Fish & Chips (Smells Good Tastes Good) @ The Old Brown Shoe on 10Aug2013

fish & chips

fish & chips S$12.50

a trip down memory lane. my children had been talking about The Old Brown Shoe pub at Bukit Timah (next to Coronation Plaza) but i had not tried earlier. this evening on 10.8.2013 4 of us decided to drop in. 🙂

it had an alfresco area. very pub ambience with the rustic wood bar counter. we found ourselves a cosy corner inside the air-con area. 🙂

steak & guiness pie

steak & guiness pie S$12.50

steak & guiness pie

steak & guiness pie

we ordered 2 fish & chips to share. was deciding whether to add shepherd’s pie. the server recommended steak & guiness pie which had beef rather than lamb so we went with it. 🙂

the fish & chips came as usual wrapped in old newspaper, with a layer of parchment paper inside. & it was good! the batter was very good & crispy. the fish was sweet, soft in texture. i was quite sure it was pangasius, a cheap Vietnamese catfish, but anyway it was good. 🙂 & the malt vinegar on the table was very good. just love the smell & taste of salt & vinegar on a good, not soggy, fish & chips. enjoy the chips too but couldn’t take too much of it. 🙂

the pot pie was ok too. the beef was quite tasty (& beefy as expected), but i would have liked more crust. maybe i will try chicken pie the next time.

we had a cider & 3 water. the price came to $60. food i guess is limited don’t mind to do this once in a while.

c.h.e.f. andy