3hrs Wait & Still Enjoyable Dinner @ Jamie’s Italian Vivocity on 2Aug2013

rump steak salad

rump steak salad

this was a most memorable dinner for the 5 of us on 2.8.2013.

it started with a friend who turned down our invite to join a group makan because he “had too much good food” & “overwhelmed” with work. then he whatsapped us to say he was going for this jamie’s italain dinner.  then started a string of delectable food photos on group whatsapp, so we were quite underwhelmed by his reasons & logic. but it was forgivable as he was invited for this pre-food tasting at jamie’s. 🙂

that’s not the end of the story of course. we were having this birthday dinner at Mikuni for another friend 2+ weeks back. an email reminder went out 1-2days before & he was emphatically pushing for some details to be done his way..haha.. so when we sat down for dinner & he was nowhere to be found, we told ourselves he could not have forgotten & guess what when we finally decided to call 1/2hr later he was at home and had already had dinner with his mom, very commendable of course. 🙂

anyway that was how this make-up birthmonth (alas, even the birth month had passed!) dinner came about. hahaha…

it was not possible to make a phone reservation at jamie’s, so we arranged to queue for a reservation. on 2.8.2013, 1 of us queued for 45mins & gotten a reservation at 7.05pm. we finally got our table at 8.55pm!





so we got ourselves seated at the bar & entertained ourselves for almost 2hrs. fortunately we were such good friends it was very enjoyable just chatting & taking some finger food with prosecco. the calamari was very good, tasty inside with crispy slightly fluffy batter like tempura. the nachos & the tomato sauce dip was great too!

jamie's italian at 9pm

jamie’s italian at 9pm

time (even 2hrs) passed quickly when you were having fun. it was time for us to get a table. our friend struck up a conversation with the very friendly, affable, helpful Amy, the manager, who recognised him from the earlier food tasting. before we knew it, we were ushered to a private room.

meat & fish planls

meat & fish planks

20130802_211257 20130802_211405

Seeing that we had waited almost 3hrs to finally get seated, Amy arranged to serve us their popular fish & meat planks antipasti.

both were very good.  the meat plank had cheese with fruit jam on crackers, some pickles, salami, beef, ham & St Daniels prosciutto (aged ham).  the fish plank came with fish fritters, mussels & clams, some mackerels on toast, & some salmon carpaccio (that looked like tuna?)

20130802_211429 20130802_211439

we also had very nice polenta and some croquettes – both were very good! 🙂

squid ink pasta with seafood

squid ink pasta with seafood

white truffle risotto

white truffle risotto

we were kind of full actually after the planks so we ordered only 3 mains. the aussie grain-fed rump steak salad(top photo) was excellent with BBQ charred flavour & tender for rump cut, & the salad was great. 🙂

the white truffle risotto was very fragrant tasty & much to my liking.  our friend though said it was not as fragrant as what he had last time for food tasting. 🙂 the seafood squid ink pasta was also very tasty though it was not squid ink sauce but pasta only with a plain sauce.


2 of us were not much into dessert so we shared just 1 panna cotta for 5pax & we all had coffee/tea. it was good too! 🙂

it was an excellent dinner outing for the 5 of us! more the company & time together, but the food was good too. on this night also we were given a private room plus complimentary antipasti. because of the excellent service by Amy & also Renci (a very pleasant cheery Singapore girl studying medicine at glasgow, & as it turned out 1 of our RI friend son’s primary school classmate – small world indeed!), the host gave a cash tip on top of the usual ++ service charge. 🙂

i estimated the food including 2 planks, 3 mains, 1 dessert, 5 coffee/tea & the earlier prosecco & bar food (calamari & nachos) would cost $325 (excluding the tip & assuming the planks were not complimentary). though the service floored us, the food was good & maybe just slightly different from usual fare. at this price, I would certainly go back again but not if i have to wait in queue & 1,2 or 3 hrs to get seated (we heard some waited 5hrs). that’s just me. w/o my wonderful friend, i would not have tried for this adventure & gain the unexpected which made life interesting (this time round it was a very pleasant surprise).

anyway i later checked on the internet & jamie’s was booked full for oct2013 dinners (there were some lunch lots & i booked one), and very few lots in Nov2013.

c.h.e.f andy


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