spinach, V and Lisa don’t take mala, so most the drunken chicken…师父and daughter liked both saliva chicken 口水鸡drunken chicken 醉鸡, and I think 师父 liked the ter kar – braised pork trotters 卤元蹄 best. lol!

not much said of the tofu prawns 豆腐虾…it’s a tasty dish too but I guess nothing special…wife always prefer my tanhoon prawns to tofu prawns.

had a great time, and S made a very nice video afterwards…great memories to relish…

c.h.e.f andy