OPS RI Bros Homegourmet Dinner on 28Jun2021

made RI OPS bros 6pax dinner on 28.6.2021.^^

5 visitors WT, WM, HC, CCG, NCL…


  1. spanish omelette
  2. bouillabaisse – marseille seafood stew
  3. slow roast aussie pork ribs
  4. miso glazed large prawns
  5. sausage linguine
  6. scallops & squid squidink pasta

bouillabaisse very good as usual, very tasty and excellent ingredients, miso glazed prawn and 2 pastas all good, friends commented squid ink better..

though my bedder with cheddar cheese sausage past good too, but I know it was not as good as Aunty Bes’…she perfected it!

spanish omelette ok, not my usual best, I think not salty enough to bring out the taste.

somewhat disappointed with the slow braised aussie prime ribs..it thicker and heavier than the usual I prepare.. texture less tender than my usual though I have checked meat temp was ok, should have oven grilled/browned for longer.

WT brought 甘香蛤, a very tasty sauce cockles…excellent!

CCG brought baguette and nonya kueh from bengawan solo…

HC brought red wine.

and WM brought mow & D13 durians, and also mangoes.

we had karaoke after dinner…sang some songs..

had a great evening with good bros.

c.h.e.f andy


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