S$19pax Indian Buffet Lunch @ Yantra on 9Jan2014


this a quick update.

had lunch with couple old RI friends at yantra at tanglin mall on 9.1.2014.  i had lunch at yantra couple of times previously, on 1.8.2013 & before that on 10.6.2013. ambience was great & food was quite good & great value at S$19pax for mon-thurs buffet lunch. 🙂

the server placed a dish with garlic naans & tandoori roti on our table. i generally like both indian vegetarian & non vegetarian dishes & eating garlic naans & tandoori roti with the sauces & dahl. 🙂



garlic naans & tandoori roti

garlic naans & tandoori roti

at our age we should be avoiding heavy buffet meals, but actually what was important was just picking the dishes one liked & having a moderate amount of it.  i picked couple of murgh (chicken) dishes, a lamb rogan gosht, and some battered prawns & had 1/2 naan & 1/2 roti. didn’t see paneer & fish dishes this time.the prawns were excellent & i had a second helping afterwards plus some vege dish & <1 tablespoon basmati rice, before taking some fruits. so lunch was in fact quite ok, not too heavy but nice tasty food.

we adjourned to the B1 foodcourt for a nice cuppa afterwards. very pleasant lunch, company & conversation. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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