Crabless Beehoon (with Prawn & Oysters)

crabless beehoon (with prawns & oysters)

crabless beehoon (with prawns & oysters)

“crabless” beehoon 1 of the 3 “newer” dishes i did for my friends at a 9pax homecooked lunch yesterday on 9.3.2015.

i first did this Prawn & Oyster Beehoon (the Crab Beehoon Style) 2 weeks ago, inspired?? or more correctly spurred on by the disenchanting experience with crab beehoon at seng kee the few of us had recently.

anyway i was happy enough with the results first time to put my friends to the test, the only slight difference was the larger portion i had to cook for 9pax c/w my first experiment. i had also other food like chilli crab angel hair (w/o crab) and curry chicken noodles etc though, so the portion was still manageable. 🙂

i fried some chopped shallots, garlic, 2 chilli padi & 1 cm sliced ginger in oil in a wok on medium to a nice aroma. then i added the cleaned chinese cabbage & fried till it softened, and added some fish sauce. i removed the vegetables and added about 300g of beehoon softened in cold water & stir fried a short while. then i added the prawn stock together with the unshelled prawns & turned the fire up to reduce the stock. i added 2tablespoon of oyster sauce & 1 tablespoon of cornflour.

once the stock was reduced and checked for taste & making sure the beehoon was not overcooked, i added the oysters & some cooked prawns (which i butter-fried earlier), covered it with the beehoon, let it cooked for very short time & off the fire.

it was a very delicious dish!^^ may not be really so outstanding, but it was still probably better than seng kee’s which was more like a singapore fried beehoon than a crab beehoon.

c.h.e.f andy


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