Delivered Delicious Lunch to Wife’s Office on 2Jul2021

made lunch for wife’s office on 2.7.2021.^^

  1. seafood squidink pasta
  2. oven slow roast kampung chicken (my best thus far …super moist & tender…1.1kg kampung chicken 100degC 1.5hrs 250degC 12mins)
  3. miso glazed large prawns

roast chicken was excellent today…all the staff loved it, super tender, moist, tasty.

I lightly salted the chicken skin and inside cavity, marinated with EVO on skin and inside cavity and with truffle olive oil below the skin and also inserted sliced garlic. chicken roasted 1.5hrs at 100degC and 12mins at 250degC. super!!!

the squid ink past was excellent too, very tasty sauce of red pepper and leek ratatouille, with reduced white wine and chicken stock.

the staff had a wonderful lunch, spirit lifting in this covid times permit only 2pax dining out or ordering in.

c.h.e.f andy


Delivered Dinner to Brother Family on 1Jul2021

delivered homecooked dinner for brother family on 1.7.2021.^^


  1. 豆酱蒸鸡
  2. 沙煲冬粉虾
  3. fried 奶白baby shanghai green with shitake.

excellent tanhoon prawns, very flavourful with lot of haebee and also coriander with roots.

very good chicken too, tasty taujeon sauce.

c.h.e.f andy

RECIPE = Duck Confit Ragout Bucatini on 30Jun2021

decided to make duck confit ragout pasta this evening on 30.6.2021.

I made this once before here.

bought a S$4.50 boneless duck thigh from sheng shiong.

just confit in duck fat, crisping the skin by cold pan low fire.

recipe below-

  1. clean duck leg. lightly salt, add 2 tbsp EVO rub and marinate 1hr
  2. low fire fry duck fat (taken from duck leg) in pan, place duck leg skin down fry till crisp (about 6mins)..turn over..add chicken stock, cover, boil low fire 1.5-2hrs
  3. brown 1 whole bulb garlic cloves in 1 tbsp olive oil..add 1/2 zucchini 1 red pepper cube cut..add salt, black pepper, soften to make ratatouille..
  4. remove duck & pour reduced stock & oil to ratatouille..
  5. cut 5,6 duck slices with skin for display..cut remaining & mix into ragout sauce
  6. boil bucatini 1min before aldente & add to ragout sauce
  7. when serving, heat up, can add shredded parmesan cheese & basil

the sauce & duck very good.

I use bucatini. son thought it would be better with tagliatelle or penn pasta basically a flat pasta which ragout sauce attached better.

I thought the pasta was good as it is but certainly a flat pasta would be better.

c.h.e.f Andy

Family Celebration Homegourmet Dinner for PT on 30Jun2021

wife organised family dinner to celebrate important event for PT on 30.6.2021.^^

Lisa made salad & grilled lamb fillet. son cooked angus ribeye

I made a duck leg confit ragout bucatini..

c.h.e.f andy

OPS RI Bros Homegourmet Dinner on 28Jun2021

made RI OPS bros 6pax dinner on 28.6.2021.^^

5 visitors WT, WM, HC, CCG, NCL…


  1. spanish omelette
  2. bouillabaisse – marseille seafood stew
  3. slow roast aussie pork ribs
  4. miso glazed large prawns
  5. sausage linguine
  6. scallops & squid squidink pasta

bouillabaisse very good as usual, very tasty and excellent ingredients, miso glazed prawn and 2 pastas all good, friends commented squid ink better..

though my bedder with cheddar cheese sausage past good too, but I know it was not as good as Aunty Bes’…she perfected it!

spanish omelette ok, not my usual best, I think not salty enough to bring out the taste.

somewhat disappointed with the slow braised aussie prime thicker and heavier than the usual I prepare.. texture less tender than my usual though I have checked meat temp was ok, should have oven grilled/browned for longer.

WT brought 甘香蛤, a very tasty sauce cockles…excellent!

CCG brought baguette and nonya kueh from bengawan solo…

HC brought red wine.

and WM brought mow & D13 durians, and also mangoes.

we had karaoke after dinner…sang some songs..

had a great evening with good bros.

c.h.e.f andy